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A Cruiser: H.M.S. InflexibleDumb-bell and Rifle Drill6.2 in. Gun Crew 'Ready'A Torpedo TubeMaking Eight BellsPetty Officers' MessMusic on the ForecastlePay-DayA Destroyer: H.M.S. 'Whiting'Manoeuvres: 'Friend or Foe?'Torpedo Striking Torpedo NetOfficers of H.M.S. 'Star'Submarines: Cleaning DownGoing into Action: Milford HavenCharging a TorpedoWar: Ironclads and AeroplanesH.M.S. 'Dreadnought'Docking the 'Dreadnought'Mid-Turret of the 'Dreadnought'12-inch and 6-inch Guns: 'Cleared for Action'Firing 12-inch Guns: Aft-TurretsShells on Deck9.2-inch Gun Quarters: 'Clean Gun'A Run Round the Boat DeckThe Battle of TrafalgarDeath of NelsonThe Fleet at Spithead, 1853A Modern Battleship -- H.M.S. JupiterAfter Barbette -- H.M.S. RevengeWorking a 3-pounder -- H.M.S. BlakeThe Diver -- H.M.S. BlakeGetting Electric Light ready -- H.M.S. EdinburghCutlass Drill -- H.M.S. CamperdownCutlass Drill -- H.M.S. CamperdownRepel Boarders -- H.M.S. TerribleRanging Cables -- H.M.S. MajesticSplicing -- H.M.S. TartarServing out Rum -- H.M.S. AlexandriaSignalling H.M.S. CamperdownH.M.S. 'Impregnable'H.M.S. 'Impregnable'H.M.S. 'Cambridge,' a BroadsideStanley and some of his followers on board H.M.S. IndustryMen of War -- old and newA Double Line of BattleshipsHer Ram Struck the VictoriaBut now the Water Rushing inNow came the Order 'Save yourselves'He Rushed on Deck and Outward SprungSoon the Victoria disappearedWe Wonder now that any CameThe U.S. Battleship 'Maine'The U.S. Battleship 'Maine'Explosion of the 'Maine'Explosion of the 'Maine'The 'Maine' after the explosionThe 'Maine' after the explosionU.S. Battleship 'New York'U.S. Battleship 'Iowa'Bombardment of MatanzasAmerican Cruisers chasing suspected vesselsThe U.S. Asiatic Squadron on the way to ManilaBattle of ManilaAdmiral Dewey in ActionPorto Rica. Bombardment of San JuanAdmiral Cervera's FleetThe Sinking of the 'Merrimac'The Sinking of the 'Merrimac'Captain Evans (Fighting Bob) inspecting his menAdmiral Cervera's dash for FreedomAble SeamanSailors at gun drillShaftesbury Training ShipPortsmouth DockyardMan of War -- recentIllumination of the Fleet at SpitheadStrengthening their fleets, and why?The day has come, but not our seekingThe Naval Review. Royal Yacht passing down the lineBattleshipsGerman warships on the watchSubmarinesPortsmouth Harbour -- the Ferry'And He shall give His Angels charge over thee' (Twidle)Die 'Augsburg' vor Libau.Das Admiralschiff 'Scharnhorst'Die kapernde 'Emden'Das Linienschiff 'Deutschland'Die 'Cöln' mit Wasserflugzeug.Das Grosskampfschiff 'Helgoland'Turbinenlinienschiff 'Prinzregent Luitpold'.Das Auslegen des Torpedoschutznetzes.Das Laden eines Geschütztorpedos.Weihnachten an Bord.Verladen der Munition.Im Heizraum eines Panzerschiffes.Die Ausfahrt des Geschwaders.Das Linienschiff 'Türingen'.Geschütze fertig zum Kampf.Die Torpedobooten im Angriff.Der Durchbruch der Torpedoboote.Die vernichtete englische 'Birmingham'.Die untergegangene 'Pommerm'.Die Heimfahrt der siegreichen Flotte.Torpedoboote im HafenDie Torpedoboote in