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Human figure – boy

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Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son'Dat fence is too high an' me wid de rheumatics''I must hab one ob dem chicks''Dis pole will be ob use''I was allers a inwentor''I tought she couldn't resist a roostin place''How is dat fo' high?''De hand ob Providence was in dis!'Ab im de nex timeThe Shepherd BoyThe Darlings at HomeThe ElephantHome againTom gets in the Boys' Pockets and takes their Cherry-stonesTom tumbles into a PuddingGiant Grumbo swallows him wholeTom Thumb and King ArthurThe King giving Tom as much Money as he can carryTom shut up in a Mouse-trapTom killed by the Poisonous Breath of a Spider'First Lesson on the Bagpipes'North Holland dog cartTweedmouth DocksA little company of carol singers(Effect) He thought about his youthful days(Effect) He thought about his youthful daysDear William! love me once againDear William! love me once againOh, when was Sabbath eve like this?Oh, when was Sabbath eve like this?IntroductionIntroductionIntroductionA vile and filthy alleyA vile and filthy alleyShe felt his wasted fingers lightenI can see them there with JesusHe told me that the pretty name was RoseHe told me that the pretty name was RoseThe children meet in heavenHagar and Ishmael in the DesertHagar and Ishmael in the Desert, Angel effectInvitationAnd she'd leapt on the line and saved him just as the mail dashed thro'And she'd leapt on the line and saved him just as the mail dashed thro'Children at DoorThe Village ChurchA gallant guardsman, on guardOff guard, ah! ah!'You'll have to answer for this,' said heThere came into his eyes a dreamy expressionDick on Highgate Hill hears Bow BellsDick receives the bags of gold for his CatJest see me bring him downO! Ta-ra-a!!! Don't the old gun kickI'll have him!!Can't he fly!Now I've got him!Bash!!!What! He's off againOh! Lor! These thornsAh! Now then!!I got him! Said I wouldGroup of Cashmere Boatmen and WomenNaomi nurses Ruth's SonSays Tommy's papa, 'What a fidget you are! / From that window, my boy, you are leaning too far'Says Tommy to himself, 'I know better than that!' / Just then, a gust came, and away flew his hat!To grasp it he tried, lost his presence of mind, / And falling, he felt himself clutched from behindAlas! now no screaming, no weeping avails, / The train hurries on, leaving Tom on the railsSadly shaken he is, sadly battered and sore, / And we think, little friends, he'll be wilful no moreHarry was picked up, as usual, by two policemenTom Thumb and the CowTom Thumb as a KnightThe quickening steps of a policemanThe lady and her little boy suddenly see a horse and his rider coming towards themThe boy pulls at her dress to drag her in the opposite directionThe dress gives way, the boy still pulling in one direction and the lady in the oppositeDavie was marched off to the police stationThe policeman found them. Davie was asleep and the old woman was deadIt was Christmas Eve. Snow had been falling all dayIt was Christmas Eve. Snow had been falling all day'Ho! ho! he bellowed out at last, I've got you now, my lad, quite fast'Now watch him, Pincher, keep him there, and I will to the house repair'The boy, to make the dog afraid, began an apple cannonadeThe farmer reached the guarded tree, with face brimful of spiteful gleeAnd up and down the limb he worked, and now and then the rope he jerkedThe farmer's most substantial weight seemed to have sealed the bulldog's fateWhile there the farmer helpless lies, and brings his dame up with his criesPassed them and left them in the rear with easeRunning over a footbridge she scattered the fishing party in all directionsRunning over a footbridge she scattered the fishing party in all directionsReconcentrados dying from starvationReceiving daily allowance of CodfishThe largest Relief Station in HavanaThe Spanish Royal FamilyAnd in these barracks is an armour roomHe crept in at the door -- gazed aboutThe breastplate now he turned towards the lightPatterns of every shape, from neck to waistAnd from the pedestal he slowly steppedUniversity Boat RaceIntroduction, 'Dick Whistler's Tramp'Why shouldn't you and I try for this?Was an open-faced lad of about fourteenGiving him a shake down in a small roomAs he unpacked the egg basketsHadn't you better write and see?One pound four and twopenceYou and I, Toby, begin a new lifeAnd presently stopped at a coffee stallI won't take a ticket for himDick easily slipped out of the stationNext moment he was beside the farmerThe hunt began in good earnest'So you be all alone in the world'He had now begun his tramp in earnestDick had been foremost of them allPicked up a bright half sovereignSo Dick waited in vainHe marched boldly up to the doorAnd kneeling down in the grassThee's got a bad cold on thee, said the millerPresently Dick sat down for a restI'm so very much obliged to youGive her that paperYou know the young lady too, I suppose?I always read a chapter first thingHe felt rather lonely'Why, to be sure I do,' answered the boyThey were now in a sort of woodland glenOh, but you should apply to Mr StannardSee, he's asleep -- or is something the matterHave you been long on the trampAngus motioned his sister backShe carried a rug over her armA kindly voice sounded out of the darknessIt seems too good to be trueHe walked to the station master's officeI wish all