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ChorusHymn: 'Dare to be a Daniel'Come let us joinHYMN. 'We are but little children weak'HYMN. 'There is a land of pure delight'HYMN. 'Give me the wings of faith to rise'HYMN. 'Jesus bids us shine'HYMN. 'My times are in thy hand'HYMN. 'Jesus calls us o'er the tumult'HYMN. 'There are Angels hovering round'CONSECRATION HYMNContrast picture -- Darkness and lightOld man and child looking on ruined abbeyAngel guiding travellerMartyred girl at the stakeHeaven and Earth -- Angels descending'His wonders' -- Paul and the viper'His Designs' -- Israelites saved from Pharaoh'Clouds big with mercy' -- Mordecai's triumph'Judge not the Lord' -- Daniel delivered'Bud may have a bitter taste' -- Jacob's lament'He will make it plain' -- Jacob brought before Pharaoh'The heathen bows down to wood and stone'The stormy seaSomeone is driftingOut with the lifeboatSinking through drinkThe Temperance Life-lineThe Temperance Life-line'The Refuge''The Refuge'Rescue work in the slumsRescue work in the slumsSave, Lord. we perish was their cryHymn, 'Jesus who lives above the sky'Chorus -- Good-bye, Dolly, I must leave youChorus, with borderChorus, with borderChorusWords of ChorusHymn -- 'The Temperance Cause is calling'Hymn -- 'No more strong drink'Words of ChorusWords of ChorusThe angel of the Lord came down, and glory shone aroundTo you in David's town this day is born of David's lineThus spake the seraph; and forthwith appeared a shining throngHymn 'Oh, what will you do for Jesus' (581 Sankey)Hymn 'Oh come, sinners, come' (826 Sankey)Hymn 'To the Cross of Christ' (432, Songs of Victory)Hymn 'Shall we all meet at home' (301 Sankey)Hymn 108 SankeyAll things bright and beautiful, the Lord God made them allEach little flower that opens, each little bird that singsHe made their glowing colours, he made their tiny wingsThe purple-headed mountain, the river running byThe sunset, and the morning that brightens up the skyThe cold winds in the winter, the pleasant summer sunThe tall trees in the greenwood, the meadows where we playThe rushes by the water, we gather every dayHe gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tellHow great is God Almighty, who has made all things wellWords of ChorusWords of ChorusLet us gather up the sunbeams lying all around our pathLet us find our sweetest comfort in the blessings of to-dayThen scatter seeds of kindness for our reaping by-and-byStrange we never prize the music till the sweet-voiced bird has flownAs when winter's snowy pinions shake the white down in the airIf we knew the baby fingers, pressed against the window paneWould the bright eyes of our darling catch the frown upon our brow?Ah, those little ice-cold fingers, how they point our memories backAh, those little ice-cold fingers, how they point our memories backHow those little hands remind us, as in snowy grace they lieWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusChorusChorusChorusPortrait of Queen, and National AnthemHymn, 'I need Thee, precious Jesus'When the wearyAround the Throne of GodHymn: unfurl the Christian standardHymn: there is beauty all aroundHymn: Come ye thankful people, comeEternal Father, strong to saveJerusalem the goldenI heard the voice of Jesus sayJesus shall reign where'er the sunThere is a green hill far awayThere is a green hill far awayJesus shall reign[Slide title unknown]Hymn, 'The Old Home'Hymn, 'Unfailing Friend'Hymn, 'Make me a blessing'Hymn, 'Something for Thee'Hymn, 'O Brother adrift'Verse, 'Take my voice and let me sing'Verse 2: God be with you will we meet again!Mine is an unchanging love, / Higher than the heights above;Verse 6: Thou canst not toil in vainVerse 1: Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindnessVerse 2: Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadowsVerse 3: Go then ever, weeping, sowing for the MasterJesus loves me! This I know, / For the Bible tells me so:Yes, Jesus loves me! / Yes, Jesus loves me!Jesus loves me! He who died / Heaven's gate to open wide;Jesus loves me! He will stay / Close beside me all the way:Verse 1: When He cometh, when He comethVerse 2: He will gather, He will gatherVerse 3: Little children, little childrenChorusWords of ChorusVerse 4: Ah! those little ice-cold fingersGive me a draught from the crystal spring / When the cooling breezes blowWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusChorusChorusChorusWords of ChorusChorusChorusChorusChorusChorusChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusChorusChorusChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusWords of ChorusHymn 'Where is my wandering Boy?'Making the RickThree fine rams[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Evening HymnAbide with me, fast falls the eventideWe sing of the realms of the blestWork, for the night is comingAs with gladness men of oldAt even ere the sun was setBeneath the Cross of JesusChrist is gone up; yet ere He passedChrist was born on Christmas DayCrown Him with many crownsFaith of our fathers! living stillHail to the Lord's AnointedHark! the herald angels singHark! the herald angels singJerusalem, my happy homeJerusalem on highLord of our life, and God of our salvationLord, when Thy Kingdom comesMy God, my Father, while I strayO come, all ye faithfulO come and mournSafe in the arms of JesusSweet the moments, rich in blessingTell me the old, old storyThe Church's One FoundationThe day Thou gavest, Lord, is endedThe people that in darkness satThe Son of God goes forth to warThrough the night of doubt and sorrowThy life was given for meWhile shepherds watched their