der FahrtTorpedoboote allen voranTorpedoboot im SturmGescjwader im KampfeWährend der SkagerrakschlachtO Lord our God, arise / Scatter his enemiesVictoriousFugiH.M.S. JumnaH.M.S. HecateH.M.S. InconstantH.M.S. InflexibleH.M.S. HotspurAdmiral and Officers, H.M.S. CamperdownSignalling, H.M.S. CamperdownThe Fore Barbette, H.M.S. CamperdownServing out Rum, H.M.S. CamperdownH.M.S. Camperdown in Dry DockCommander and Crew H.M.S. BlenheimH.M.S. RodneyThe Channel Fleet in the Firth of ForthCutlass drill, H.M.S. CamperdownSplicing -- H.M.S. TartarSignalling, H.M.S. CamperdownH.M.S. Tiger[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Torpedo boat]Fleet in Formation at SeaH.M.S. 'Iron Duke'Ship's CrewH.M.S. 'Lion' leads the wayH.M.S. 'Defence'The 'Saucy Arethusa'A TorpedoDestroyer L ClassDestroyers attackingBig Guns of a BattleshipFiring a SalvoIncident of the BattleStoking a ShipJ.S. CornwallDestroyers going into actionH.M.S. LionSubmarine E4 rescuing German Sailors'Scharnhorst'H.M.S. 'Good Hope'H.M.S. Invincible and InflexibleAction between 'Leipzig' and H.M.S. 'Glasgow' and 'Cornwall''Sinking of the Emden'Convoy SystemMine LayingMine sweepingGuns on MinesweeperCoast PatrolHunting a SubmarineH.M.S. Vindictive'Daffodil' holding the 'Vindictive' against the moleH.M.S. 'Intrepid' and 'Iphigenia'H.M.S. 'Vindictive' returningH.M.S. Vindictive laying in fairway at OstendOur Sailor King on board a DreadnoughtArrival of the German AdmiralGerman Fleet arrivingThe German Fleet in LineThe sunken HindenbergGerman Boats run ashoreH.M.S. Widgeon entering Chungking[Sea scenes: lighthouse, sea battles and shipwreck by lightning]H.M.S. DreadnoughtAdmiral Receiving VisitorsThe 12tn GunsThe Quick Firing GunsSinistre[?] au mur[?]Denmark -- Olfert Fischer (aft)H.M.S. Illustrious, Mars, Caesar, and Victorious (Starting)Naval Review -- The 'Victory' at PortsmouthNaval Review -- The 'Powerful' in lineNaval Review -- The 'Devastation'Naval Review -- The 'Thunderer'Naval Review -- WarshipsClearing Decks for Action, H.M.S. 'Blenheim'England's Sea PowerH.M.S. LionH.M.S. HighflyerNot that false prideChorus: Wider still and wider / Shall thy bounds be setConfound their politics, / Frustrate their knavish tricks,God save our gracious King! / Long live our noble King!AjaxUndauntedGun Boat one minute after the discharge, showing the immense column of smokeKing George IV Yacht, decorated on the wedding day of H.R.H. Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of BattenbergThe Victory decorated on the anniversary of Trafalgar DayFiring a Whitehead Torpedo -- after leaving the shipRequin -- Battle ShipRoyal Sovereign -- BowRoyal Sovereign -- BroadsideRoyal Sovereign -- View of Quarter Deck from BridgeRoyal Sovereign -- View of Deck from Fighting TopRoyal Sovereign -- Sailors working a 6lb Quick-Firing Gun on BridgeRoyal Sovereign -- Sailors working a 6lb Quick-Firing Gun on BridgeRoyal Sovereign -- Upper Deck, showing 100lb Quick-firing GunsRoyal Sovereign -- Sailors working 100lb 6-inch Quick-Firing Guns
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