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This item includes words or images that may be racially or otherwise offensive. They are included here as historical reproductions from a different period with different standards, and do not indicate support or approval of such attitudes by Lucerna CIC or any associated individuals or organisations.
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Slide set: [Rowden Collection: series 'M'] (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 333 slides, c.1919)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Slide M.1
Midday rest, Ashar Barracks
Slide M.6
Ashar Creek and Bazaar
Slide M.8
Ashar Creek and Bazaar
Slide M.8
[Ashar Creek and Bazaar]
Slide M.9
My draft at Ashar Barracks, Basrah
Slide M.18
Interior of Church, Ashar Barracks, Basrah
Slide M.19
A.O. Rowden at Ashar Barracks, Basrah
Slide M.22
Tiffin Time at Ashar Barracks, Basrah
Slide M.34
[Unidentified ruined building]
Slide M.36
Raising middle of bridge over creek for mahaila to pass
Slide M.37
Canoe on Robart Creek
Slide M.46
Steamer and barges on the Shatt-al-Arab
Slide M.50
On the Shatt-al-Arab
Slide M.57
Arab mat huts and raft
Slide M.58
On P.S.25 going up river to Baghdad
Slide M.59
Ezra's Tomb (approaching)
Slide M.59
Ezra's Tomb, River Tigris
Slide M.62
A prosperous herd of cattle
Slide M.63
Buying eggs as we slowly steamed by
Slide M.69
How we travelled
Slide M.71
Qal' at Salih
Slide M.74
A big flock of Sand Grouse
Slide M.76
A.O.R. washing pyjamas on P.S. boat
Slide M.77
N.C.O. Mess on P.S. 25 on Tigris to Baghdad
Slide M.78
Dust storm at Kut
Slide M.79
Turkish memorial at Kut
Slide M.81
Minaret at Kut
Slide M.82
Arab irrigation
Slide M.86
Arab irrigation. Drawing water from river
Slide M.92
A load of wood
Slide M.94
Gufa, 9 passengers
Slide M.95
Haidar Khanah Mosque
Slide M.96
Marjan Mosque
Slide M.97
View down River Tigris
Slide M.101
Tent mates at Rest Camp, Baghdad
Slide M.110
A corner of Baghdad
Slide M.111
American and British Residencies, Baghdad
Slide M.119
On the Bund, Right Bank
Slide M.120
Mutti brick-making
Slide M.121
Bank Road, Baghdad, after Turkish Armistice
Slide M.122
Man traction, Baghdad
Slide M.123
A heavy load
Slide M.124
Kotah Bridge and West Baghdad
Slide M.126
Another entrance, Khadimain Mosque
Slide M.127
Golden domes and minarets, Khadimain Mosque
Slide M.140
After part of native mahaila
Slide M.157
Arab irrigation
Slide M.158
Arab irrigation. Water-skins emptying
Slide M.159
Arab irrigation
Slide M.173
Arabs and Donkeys crossing desert
Slide M.177
Forcible feeding
Slide M.178
Arab boy on donkey
Slide M.180
Forcible feeding of camel
Slide M.182
Starting off
Slide M.184
Lady Zubeida's Tomb
Slide M.185
Mosque of Maruf al Karkhi
Slide M.186
Arab boys play football with bladder
Slide M.188
Arab women fetching water
Slide M.190
Orphanage girls
Slide M.197
Mohammedan ladies
Slide M.201
Jewish woman
Slide M.202
Doorway, Syrian Church
Slide M.203
Jewish Merchant
Slide M.204
Passers by in New Street, Baghdad
Slide M.205
Passers by in New Street, Baghdad
Slide M.206
Passers by in New Street, Baghdad
Slide M.210
Coppersmith in Bazaar
Slide M.219
Arab woman carrying in brushwood from desert
Slide M.222
Camel trains bringing grain into Hillah
Slide V.235
Ruins in Kasr Mound, Babylon
Slide M.237
The Ishtar Gate, Babylon
Slide M.246
Mahaila under sail
Slide M.250
Hussan or big Gufa
Slide M.256
Gunboat 'Blackfly' on Euphrates
Slide M.260
Types of Dhibban Arabs
Slide M.263
Arab Woman just killed snake
Slide M.265
Sheikh Ali holds conference with his tenants
Slide M.266
