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[Street scene with gateway][Street scene with gateway and mosque][Tomb of Sheikh Omar, Baghdad][Boats moored in front of gateway]Baghdad -- North Gate[Boats moored in front of gateway]Bakuba Refugee Camp[Crowd of people gathering in square]Baghdad -- Jews' Sunday[Men flagellating themselves in crowd or procession][Group of people with portable shrine in crowd]Cake Stall, BaghdadJewish Quarter, BaghdadInside North Gate, BaghdadAli's Mosque and Tomb, NedjifQaadir Gilani, BaghdadNorth Gate, BaghdadMoharram Festival, Oct. 17thFruit Shop, BaghdadCheese, Eggs, Nuts and Dates Shop, BaghdadCarpenters, BaghdadCoppersmith, BaghdadCotton SpinningLemonade SellerSmall Shopkeeper, BaghdadCharti shopDonkey with brushwood, BaghdadWater BuffaloesInterior, Eastern Bank, Baghdad[Map of Baghdad]Ctesiphon, near BaghdadKhadimain from airType of desert Arab, BaghdadBabylon (Kasr Mound) Near Ishtar GateMidday rest, Ashar BarracksAshar Creek and BazaarAshar Creek and Bazaar[Ashar Creek and Bazaar]My draft at Ashar Barracks, BasrahInterior of Church, Ashar Barracks, BasrahA.O. Rowden at Ashar Barracks, BasrahTiffin Time at Ashar Barracks, BasrahRaising middle of bridge over creek for mahaila to passCanoe on Robart CreekSteamer and barges on the Shatt-al-ArabOn the Shatt-al-ArabArab mat huts and raftOn P.S.25 going up river to BaghdadEzra's Tomb (approaching)Ezra's Tomb, River TigrisA prosperous herd of cattleBuying eggs as we slowly steamed byHow we travelledQal' at SalihA big flock of Sand GrouseA.O.R. washing pyjamas on P.S. boatN.C.O. Mess on P.S. 25 on Tigris to BaghdadDust storm at KutTurkish memorial at KutMinaret at KutArab irrigationArab irrigation. Drawing water from riverA load of woodGufa, 9 passengersHaidar Khanah MosqueMarjan MosqueView down River TigrisTent mates at Rest Camp, BaghdadA corner of BaghdadAmerican and British Residencies, BaghdadOn the Bund, Right BankMutti brick-makingBank Road, Baghdad, after Turkish ArmisticeMan traction, BaghdadA heavy loadKotah Bridge and West BaghdadAnother entrance, Khadimain MosqueGolden domes and minarets, Khadimain MosqueAfter part of native mahailaArab irrigationArab irrigation. Water-skins emptyingArab irrigationArabs and Donkeys crossing desertForcible feedingArab boy on donkeyForcible feeding of camelStarting offLady Zubeida's TombMosque of Maruf al KarkhiArab boys play football with bladderArab women fetching waterOrphanage girlsMohammedan ladiesJewish womanDoorway, Syrian ChurchJewish MerchantPassers by in New Street, BaghdadPassers by in New Street, BaghdadPassers by in New Street, BaghdadCoppersmith in BazaarArab woman carrying in brushwood from desertCamel trains bringing grain into HillahRuins in Kasr Mound, BabylonThe Ishtar Gate, BabylonMahaila under sailHussan or big GufaGunboat 'Blackfly' on EuphratesTypes of Dhibban ArabsArab Woman just killed snakeSheikh Ali holds conference with his tenantsArab SheikhsSalman -- Canteen coolieHaidar Khanah MosqueArab cutting away dead fronds from Date PalmArab cutting away dead fronds from Date PalmArab benchesGroup in bazaarEast Baghdad from right bankEast Baghdad from right bankSweet stall in bazaarRope-makerPersiansEast Baghdad from right bankBaghdad-Khadimain TramArab coffee shopSweet stall in BazaarExchange Square, BaghdadEntrance to Shorja BazaarEvening. Downstream from Maude BridgeMahailas at HinaidiThe desert in bloom. White ArabisIrrigation canal bursts and floods railwayMahaila crew dinesRiver Tigris in flood. Water penetrates outer bundRiver Tigris in flood'Out in the blue.' Soldiers' graves at BaijiCrowd on landing stage, Baghdad ferryThe Letter Writer[Street with wall and tower]Cloth seller dozingLooking down BazaarGroup outside shopOld Turkish Gun outside CitadelMilking the sheepSalman in his Sunday bestArab ploughingWeaving in a Baghdad gardenSmoking hookahsOur tent, E.F.C. CompoundE.F.C. Compound, Advance Base, BaghdadTypical roadwayHouses on RiversideA Mosul raft. Crew resting on shoreMare and foalBaghdad, Looking W. from Latin ChapelBaghdad. Looking E. from Latin ChapelIrani playing mutbukOpen desert at BaijiRiverside Residences, BaghdadArab Shepherd, Baiji'Four abreast'Maude Bridge swinging open for river trafficStork's Nest on DomeStork's Nest on housetopMoney changers outside Marjan MosqueTypical side streetWater carrier filling skinLeap-frogNew pumping and filtration station for water supply, Advanced BaseWaiting for ferry at KarradahRiverside garden. Palisading to strengthen bundBandstand, Central GardensMaude Bridge from Y.M.C.A.