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Animal (land) – horse

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'Fire, Fire, Fire''Fire, Fire, Fire'A Hero IndeedAladdin on his way to the PalaceAladdin on his way to the PalaceThe morning came, the chaise was broughtNow Mistress Gilpin (careful soul!)Away went Gilpin, neck or noughtHis horse at last stood stillFor, while he spake, a braying assAway went Gilpin, and awayHe did again get downThe Horse GuardsA Kangaroo HuntHorseThis is the malt that lay in the houseThis is the malt that lay in the house'Horse Guards''Horse Guards'So three doors off the chaise was stay'd, / Where they did all get in; / [...]I came because your horse would come, / And if I well forbode, / [...]Whereat his horse did snort, as he / Had heard a lion roar, / [...]Mare and FoalHorse's Head (Draught)'Tommy' PonyMounted Military Police Corps6th Dragoon Guards, 'Outpost Duty'Government Black Tracker'They Parted His Raiment' (Tissot)Scarboro, The Foreshore RoadDuly Feed Man and SteedThe Horse with a HalterStick to it and succeedCart before the HorseOh! the snow, the beautiful snowOh! the snow, the beautiful snowDriving home, lost in reflectionBaggage SmashersOne gentleman takes up his seat just outside, enjoying the air and his book as they rideFor just a few moments he scared the old chap who drove them, and knew nothing of the mishapAnd then they explained to the grinning old man the cause of the stoppage, and off they all ranAnd guess, if you can, how they opened their eyes, with horror at first, then again with surpriseCollins Street, looking West from Russell Street'Clouds big with mercy' -- Mordecai's triumphTom Thumb as a KnightThe Fairy Horse and its RidersCruikshank's Fairy SummaryA Noble BoyA Quiet FlirtationThe lady and her little boy suddenly see a horse and his rider coming towards themThe boy pulls at her dress to drag her in the opposite directionThe dress gives way, the boy still pulling in one direction and the lady in the oppositeJesus falling beneath the CrossHaulage by HorsesHaulage by HorsesElopementOn the trackStrategyOff the track'All the Winners! Special!''All the Winners! Special!'He saw a pair of horses making towards him at a fearful speedHe saw a pair of horses making towards him at a fearful speedHer uncle presents her with a BicycleHer uncle presents her with a BicycleA timber waggon blocked the way, but she cleared the lotA timber waggon blocked the way, but she cleared the lot'Off with the mails''I can't leave the horse or I'd walk up with you'Spanish Guerilla Force in CubaSpaniards bringing in prisoners from the countryNew York Cavalry leaving for CubaA Royal Droskie, St PetersburgThe Neva FrozenAnd the 'Dook'Nelson comes a gallopin up on a white [...][Slide title unknown]They hear the voice of the KingCoaching in the Olden TimesFiremen going to a Fire with EngineEnglish ArcherArtillerymanCavalry SoldierCanadian Snow SceneAn Election at Covent Garden -- Olden TimeChristmas Eve had come at lastThe Baron's wife turned to her daughterIf she be dead, then take my horseIt's somebody's Boy'I cannot find the brake'Next moment he was beside the farmer'Why, to be sure I do,' answered the boyIntro. with TitleI followed the crowd, and it brought me in front of the house in a blazeHe harnessed in his horse and started on his wayThe heroes that vanquish amid the strifeThe heroes that vanquish amid the strifeHave fought for the fadeless laurels of fameThe john dormed Rooinek fastens the horse to the ropeWith life almost run, who served their country wellI shall never be happy, Sairey, till I have one of them carts without horsesA motor car passed, the horse bolted, and they were left with a cart without horsesThe old grey mare was trotted out / And rubbed down with strawThe old grey mare was trotted out / And rubbed down with straw'Plague take thee, Sal,' Dame Perkins said, / 'If at this stumbling gait''Plague take thee, Sal,' Dame Perkins said, / 'If at this stumbling gait'At length, as from an ugly dream, / She woke with sudden snortOn came the hounds and huntsmen all, / And shrill the blast they blewOn came the hounds and huntsmen all, / And shrill the blast they blewWith one light bound she cleared the leap, / Nor brushed it with her legsWith one light bound she cleared the leap, / Nor brushed it with her legsA famous swimmer was the mare, / How well she plied her legsA famous swimmer was the mare, / How well she plied her legsIt mattered little to the mare, / She hadn't time to waitRegardful of my due, a pad / Content am I to claimRegardful of my due, a pad / Content am I to claimPloughing the LandThe FarmerThe Corn going to the Mill[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Arab 'Costermonger'New OrleansA primitive sort of a terrace in front'Oh, so different from dear, dirty old London'Meldereiter.Kavallerie-Patrouille.Verwundeten-Transport.Auf der Patrouille-Fahrt.Zum Lazarett.Marktplatz in Czenstochau.Der Feind in Sicht.An Act of MercyTitle SlideOn the Way to the Town Moor, DoncasterThe Crowd at the 'Derby'A Popular Jockey -- 'Dannie Maher'The First RaceThe Start for the St LegerThe Finish of the St LegerSteeple-chasingThe Good SamaritanWatching the waves as they shoreward creepWatching the waves as they shoreward creepBob minding a HorseA Russian Sleigh, RussiaChristmas ReveilleChristmas Eve during the Civil War. An unwelcome summonsAn old Coaching Christmas, 'She's through'A successful member of the Goose ClubThe Cottage of ContentThe Cat and The MuttonAppledore