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London, England

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The Crowd at Buckingham Palace. Aug. 4The Service in St Paul's, August 4th, 1915Peace: Trafalgar SquareThe ElephantThe ElephantThe Orang-UtangThe Orang-UtangThe Rhesus MonkeyThe Rhesus MonkeyThe KinkajouThe KinkajouThe ChimpanzeeThe ChimpanzeeThe RavenThe RavenThe Brown BearThe Brown BearThe Laughing JackassThe Laughing JackassLionWalrusMandrillWanderooBrazza's MonkeyBisonBarbary SheepThe Spotted HyaenaThe JackalThe WolfThe CondorThe Eared VultureThe AdjutantThe Great Black-Backed GullThe CrocodileThe BeaverReynard the FoxThe VizcachaThe Prairie-MarmotThe BadgerThe Ard-varkThe Tufted UmbreThe Sea-LionThe SealThe OtterThe CoypuThe HippopotamusThe CormorantThe PenguinThe TurtleThe CheetahThe TigerThe Mountain-ZebraThe Axis DeerThe PacaThe Fallow DeerThe Angel FishThe ThylacineThe LionThe TigerThe LeopardThe PumaThe GiraffeThe Golden EagleThe Polar BearThe Indian RhinocerosThe ArmadilloThe PangolinThe HedgehogThe PorcupineThe GharialThe Moloch LizardThe ElephantThe ShrewThe ElandThe WapitiThe GorillaThe MarmosetThe OstrichThe KiwiThe Aye AyeThe CamelThe SlothThe KangarooThe Secretary BirdThe Cobra[Funeral of the Duke of Wellington, 1852][Diamond Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, 1897]Buckingham PalaceThe Houses of ParliamentWestminster AbbeyThe Horse GuardsTrafalgar SquareThames EmbankmentRotten RowMarble ArchSt Paul'sCheapside and Mansion HouseRoyal Exchange and Bank of EnglandRoyal Exchange and Bank of EnglandTower of LondonTower BridgeLondon BridgeCrystal PalaceAlbert HallSt Paul's Cathedral, from ThamesSt Paul's Cathedral, NaveGeneral Post Office, LondonCheapside, LondonGuildhallMansion House, LondonBank of England, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonRoyal Exchange, LondonThe Monument, LondonThe Monument, LondonLondon BridgeTower of London, from the ThamesTower of London from Great Tower HillTower of London from Great Tower HillThames Embankment, LondonThames Embankment, LondonSt Thomas's Hospital, LondonSt Thomas's Hospital, LondonLambeth PalaceLambeth PalaceHouses of Parliament, from ThamesHouses of Parliament, from ThamesHouses of Parliament, from ThamesHouses of Parliament, looking to Westminster BridgeHouses of Parliament, from below Westminster BridgeHouses of Parliament, from below Westminster BridgeHouses of Parliament, House of LordsHouses of Parliament, House of LordsHouses of Parliament, House of CommonsHouses of Parliament, House of CommonsWestminster HallWestminster Abbey, ChoirWestminster Abbey, Poet's CornerWestminster Abbey, Henry VII Chapel, ExteriorWestminster Abbey, Henry VII Chapel, InteriorGovernment Offices, from St James' ParkGovernment Offices, from St James' Park'Horse Guards''Horse Guards'National Gallery, LondonNational Gallery, LondonTrafalgar Square, from National GallerySeven Dials, LondonNew Law Courts, LondonNew Law Courts, LondonHolborn Circus, LondonHolborn Circus, LondonRegent Street, LondonRegent Street, LondonPiccadilly Circus, LondonPiccadilly Circus, LondonBurlington House and PiccadillyBuckingham Palace, LondonRotten RowAlbert Memorial, Hyde ParkAlbert Memorial, Hyde ParkAlbert Memorial, Hyde ParkWestminster Abbey, from N.W.Westminster Abbey, Nave, looking E.Westminster Abbey, Choir, looking E.Westminster Abbey, Sanctuary and Confessor's ChapelWestminster Abbey, Interior of Henry VII's ChapelWestminster Abbey, Roof of Henry VII's ChapelWestminster Abbey, Charles James Fox's MonumentWestminster Abbey, Poet's CornerWestminster Abbey, Poet's CornerNave, St Paul's Cathedral, looking E.Greenwich HospitalHouses of Parliament, by MoonlightLondon, Charing Cross StationLondon BridgeLondon BridgeA North View of Old LondonThe Village of CharingOld Westminster Abbey and HallConflagration of the Houses of ParliamentInterior of the House of Commons, time of Geo. IISt Bride's Church, Fleet StreetOld Somerset HouseOld