Arab Sheikhs
Slide M.273
Salman -- Canteen coolie
Slide M.276
Haidar Khanah Mosque
Slide M.285
Arab cutting away dead fronds from Date Palm
Slide M.286
Arab cutting away dead fronds from Date Palm
Slide M.287
Arab benches
Slide M.288
Group in bazaar
Slide M.289
East Baghdad from right bank
Slide M.290
East Baghdad from right bank
Slide M.291
Sweet stall in bazaar
Slide M.292
Slide M.293
Slide M.295
East Baghdad from right bank
Slide M.296
Baghdad-Khadimain Tram
Slide M.297
Arab coffee shop
Slide M.298
Sweet stall in Bazaar
Slide M.301
Exchange Square, Baghdad
Slide M.303
Entrance to Shorja Bazaar
Slide M.304
Evening. Downstream from Maude Bridge
Slide M.314
Mahailas at Hinaidi
Slide M.326
The desert in bloom. White Arabis
Slide M.327
Irrigation canal bursts and floods railway
Slide M.329
Mahaila crew dines
Slide M.330
River Tigris in flood. Water penetrates outer bund
Slide M.331
River Tigris in flood
Slide M.339
'Out in the blue.' Soldiers' graves at Baiji
Slide M.342
Crowd on landing stage, Baghdad ferry
Slide M.343
The Letter Writer
Slide M.344
[Street with wall and tower]
Slide M.345
Cloth seller dozing
Slide M.346
Looking down Bazaar
Slide M.347
Group outside shop
Slide M.349
Old Turkish Gun outside Citadel
Slide M.357
Milking the sheep
Slide M.358
Arab women pounding corn
Slide M.359
Salman in his Sunday best
Slide M.360
Arab ploughing
Slide M.361
Weaving in a Baghdad garden
Slide M.362
Smoking hookahs
Slide M.372
Our tent, E.F.C. Compound
Slide M.374
E.F.C. Compound, Advance Base, Baghdad
Slide M.378
Typical roadway
Slide M.379
Houses on Riverside
Slide M.380
A Mosul raft. Crew resting on shore
Slide M.393
Mare and foal
Slide M.395
Baghdad, Looking W. from Latin Chapel
Slide M.396
Baghdad. Looking E. from Latin Chapel
Slide M.399
Irani playing mutbuk
Slide M.401
Open desert at Baiji
Slide M.402
Riverside Residences, Baghdad
Slide M.410
Arab Shepherd, Baiji
Slide M.413
'Four abreast'
Slide M.414
Maude Bridge swinging open for river traffic
Slide M.415
Stork's Nest on Dome
Slide M.416
Stork's Nest on housetop
Slide M.418
Money changers outside Marjan Mosque
Slide M.419
Typical side street
Slide M.420
Water carrier filling skin
Slide M.421
Slide M.429
New pumping and filtration station for water supply, Advanced Base
Slide M.432
Waiting for ferry at Karradah
Slide M.434
Riverside garden. Palisading to strengthen bund
Slide M.435
Bandstand, Central Gardens
Slide M.437
Maude Bridge from Y.M.C.A.
Slide M.439
[Traffic in street outside mosque]
Slide M.440
[Street scene with minaret in background]
Slide M.441
North Gate
Slide M.448
Group of Irani (Persian) Coolies
Slide M.455
Boys of Tekrit
Slide M.457
Kelek (Mosul Raft)
Slide M.457
Mosul Raft at Tekrit
Slide M.463
Kelek (Mosul Raft)
Slide M.463
Mosul Raft at Tekrit
Slide M.467
Tekrit Arabs
Slide M.468
Group at Landing Stage, Baghdad
Slide M.469
Tomb of Sheik Omar, Baghdad
Slide M.470
Baab-al-Wastani, Baghdad
Slide M.471
A corner of East Baghdad
Slide M.472
Street in East Baghdad
Slide M.473
Principal entrance
Slide M.474
Under the Archway
Slide M.475
Arab boy of merchant class
Slide M.476
Mosque and tomb of Abdu'l Kâdir
Slide M.478
Arab beggar
Slide M.483
Entrance Sheik Omar's Tomb
Slide M.484
Kotah Bridge, Baghdad
Slide M.487
Only remaining ruin (Babylonish period)
Slide M.488
Detail of brickwork ruins
Slide M.489
Young Sheik and followers
Slide M.495
Hoisting sail
Slide M.496
Poling Mahela, R. Tigris
Slide M.496
Poling Mahaila, River Tigris
Slide M.498
Mahaila, men towing
Slide M.499
Jelu Oxcart
Slide M.500
Jelu coolies
Slide M.501
Jelu boys
Slide M.504
Slide M.506