life boatCharge of the Horse GuardsIchabod meets the Headless HorsemanThe FlightThe Charge of the HussarsThe Charge of the HussarsRelief of TokarRelief of TokarHorses being urged through Swamps at TrinkitatCoach Crossing Umtali RiverCoach Crossing LimpopoCoach in MatopposMashonaland Police ForceThe FiremenIntro. with TitleI'll tell you why Kissing Cup here lives in this lazy grandeurHere she is, sir, now look her well overThe day of the race was a grand oneAs we cantered away past the stand, sirAll ready, a beautiful start, sir, the line was as straight as could beThen I let the reins loose on her maneI whispered a word to the mare, sirThe cry ran like fire up the courseWe're neck, sir, and neck, two strides more'Twas over -- we'd won by a headWe were soon out with the engineTearing through the streetsEvery one gave us a wide berthRescuing the maddened horsesThe Mail Coaches starting from the Swan with two necksA Coach stopped by Highwaymen on BlackheathCaptain Bell, Royal Welch FusiliersSergeant H. Ramage, Scots GreysSergeant Richard Wadeson, 75th RegimentTrooper J. Doogan, 1st (King's) Dragoon GuardsQuartermaster-Sergeant William Marshall, 19th HussarsRoyal Horse GuardsThe Royal ExchangeAndy offers to share the horse's back with a friendAndy's mother added to her income by selling her little stock of hay to the Miller[Slide title unknown]Roger stops the CarriageRoger stops the CarriageRoger PerformsRoger PerformsRoger PerformsRussians and Austrians in snowstormCossacks driven backCissie slipped and in an instant one of the wheels had partly gone over herCissie slipped and in an instant one of the wheels had partly gone over herThe chaiseJohn mountedThe horse frightenedGilpin frightenedThe 'Bell' at EdmontonAt the CalenderersAnother race[Slide title unknown]A TournamentMarching WatchHorse LeapingMiss Daisy Brocklebank accompanied by the Bridesmaids drive the newly married couple to the StationThe Derby 1909 Favorites 'Minora', The King's HorseThe King's Derby -- Leading in the winnerInternational Horse Show. The famous Clydesdale teamInternational Horse Show -- Mr Morris with his famous team of Clydesdale horses. (1) Sir Thomas Lipton, (2) Sir Thomas Dewar (3) Mr MorrisInternational Horse Show -- A Group of Millionaires -- T.P. O'Connor, Sir T. Dalziel, Morris, Sir T. Lipton, Sir T. DewarScene in Hyde ParkThe Finish of the Derby, won by LembergMiss Helen Price, whose riding at the last Horse Show at Agricultural Hall was praised by the Queen MotherAutumn, Ally Sloper out with the FoxhoundsI wonder what they're doingO! I don't like this at allI can't stand itI'm offPferdeaushebungScant feeding of man or horse is small profit and sure lossNever stop the plough to catch a mouseA horse which carries a halter is soon caughtStick to it and do itDon't put the cart before the horseA man in a passion rides a horse that runs away with him[Horse Guards / Nelson's Monument / Thames Embankment / Buckingham Palace]Canadian Scene. Let us pray for the Church in CanadaThe Stage Coach[Farmer's cart parked outside pub][The worse for drink, the farmer sets off for home][Farmer abandons his cart to the bear][Display on evolution of horse etc.]Arab irrigationArab irrigationBaghdad-Khadimain TramArab ploughingMare and foal'Four abreast'Assyrian CavalryWalls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Sacred processional horseKurdish horsemenWatering the streetIn Pytak Pass[Stage coach making refreshment stop at inn]Duke of Wellington on HorsebackCherrelyn. Pferdebahn.Cherrelyn. Pferdebahn.Horse and Rider StudyMother and Foal, Myrtleberry[Man wearing uniform sitting on horse][Group of military officers parading on horseback][Native people and horses in mountain landscape][Group of important people parading on horseback][Ameer of Afghanistan and officers on horseback]Starting of Last G.W.R. Co's 4-Horse Coach for Barnstaple[Chichester Hotel, Mortehoe]Mongolian Wild Horse (Equus przewalskii)Sir George White, V.C., on horseback[Man on foot leading woman riding horse in valley]St Annes Square and 3-Wheel CoachesManchester Fire Engine, 1900Waggon and Horses, Longsight, June 1897Horse loaded with pottery (Trajans Column Rome)The Pack-Horse[Group of people on a horse carriage ][End of horse race at Epsom race course]'The Baron' and SugarbackCoaches in High Street about 1874High Street Coaching Party 1890The First Railway CarriagePolice removing stray horses, 'Aldswood' lawn[Animals][Animals][John Gilpin images 1-3][John Gilpin images 4-6][John Gilpin images 7-9][John Gilpin images 10-12]And they parted His raiment and cast lots[Horse-drawn coach on road in rural landscape][Female figure in jockey costume with horse race in background][Magi following star]Collins Street[The Death of Absalom]This is the Farmer who sowed the cornThe vision of the Black Horse and his rider (Twidle)Victoria, Beaumaris, Horse TramPrince RobertBreeds of HorsesPanniculus of HorseDouble hoofed HorseFeet of Horse, HipparionMan and Horse, SkeletonsFinger of Man and Horse (Section)Tread of Horse, Dog and ManCheetah with HorsemanThe Owl and the [illegible][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Work, for the night is coming; / Work, through the morning hours;Work, for the night is coming; / Work, through the sunny noon;L'Eléphant domestique / Le Cheval gastronome / La CatharinaBataille de Solferino le 24 Juin 1859Engagement Entre des Bersaglieri Sardes et des Cavaliers autrichiensCommercial Travellers and Buggy
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