St Paul'sCheapside in 1606Old Royal ExchangeInterior of the Old Royal ExchangeLambeth PalaceThe Tower Bridge, with bascules raisedThe Tower Bridge, LondonLondon BridgeWestminster Abbey, North sideTrafalgar Square, from National GalleryThe Tower of LondonThe Tower of LondonGuards' Memorial, Waterloo PlaceWestminster Abbey, the Choir from the WestHouses of Parliament, from LambethThe Marble Arch, Hyde ParkLord Palmerston's MonumentThe Admiralty, from WhitehallMonument to Infant Princess of James I, Westminster AbbeyThe Albert HallBritish MuseumBritish MuseumSouth Kensington MuseumThe Albert Memorial -- Europe, by MacdowellThe Albert Memorial -- Asia, by FoleyThe Albert Memorial -- Africa, by TheedThe Albert Memorial -- America, by BellThe Albert Memorial -- Commerce, by ThornycroftThe Albert Memorial -- Commerce, by ThornycroftThe Albert Memorial -- Engineering, by LawlorThe Albert Memorial -- Engineering, by LawlorThe Albert Memorial -- Agriculture, by MarshallBank of EnglandChapel of St John, Westminster AbbeyCrusaders' Tombs, the Choir, Westminster AbbeySomerset House and Thames EmbankmentGroup of Warders, Tower of LondonRegent StreetSt Stephen's Hall, Houses of ParliamentExterior of Chapter House, Westminster AbbeyWesley's Monument, Westminster AbbeyJerusalem Chamber, Westminster AbbeyLondon BridgeLondon BridgeBactrian, or two-humped CamelQuaggaRhea, or American OstrichEmeuWapiti DeerWolvesLlamaThe Markhoor, or Wild Mountain GoatIndian RhinocerosIndian RhinocerosSumatran RhinocerosSumatran RhinocerosThe ApteryxThe ApteryxSt John's GateView of the Tower from the RiverIn the old churchyard of the villageIn the old churchyard of the villageHubert and his father in the churchyardHubert and his father in the churchyardAn hour later, Wops sat on London BridgeMove on! Wops started from his reverieAnd so the parting between them was very tender'She's from the country,' muttered John JacksonHerbert looked at his sister curiously, then rested his oarsPlan of the TowerMiddle TowerThe Jewel, or Martin TowerTraitor's GateThe Bloody TowerThe Lieutenant's Lodgings, or Governor's HouseSt Peter's ChapelThe Interior of St Peter's ChapelThe White TowerSt John's ChapelInterior of the White Tower, with trophies of GunsEffigy of Henry VIIIThe Horse ArmouryWest side of North TranseptEast side of North TranseptTomb of Queen ElizabethTomb of Mary, Queen of ScotsGrave of Charles DickensMonument to Major AndréThe British Houses of ParliamentSt Thomas' Hospital, LondonStrand, with decorationsGranite head of Thothmes III., 18th dynasty, B.C.1450. KarnakHead of Rameses II (the supposed Sesostris), Memnonium of Thebes, B.C.1300Left arm, from a colossal statue of Thothmes III. KarnakSarcophagus of Sebaksi, Priest of PtahCase of three Mummies in first Egyptian roomA winged man-headed bull. NimroudCamel, Camel bactrianusDromedary, Camelus DromedariusIndian Elephant, Elephas IndicusAfrican Elephant. Elephas AfricanusAfrican Elephant. Elephas AfricanusIndian Elephant. Elephas IndicusHippopotami (male and female). Hippopotamus amphibiusBear on Pole. Ursus AmericanusSing Sing Antelope. Kobus Sing SingWolf. Canis lupusSmoking Monkey. Macacus AdamensisDromedary. Camelus DromedariusWhite Pelican. Pelecanus onocratalusPorcupine. Hystrix cristataRhinoceros. Rhinoceros unicornisSyrian Bear. Ursus SyriacusAnoa. Anoa depressicornisAfrican Elephant (female). Elephas AfricanusAfrican Elephant (male). Elephas AfricanusFemale Hippopotamus and Young Guy FawkesSite of the Scaffold, Tower of LondonA London Park (under County Council)Hampstead HeathOld London BridgeTower BridgeBank of EnglandSt Thomas's HospitalPeople's PalaceTrafalgar Square, looking N.Mr Fawcett, Blind PostmasterRichard CobdenWestminster AbbeySchool Board OfficesLondon Board SchoolA Vestry HallMap showing London Vestries and District BoardsGuildhallSitting of London County CouncilPost OfficeForeign OfficeThe Horse GuardsThe AdmiraltyNatural History Museum, South KensingtonLocal