Jelu Boys
Slide M.516
Assyrian Cavalry
Slide M.517
Group in Bazaar -- Jelus
Slide M.518
Group in Bazaar -- Jelus
Slide M.522
Armenians lining up for water
Slide M.523
Armenians lining up for water
Slide M.525
Jelu weaving outdoors
Slide M.526
Jelu spinning
Slide M.528
Armenian funeral service
Slide M.536
The camera which took these snaps
Slide M.538
Rough surgery -- Burning wound with match
Slide M.562
Brilliant sunset
Slide M.567
Open space in front of Citadel, Baghdad
Slide M.569
Date Palm in flower
Slide M.579
Boy Scouts Rally, Baghdad
Slide V.583
Temple of Ishtar, Babylon, looking S.W.
Slide M.584
Temple of Ishtar, looking W.
Slide M.585
Entrance to Temple of Marduk, Babylon
Slide M.586
Site of Temple of Marduk, Babylon
Slide M.587
A bluejay's nest in mound of Amran
Slide V.589
'By the waters of Babylon' -- Looking down Euphrates
Slide M.590
Looking up Euphrates
Slide V.591
Foundations of Nebuchadnezzar's Throne, Babylon
Slide V.592
The banquetting chamber, Babylon, Site of Belshazzar's Feast
Slide M.593
Bricked up former doorway into Palace of Nebuchadnezzar, Babylon
Slide M.594
Eastern Court, Nebuchadnezzar's Palace
Slide M.595
Portion of marble pillar
Slide M.596
Site of Vaulted Chambers which supported famous hanging gardens
Slide M.597
Foundations of famous Hanging Gardens, Babylon
Slide V.598
The Ishtar Gate (1), Babylon
Slide V.599
Walls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Animals in relief
Slide M.600
Ishtar Gate -- Animals in relief
Slide V.601
Walls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Sacred processional horse
Slide V.602
Walls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Animals in relief
Slide V.603
The lion of Babylon, statue in basalt
Slide V.604
Rest-house, Babylon
Slide V.605
Babylon Resthouse, formerly residence of German excavator Dr Koldewey
Slide V.608
Sight-seeing party arrive at Babylon siding
Slide M.610
Trucks derailed by storm, Baghdad
Slide M.611
Date palm felled by wind
Slide M.613
We set out for joy ride in dull weather
Slide M.619
Date Palm blossom
Slide M.620
Armenian Ladies entering Latin Church
Slide M.628
Kurdish horsemen
Slide M.629
Adjoining the Landing Stage
Slide M.631
Crowds on the Ferry Landing Stage, Baghdad
Slide M.632
Crowds on the Ferry Landing Stage, Baghdad
Slide M.633
In New Street
Slide M.634
Armenian Barber
Slide M.636
Baghdad workers
Slide M.637
Coolies carrying bales of wool, Baghdad
Slide M.638
Coolies carrying bales of wool, Baghdad
Slide M.645
Arab farming. Cows and donkeys treading out the corn
Slide M.651
Goggles and spine pads for midday sun
Slide M.655
Ryall and bellumji amongst flowers in Mespot
Slide M.658
Date Palm grove
Slide M.674
Looking down Tigris from Clock Tower, Kotah Bridge in foreground
Slide M.675
Maude Bridge open for river traffic
Slide M.676
Near the North Gate
Slide M.677
View over city from 31st B.S.H.
Slide M.678
View over city from 31st B.S.H., Looking N.E.
Slide M.679
Watering the street
Slide M.681
Arab boys swinging
Slide M.685
Mid-day Siesta, Baghdad
Slide M.686
Date palm. On a level with the springing fronds
Slide M.687
A group of over 42s at Baghdad
Slide M.692
A test of strength and skill
Slide M.695
Fetching water
Slide M.696
Closing Kotah Bridge
Slide M.697
Right Bank or West Baghdad from 31st B.S.H.
Slide M.700
Right Bank or West Baghdad from 31st B.S.H.
Slide M.701
Looking up R. Tigris from 31st B.S.H.
Slide M.703
A Minaret
Slide M.704
Serai Street, Looking North
Slide M.705
Arab climbing date palm
Slide M.707
Serai Street looking South
Slide M.708
Riverside, W. Baghdad
Slide M.709