[Traffic in street outside mosque][Street scene with minaret in background]North GateGroup of Irani (Persian) CooliesBoys of TekritKelek (Mosul Raft)Mosul Raft at TekritKelek (Mosul Raft)Mosul Raft at TekritTekrit ArabsGroup at Landing Stage, BaghdadTomb of Sheik Omar, BaghdadBaab-al-Wastani, BaghdadA corner of East BaghdadStreet in East BaghdadPrincipal entranceUnder the ArchwayArab boy of merchant classMosque and tomb of Abdu'l KâdirArab beggarEntrance Sheik Omar's TombKotah Bridge, BaghdadOnly remaining ruin (Babylonish period)Detail of brickwork ruinsYoung Sheik and followersHoisting sailPoling Mahela, R. TigrisPoling Mahaila, River TigrisMahaila, men towingJelu OxcartJelu cooliesJelu boysAssyriansJelu BoysAssyrian CavalryGroup in Bazaar -- JelusGroup in Bazaar -- JelusArmenians lining up for waterArmenians lining up for waterJelu weaving outdoorsJelu spinningArmenian funeral serviceThe camera which took these snapsRough surgery -- Burning wound with matchBrilliant sunsetOpen space in front of Citadel, BaghdadDate Palm in flowerBoy Scouts Rally, BaghdadTemple of Ishtar, Babylon, looking S.W.Temple of Ishtar, looking W.Entrance to Temple of Marduk, BabylonSite of Temple of Marduk, BabylonA bluejay's nest in mound of Amran'By the waters of Babylon' -- Looking down EuphratesLooking up EuphratesFoundations of Nebuchadnezzar's Throne, BabylonThe banquetting chamber, Babylon, Site of Belshazzar's FeastBricked up former doorway into Palace of Nebuchadnezzar, BabylonEastern Court, Nebuchadnezzar's PalacePortion of marble pillarSite of Vaulted Chambers which supported famous hanging gardensFoundations of famous Hanging Gardens, BabylonThe Ishtar Gate (1), BabylonWalls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Animals in reliefIshtar Gate -- Animals in reliefWalls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Sacred processional horseWalls of Ishtar Gate, Babylon -- Animals in reliefThe lion of Babylon, statue in basaltRest-house, BabylonBabylon Resthouse, formerly residence of German excavator Dr KoldeweySight-seeing party arrive at Babylon sidingTrucks derailed by storm, BaghdadDate palm felled by windWe set out for joy ride in dull weatherDate Palm blossomArmenian Ladies entering Latin ChurchKurdish horsemenAdjoining the Landing StageCrowds on the Ferry Landing Stage, BaghdadIn New StreetArmenian BarberBaghdad workersCoolies carrying bales of wool, BaghdadCoolies carrying bales of wool, BaghdadArab farming. Cows and donkeys treading out the cornGoggles and spine pads for midday sunRyall and bellumji amongst flowers in MespotDate Palm groveLooking down Tigris from Clock Tower, Kotah Bridge in foregroundMaude Bridge open for river trafficNear the North GateView over city from 31st B.S.H.View over city from 31st B.S.H., Looking N.E.Watering the streetArab boys swingingMid-day Siesta, BaghdadDate palm. On a level with the springing frondsA group of over 42s at BaghdadA test of strength and skillFetching waterClosing Kotah BridgeRight Bank or West Baghdad from 31st B.S.H.Right Bank or West Baghdad from 31st B.S.H.Looking up R. Tigris from 31st B.S.H.A MinaretSerai Street, Looking NorthArab climbing date palmSerai Street looking SouthRiverside, W. BaghdadWest BaghdadCrowd waiting for reopening of Kotah BridgeCrowd wiating for reopening of Kotah BridgeCorpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Corpus Christi Procession, Baghdad, June 22 1919Armenian girlsRailhead Camp, QuarituDates nearly ready for pickingArabs winnowingThe sanitary binCtesiphonAt BajailiaP.S. 58 ashore near Kut, Grounded during spring floodThe winding Tigris with steamers on distant bendsMat hutsArab girl runs miles beside steamer offering poultryWe jamb in the Narrows, River TigrisArab girlsAmaraWater BuffaloesArab Fort and Mat huts[Group of boys running with camp in background]Ezra's TombLeaving Ezra's TombAmara Canoe or MashhufArab women with head bundlesKurnah, Confluence Tigris and EuphratesLoading kit on gharri at Magil, on leaving river steamerBasrah light railwayNixon Creek, AsharChurch Army Hut, weekdays, Makina, BasrahMakina, Basrah, Church Army Hut SundaysLast day in Mesopotamia. Waiting to embark for Blighty. Just after dawnNo. 3 British Stationary Hospital, BasraThe Port of BasrahChinese Junks on Shatt-al-ArabView on Shatt-al-ArabDate packing depot on ShattThe River Tigris at Bagdad showing Maude BridgeBaghdadBaghdadThe Mail Car leaving G.P.O., Bagdad, en route for Haifa, Palestine
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