Government Board OfficesSomerset HouseNewgate PrisonInterior of House of LordsInterior of House of CommonsA Sitting of the House of CommonsMembers of the House of Commons VotingChristmas Eve had come at lastPresentation at Exeter HallA London gin shopGreat Meeting at Exeter Hall, Feb. 1852Great Meeting at Exeter Hall, Feb. 1852Great Meeting at Exeter Hall, Feb. 1852Offices of the Union in 1859 and 1896Offices of the Union in 1859 and 1896The Rev. C.H. Spurgeon and his sonsThe Rev. C.H. Spurgeon and his sonsCrystal Palace ChoirHorse GuardsSt Paul'sSt Paul's. NaveStanley at Albert HallWedding of Stanley at Westminster Abbey[Slide title unknown]As she crossed the riverThe girl's feet kept time to the hymnLegislation and AdministrationWestminster Abbey. The AnnexeWestminster Abbey. The space in the Choir called 'The Theatre'The King's procession passing along the NaveThe RecognitionHis Majesty taking the oathThe Anointing of the KingThe Crowning of the KingHomage of the Queen ConsortHomage of the Prince of WalesThe Crowning of the QueenThe King and Queen receive Holy CommunionThe King passing along the Nave crownedThe State Coach returning to the PalaceThe start from Buckingham PalaceDecorations on the Mansion HouseI think he'll stop when he sees me, as I stand at attention hereI think he'll stop when he sees me, as I stand at attention here[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]'O God, I can never doubt again that there is a God'Good-bye, Piccadilly; farewell, Leicester SquareGood-bye, Piccadilly; farewell, Leicester SquareQueen Mary's Tomb, Westminster AbbeyShe saw a steamerThe steamer proceeded down the riverAt the Zoo, the Bear climbing the poleJava RhinocerosOstrichWhite StorksAt the Zoo. The GiraffeWestminster AbbeyHouses of ParliamentWhit Monday on Hampstead HeathWhit Monday on Hampstead HeathThe Blind BeggarThe Horn of PlentyThe Rent DayThe Number OneThe TigerThe Lost ChildThe Widow's SonThe Cat and The MuttonThe who'd have thought itThe Bee HiveThe Postman's KnockThe World's EndThe Ship (Gospel Ship)Horn of Plenty -- The victim of drink habit is brought to beggaryThe Postman's Knock -- Behold Me standing at the Door, and hear Me pleading evermoreThe cat and mutton -- Those who habitually frequent houses of this sort get but little mutton for their painsThe Baker and the Basket -- Bread sustains but there is death in the potOn the steps in Trafalgar SquareThe King's Procession passing along the NaveThe RecognitionThe School Board officesTower BridgePiccadilly CircusMap of London, four miles round St Paul'sThe Temple ChurchSt Paul's Cathedral[Slide title unknown]Mansion House StreetRhinocerosAfrican ElephantGiraffeZebra and ColtKangarooHippopotami and Young Guy FawkesSulfa Kully, Indian ElephantSulfa Kully, Indian ElephantYoung ElephantsZebra and coltThe Speaker, Clerks, and Members of the House of CommonsMembers of the House of CommonsMembers of the Privy CouncilThe Lord Chancellor, High Officers, and Members of the House of LordsBishops, other Members of House of Lords, and late MinistersMinisters of Foreign StatesThe Royal Family and RepresentativesRepresentatives of Foreign Sovereigns and the BierThe Bier and Pall BearersThe BierDeputation from HawardenPrivate Secretaries, Physicians, and Servants of deceasedWestminster BridgeCleopatra's NeedleAlbert MemorialThe Marble ArchOld London Bridge, showing the wooden houses that were built across the bridgeOld London Bridge, showing the wooden houses that were built across the bridgeThe Burning of Newgate during the RiotsOld CheapsideBuckingham Palace, St James' ParkBuckingham Palace, St James' ParkLondon BridgeThe Royal ExchangePall Mall, EastThe Great Fire of LondonAlbert Hall, InteriorEuston Station, L.N.W. Ry. Terminus, EntranceDarwin Statue, Natural History MuseumThe Great Wheel, Earl's Court, 310 feet high, end viewArchbishop Cranmer at the Traitors' Gate[The Statuary in the Conservatory, Buckingham Palace][A corner of the Drawing