West Baghdad
Slide M.711
Crowd waiting for reopening of Kotah Bridge
Slide M.712
Crowd wiating for reopening of Kotah Bridge
Slide M.716
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.717
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.718
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.719
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.720
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.721
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.722
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.723
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.724
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.725
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.726
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.727
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.728
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.729
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.730
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.735
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.736
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.737
Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919
Slide M.739
Armenian girls
Slide M.748
Railhead Camp, Quaritu
Slide M.752
Pytak Pass. A steep bit of road
Slide M.756
In Pytak Pass
Slide M.765
Kurdish Boy
Slide M.766
Left side of village
Slide M.767
Right side of village
Slide M.771
A fire on the plains
Slide M.771
A fire on the plains
Slide M.772
Persian village
Slide M.773
View from Pelly's Pass, Persia
Slide M.773
View from Pelley's Pass
Slide M.775
A Mohammedan sacred emblem
Slide M.778
Shiah Mosque, Kermanshah
Slide M.781
A courtyard
Slide M.783
Threshing Corn
Slide M.786
Kermanshah, Persia
Slide M.786
View over the town
Slide M.787
A Persian Potter's Yard
Slide M.789
The sacred waters of Bisitun
Slide M.790
Caravanserai, Bisitun
Slide M.792
Caravanserai Stables. A similar scene to the birthplace of Christ
Slide M.794
Alcoves hewn from the solid rock and covered with carvings
Slide M.794
Tak-i-bustan, Persia
Slide M.795
The God Ormuzd, King Artaxerxes and Sharpoor I
Slide M.799
The larger alcove
Slide M.808
Group of Kurds at Karind
Slide M.815
Dates nearly ready for picking
Slide M.816
Arabs winnowing
Slide M.822
The sanitary bin
Slide M.829
Slide M.833
At Bajailia
Slide M.840
P.S. 58 ashore near Kut, Grounded during spring flood
Slide M.849
The winding Tigris with steamers on distant bends
Slide M.851
Mat huts
Slide M.854
Arab girl runs miles beside steamer offering poultry
Slide M.857
We jamb in the Narrows, River Tigris
Slide M.860
Arab girls
Slide M.866
Slide M.868
Water Buffaloes
Slide M.869
Arab Fort and Mat huts
Slide M.870
[Group of boys running with camp in background]
Slide M.872
Ezra's Tomb
Slide M.872
Leaving Ezra's Tomb
Slide M.873
Amara Canoe or Mashhuf
Slide M.874
Arab women with head bundles
Slide M.875
Kurnah, Confluence Tigris and Euphrates
Slide M.877
Loading kit on gharri at Magil, on leaving river steamer
Slide M.878
Basrah light railway
Slide M.879
Nixon Creek, Ashar
Slide M.882
Church Army Hut, weekdays, Makina, Basrah
Slide M.883
Makina, Basrah, Church Army Hut Sundays
Slide M.884
Last day in Mesopotamia. Waiting to embark for Blighty. Just after dawn
Slide M.886
No. 3 British Stationary Hospital, Basra
Slide M.887
The Port of Basrah
Slide M.888
Chinese Junks on Shatt-al-Arab
Slide M.889
View on Shatt-al-Arab
Slide M.890
Date packing depot on Shatt
Slide M.892
Passing Mohammerah
Slide M.952
On the last lap home. Travelling in luxury aross France
Slide M.
Darius' Inscription, Bisitun