flocks by nightWords of ChorusFrom Greenland's icy mountains,  / From India's coral strandCan we, whose souls are lighted / With wisdom from on highNow proclaim Messiah's BirthGuard the Bible wellThe Passion of JesusOur fathers were high-minded menThe Seven Words upon the CrossThe PassionThe PassionGlory in the Highest!St Hilda'Tis Night on the Silent MountainsRock of AgesWho is this, so weak and helplessNever be LateThe First NowellO Come, all ye FaithfulThe Prince of PeaceSoftly the Night is SleepingThe PassionThe Passion -- IV. The AppealThe Passion -- V. The ResponseOne sweetly solemn thoughtJerusalem, my happy homeFrom Greenland's icy mountainsAll hail the power of Jesus' nameThe Passion -- II. The Way of SorrowsThe Passion -- III. The Seven Words Upon the CrossThe Passion -- IV. The AppealThe Passion -- V. The ResponseWrestling in agony, wrestling aloneJesu, Lover of My SoulThy way, not mine, O LordOnward! Christian soldiers, / Marching as to warAt the sign of triumph / Satan's host doth flee;Like a mighty army / Moves the church of God;Crowns and thrones may perish, / Kingdoms rise and wane,[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]A few more years shall rollHark my soul it is the LordAll hail the power of Jesus' nameHush'd was the evening hymnAwake, my soul, and with the sunAmazing Grace, how sweet the soundCome, let us join our cheerful songsFrom the Cross, uplifted highGuide me, O Thou great JehovahJesus is our ShepherdJesus who lives above the skyKind words can never dieO for a thousand tongues to singThere's a Friend for little childrenThere's a Happy LandLord, dismiss us with Thy blessingHow sweet the Name of Jesus soundsJesus, Lover of my soulWhen He comethSun of my soulLord, I hear of showers of blessingGod be with youWhen I survey the wondrous crossWere the whole realm of nature mineAt even ere the sun was setO Saviour Christ, Thou too art manA few more years shall rollIt is finished, blessed JesusJesu, lover of my soulJesus shall reign where'er the sunMan of Sorrows! What a nameThere is a Green Hill Far AwayWhen I Survey the Wondrous CrossGo To Dark GethsemeneWork, For The Night Is ComingHark! The Herald Angels SingSweet Saviour, Bless Us Ere We GoSweet The Moments, Rich in BlessingGuide Me O Thou Great JehovahHo My Comrades! See The SignalHail the Day that Sees Him RiseGuide Me O Thou Great JehovahJerusalem the GoldenLo! He Comes With Clouds DescendingO Come All Ye FaithfulOnly An Armour-Bearer, Firmly I StandResting From His Work TodayStand Up, Stand Up For JesusSion's Daughter, Weep No MoreWeeping, As They Go Their WayThe 1st Warrington's Scout SongLoch LomondCockles and MusselsDaisy BellThe Long, Long TrailWill Ye No' Come Back Again?Lily of LagunaOld Folks at HomeRoamin' in the Gloamin'There is a Tavern in the TownVerse 2: May Thy rich grace impartVerse 3: While life's dark maze I treadVerse 1: Art thou weary, art thou languidVerse 3: Brother and sister gone to that climeVerse 6: Blind unbelief is sure to errChorus: Land of Hope and Glory / Mother of the FreeChorus: Wider still and wider / Shall thy bounds be setVerse 1: Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand!Verse 2: Trust in the lifeboat, sailor, all else will failVerse 3: Bright gleams the morning, sailor; uplift the eyeRefrain: Pull for the shore, sailor; pull for the shore!Eternal Light, Eternal LightFor ever with the LordIntemperance spreads o'er all the land, / Breathing its blight on young and old.The young are sinking day by day, / In deepest sin and wretchedness;O, Christians! pass not heedless by; / 'Tis Christ's own lambs for help who call,Verse 1: Fight the good fight / With all thy mightWork, for the night is coming; / Work, through the morning hours;Work, for the night is coming; / Work, through the sunny noon;Work, for the night is coming; / Under the sunset skies;Rescue the perishing, care for the dyingThough they are slighting Him, still He is waitingDown in the human heart, crushed by the tempterRescue the perishing, duty demands itGuide me, O Thou great Jehovah, / Pilgrim through this barren landOpen now the crystal fountain,  / Whence the healing waters flowWhen I tread the verge of Jordan,  / Bid my anxious fears subside[Slide title unknown]The story of the Cross -- 'On the Cross lifted' (ver. 6 to 10)'Follow to Calvary''As the swift moments fly''On the Cross lifted''No pillow under Thee''Loud scoffs the dying thief'Auld Lang SyneGod bless our native land! / May His protecting handO Lord, our monarch bless / With strength and righteousness;May just and righteous laws / Uphold the public cause,Nor on this land alone, / But be God's mercies knownThy choicest gifts in store / On him be pleased to pour;God save our gracious Queen, / Long live our noble Queen,Send her victorious, / Happy and glorious,O Lord our God arise, / Scatter her enemies,Confound their politics, / Frustrate their knavish tricks,Thy choicest gifts in store, / On her be pleased to pour,May she defend our laws, / And ever give us cause,God save our gracious King! / Long live our noble King!O Lord our God arise, / Scatter his enemies.Refrain: When the roll is called up yonderSowing the seed by the dawn-light fair, / Sowing the seed by the noonday glare;Sowing the seed by the wayside high, / Sowing the seed on the rocks to die;Sowing the seed of a lingering pain, / Sowing the seed of a maddened brain,Sowing the seed with an aching heart, /  Sowing the seed while the tear-drops start,Sown in the darkness or sown in the light / Sown in our weakness or sown in our might
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