Room, Buckingham Palace][King of the Belgians Room, Buckingham Palace]Natural History Museum, South KensingtonNatural History Museum, the HallOxford Street, looking East, with TrafficCrystal Palace and Grounds from SouthDickens' House, Doughty StreetNewgate Prison ('Barnaby Rudge')Sardinia Street ('Barnaby Rudge')Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, ('Bleak House')Thavies Inn ('Bleak House')Staple Inn ('Bleak House')Holborn Workhouse ('Oliver Twist')Sairey Gamp's House ('Martin Chuzzlewit')London Bridge ('Little Dorrit')The Old Curiosity ShopOld Houses in Wych StreetBridewellCambridge Crew's First Practice at Putney 4th March '09Mr Escombe -- Cambridge Coach at Putney 4th March 1909Oxford Crew -- The first spin at Putney March 15th '09Cambridge Crew Practising at Putney -- March 15 '09The Boat Race -- Cambridge Crew passing Hammersmith BridgeMilitary Tournament at Olympia -- His Majesty King Edward opens the Tournament May 17th 09Spring Cleaning at St Stephens -- Preparing for the reassembling of ParliamentThe New Parliament -- Princes ChambersScene in Hyde ParkLord Balfour of Burleigh taking a rest in Hyde ParkLord Balfour of Burleigh taking a rest in Hyde ParkThe Brown Dog Statue Which has been removedAeros at Olympia -- The Zodiac aeroplaneReading the Proclamation at the Royal Exchange[Slide title unknown]Interior of the Chapter HouseMonument to Shakespeare, Campbell, etc.Longfellow, Chaucer, Milton, Pryor, Ben Jonson, etc.The Tomb of King SebertThe Chantry of Henry V, and Confessor's ShrineChapel of St Paul, Statue to Watt, Rowland Hill, etc.Statesman's Corner, West SidePall Mall [day]Pall Mall [night]Bank of England [day]Bank of England [night]Metropolitan TabernacleInterior of Metropolitan TabernacleLondon, ParliamentThe Sea LionThe Gigantic Wheel (310 feet high), Earl's Court, LondonThe North Aisle from the WestCrowned Figure in niche of Henry VII's TombEcclesiastical Figure in niche of Henry VII's TombThe De Vere MonumentMonument to Pitt, Earl of ChathamMonument to Captains Bayne, Blair, and Lord Robert MannersMonument to Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquis of LondonderryMonument to William WilberforceMonument to Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, and Tablet to W.E. ForsterMonument to Sir Robert PeelMonument to Viscount PalmerstonMonument to Sir Rowland HillMonument to Sir John FranklinMonument to the three CanningsMonument to Major-General Sir John MalcolmMonument to Lord BeaconsfieldMonument to Sir Isaac NewtonThe Wesleys' MonumentThe Altar PieceThe Guards' Monument, the Sanctuary, WestminsterThe Statesmen's CornerThe North DoorThe Abbey from Deans' YardDarwin's grave Westminster Abbey[Horse Guards / Nelson's Monument / Thames Embankment / Buckingham Palace][Whitehall / Westminster Abbey / London Bridge / Tower of London][Whitehall / Westminster Abbey / London Bridge / Tower of London][Whitehall / Westminster Abbey / London Bridge / Tower of London][Whitehall / Westminster Abbey / London Bridge / Tower of London]The King opening Parliament -- the State CoachThe Tower of LondonThe Traitor's Gate, Tower of LondonWestminster AbbeyLambeth PalaceOld Royal ExchangeTomb of ElizabethInterior, Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster AbbeyCloisters, Westminster AbbeyEntrance to Chapter House, Westminster AbbeyPoets' Corner, Westminster AbbeyPoets' Corner, Westminster AbbeyEntrance, Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster AbbeyTiger, BengalHippopotamus, 'Guy Fawkes'Llama, side viewSemmering GazelleHartebeestChimpanzeeChimpanzee, 'Mickie,' West AfricaSternwarte in Greenwich.Sternwarte in Greenwich.