Notes in Mesopotamia and Persia (lantern lecture, Exeter, Devon, England, 2 April 1921)

People involved in slide production

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – photographer, slides M.1, M.6, M.8, M.8, M.9, M.18, M.22, M.34, M.36-M.37, M.46, M.50, M.57-M.59, M.59, M.62-M.63, M.69, M.71, M.74, M.77-M.79, M.81-M.82, M.86, M.92, M.94-M.97, M.101, M.110-M.111, M.119-M.124, M.126-M.127, M.140, M.157-M.159, M.173, M.177-M.178, M.180, M.182, M.184-M.186, M.188, M.190, M.197, M.201-M.206, M.210, M.219, M.222, V.235, M.237, M.246, M.250, M.256, M.260, M.263, M.265-M.266, M.273, M.276, M.285-M.293, M.295-M.298, M.301, M.303-M.304, M.314, M.326-M.327, M.329-M.331, M.339, M.342-M.347, M.349, M.357-M.362, M.372, M.374, M.378-M.380, M.393, M.395-M.396, M.399, M.401-M.402, M.410, M.413-M.416, M.418-M.421, M.429, M.432, M.434-M.435, M.437, M.439-M.441, M.448, M.455, M.457, M.457, M.463, M.463, M.467-M.476, M.478, M.483-M.484, M.487-M.489, M.495-M.496, M.496, M.498-M.501, M.504, M.506, M.516-M.518, M.522-M.523, M.525-M.526, M.528, M.538, M.562, M.567, M.569, M.579, V.583-M.587, V.589-M.600, V.601, V.602-V.605, V.608, M.610-M.611, M.613, M.619-M.620, M.628-M.629, M.631-M.634, M.636-M.638, M.645, M.655, M.658, M.674-M.679, M.681, M.685-M.686, M.692, M.695-M.697, M.700-M.701, M.703-M.705, M.707-M.709, M.711-M.712, M.716-M.730, M.735-M.737, M.739, M.748, M.752, M.756, M.765-M.767, M.771, M.771, M.772-M.773, M.773, M.775, M.778, M.781, M.783, M.786, M.786-M.787, M.789-M.790, M.792, M.794, M.794, M.795, M.799, M.808, M.815-M.816, M.822, M.829, M.833, M.840, M.849, M.851, M.854, M.857, M.860, M.866, M.868-M.870, M.872, M.872, M.873-M.875, M.877-M.879, M.882-M.884, M.886-M.890, M.892, M.952, M.

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – slide maker, slides M.19, M.76, M.536, M.651, M.687

People appearing in slides

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – slides M.19, M.76, M.536, M.651, M.687


The slides show views in Mesopotamia (now Iraq), taken while Rowden was stationed there in the British army between summer 1918 and September 1919.

Rowden served in the Army Service Corps, based first in Basra and later in Baghdad, travelling there and back by boat along the River Tigris, and the subjects of the slides reflect this movement.

The slides are made from a series of 952 negatives, small paper prints from which are collected in an album put together by Rowden and now in a private collection. Most of the titles here are taken from Rowden's handwritten captions in the album.

The full set of photos includes many additional views not made into slides, showing Rowden's military colleagues and everyday life in Mesopotamia, also the homeward journey from Basra to Marseille via Suez and Alexandria.

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