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Search for items by keyword

Relatively few slide sets and texts have so far been fully indexed, so a keyword search may not find all items related to your interests.

Keyword searching will let you find all slide sets, texts and events that have been indexed as referring to a given subject (including people, organisations, locations and events as subjects).

If you have any comments on the keyword searching, or suggestions of useful keywords to add, please contact us.

Hints for successful searching

  • At present the system will only search for ONE keyword at a time, regardless of how many items you choose from the lists below. We plan to make this function more flexible to allow searching for combinations of keywords.
  • Keywords are used to describe items which in some sense are ‘about’ the general concept of the keyword. For slides and slide sets, this may or may not correspond to subjects that are visible in the slide images.
  • To find slides that show an image of a particular subject, use the Search for a slide function and apply search criteria for Image content.
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