[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Southwark. Interior, Choir, looking E.Traitors' Gate, Tower of LondonThe Clock Tower, Westminster, LondonThe Marble Arch, LondonThe Shaftesbury Memorial[Victoria Embankment, London]St John's Gate, Clerkenwell, LondonThe Nelson MonumentRoyal Albert Hall from Hyde ParkRoyal Albert Hall, KensingtonChrist's Hospital -- in the QuadrangleThe Dome of St Paul's Cathedral from the Garden of Christ's HospitalChrist's Hospital, DormitoryEntrance to Christ's Hospital from Newgate StreetChrist's Hospital, Statue of Edward VIChrist's Hospital, Exterior of Dining HallChrist's Hospital, The Dining HallChrist's Hospital, The PumpChrist's Hospital, Earliest Costume wornThe National GalleryRear of Whitehall, LondonGeneral Post Office, LondonThe Royal Exchange, LondonThe Tower of LondonTower Bridge, LondonTower Bridge -- Bascules openTower Bridge, LondonDoorway, Old Newgate PrisonDoorway, Old Newgate PrisonThe White CityThe White City, LondonThe White City, LondonThe White City, LondonThe White City, LondonThe GiraffeThe Hippopotamus (awake)Hippopotamus (asleep)Tower of London, from Tower HillCrown Jewels, Tower of London[Tower Bridge, London, with bascules raised][Two men walking along Victoria Embankment, London]St Paul's, London[St Paul's Cathedral, London]'A total Abstainer'Their Majesties' Reception at Temple Bar by the Lord Mayor on their way to the Thanksgiving Service at St Paul's[Interior of Temple Church, London]Orang-Outan, London ZooPolar Bears, London ZooHippopotamusGeneral View, GaumontPlace of Scaffold, with Tower of S. Peter-ad-VinculaWhite Tower from Raleigh's WalkSir Walter Raleigh's CellPlace of Torture, Entrance to 'Little Ease'Beheading Axe and Block upon which Lords Balmerino, Kilmarnock, and Lovat sufferedLondon DocksLondres ParlamentoWestminster. Interior de la AbadíaJudge Jeffreys' House, Duke Street, WestminsterThe Fleet Prison, Chas 1st ReignTower BridgeTower BridgePlan of the Gardens of the Zoological Society of LondonLionMonkeys, catching fleasTwo Horned RhinocerosRed DeerSealRattlesnakeElephantine TortoiseThe Banco and Palazzo di Royal ExchangePalazzo degli Horse GuardsCathedral and Piazza di St Paul'sHow Her Majesty's Theatre would look -- if London were like VeniceLago di Piccadilly -- late Piccadilly CircusStazione di Pancras -- late St Pancras StationIf London were like Venice Hyde Park Corner would be much improvedThe Banco and Palazzo di Royal ExchangePalazzo degli Horse GuardsCathedral and Piazza di St Paul'sHow Her Majesty's Theatre would look -- if London were like VeniceLago di Piccadilly -- late Piccadilly CircusStazione di Pancras -- late St Pancras StationIf London were like Venice Hyde Park Corner would be much improvedLondon, Crystal Palace, In GroundsLondon, The Crystal Palace, InteriorLondon, Lambeth PalaceLondon, Lambeth Palace, Entrance TowersLondon, The TowerLondon, Houses of ParliamentLondon, Albert MemorialLondon, The Tower of London, W.A. ViewLondon BridgeLondon, Albert Hall, ExteriorLondon, Albert Hall, InteriorLondon, Somerset House, West FrontLondon, The Law Courts, Fleet StreetSt Paul's Cathedral, London, West FrontSt Paul's Cathedral, London, The ReredosSt Paul's Cathedral from BlackfriarsWestminster Abbey, West TowersWestminster Abbey, Coronation ChairRiverside, Billingsgate, landing FishUnloading CarrierLoading Railway VansSt Paul's Cathedral, LondonHouses of ParliamentThe Tower BridgeHornsey ChurchHornsey -- The ChurchA Hansom CabWater -- the safest drinkThe common seal, Phoca vitulina, in a mermaid-like poseInfantry Battalion, C.I.V.'sInfantry Battalion, C.I.V.'sRoadway in positionThe approachThe RoadwayThe BasculesRoadway upThe Tower BridgeThe SerpentineIce CleanersSweeping the Ice'A Helping Hand''Skates On'The RoundpondIntroductionLe Pont de Londres[Houses of Parliament, Westminster][Holborn Circus]O Lord, our monarch bless / With strength and righteousness;Thy choicest gifts in store / On him be pleased to pour;May she defend our laws, / And ever give us cause,O Lord our God arise, / Scatter his enemies.Londres -- Portique de WestminsterLe Parlement, LondresLondres. Abbaye de WestminsterIntérieur de Westminster Abbey, LondresMonument du Prince AlbertVue de Saint-Paul
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