folks had consciencesWell, Dick, said the squireA row of neat poultry housesHe went up and snugged at the boy, who drew backThe boy was sitting on a low seat before the fireThe boy was sitting on a low seat before the fireThis is 'ow the toffs does itAnd so his camera he pitched before a lovely viewOne by his tender ear he took, and slapped his dirty faceAnd so he covered up once more himself from head to waistAnd so each took with ready fist an end so loose and laxAnd then they danced about with glee, as they his antics sawTommy thinks the turkeys are not plump enough, so he pumps them full of wind'Now ma'am, here's a beauty for you'The turkey went off, and they all got a rise'Why, what's up, my lads? The police ain't after you?''Can I go, mother? Mother, mayn't I go?'Tommy grasped his penny tightly'Isn't it grand, mother? isn't it fine?'Mr Noble was not 'drunk,' yet far from sober'Joining a Band of Hope, aye; but I'll put a stop to it'Tommy tenderly picked up his pledge card'You'll let me go to the Band of Hope meeting tonight?''Please, sir, what is a drunkard?''Well, Tommy, what did you hear?' asked his father'O, God, bless my father and take away all his sins'[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]A man, leading by the hand, a boyA man, leading by the hand, a boyRalph spent his penny on a fruit stallRalph spent his penny on a fruit stallRalph held the fast fading flowersRalph held the fast fading flowersHe filled a jug with waterHe filled a jug with waterWould you like to hear a Sunday storyWould you like to hear a Sunday storyHis father clasped him in his armsHis father clasped him in his armsJessie lay propped up on her pillowsJessie lay propped up on her pillowsA kind-hearted old womanStephen bowed his head upon his handsStephen bowed his head upon his handsRalph and his father at breakfastRalph and his father at breakfastA busy week of preparation followedA busy week of preparation followedThey paid a last visit to the cemeteryThey paid a last visit to the cemeteryThe two travellers started up the roadThe two travellers started up the road'Here we are, Ralphie,' said Stephen'Here we are, Ralphie,' said StephenAn old man stood in the garden pathAn old man stood in the garden pathAnd placed his hands on the bent shouldersAnd placed his hands on the bent shouldersStephen insisted on setting the tableStephen insisted on setting the table[Slide title unknown]As she crossed the riverCurly Headed Jack at SchoolOur old chum was having his morning constitutionalKnowall as a ratepayer and a BritonSo he proceeded to lecture the fellowAnd our friend would have gone onBaxter's second inningsMan in! cried UmpireAt that moment the first ball whizzed down the pitchLying in the pavilion on a pile of coatsAnd the boy lay in a dozy sort of state in the south bedroom'Yes, my boy,' began the Captain, sitting down beside himFirst Truth, second Honour, third Purity'By mistake I dropped some loose silver'Whisked coin into his pocketThen I waylaid the boy'He is really two boys, a good boy and a bad boy''When that happens you had better get out of the way'Here Baxter's beef-tea came in'But on the week-days, when we are practising alone''Bails,' said the CaptainHis visitor rose gently and made on tiptoe for the doorSell Cards at the Sports'Why are you frightened''Well, he did not -- he did not pray''It's a good deal blacker than I thought''Play in a great match'One morning the postThe Junior CupThe duty of a batsman is to make runsYour CaptainBaxter carried his bat for the top score of the seasonA policeman pulled the masks from their facesTom off to the CookshopTom at the CookshopBob caught in the Act of stealingBob escapes into the LaneAn old Woman entices BobBob in the Burglars HouseBob fled for his LifeBob asleep under the hedgeCarter finds BobThe Carter gives Bob a breakfastBob minding a HorseBob meets one of his old CompanionsPoliceman catches TomBob in PrisonBob waits for CustomersHere clean my boots quicklyBob's Father recognises himThe appearance of the country was beautifulBob meets John Bolt, in AustraliaBob shews him the Carter's handwriting'I'll have a smoke''Here they are'Reclining in chairHe feels a painHis sister comesOrdered to take home the washingOrdered to take home the washingIt's very heavyIt's very heavyMust rest a littleMust rest a littleHelp comesHelp comesThe washing arrivesThe washing arrivesCaution refused. PursuitSad calamityAdding insult to injuryGoing down to dinner on a Christmas DaySnapdragon at a Christmas partyEntry of Santa Claus at a Christmas partyThe Old and the New Year's Children. A pageant of the monthsThe Christmas-box. A prehistoric Christmas TurkeyA Drunken WomanJack Frost in the BedroomUncared forCared forJack and the Giant in the PitJack found asleep by the Giant BlunderboreJack taking the Giant's KeysJack deceives the two-headed GiantJack at Breakfast with the GiantJack Fighting a GiantDragging the Giant on ShoreJack going to blow the HornThe challengeAt workFine clothesNo more workGood for a frogThe FiremenOur Doctors -- aye, and Nurses, tooDog discovers child and licks itDog discovers child and licks itChild on dog's back carried over the snowChild on dog's back carried over the snowArrival of dog with child at MonasteryMother and son restored in the monasteryMother and son restored in the monasteryMother and son restored in the monasteryThe crab laid hold of her fingerThe crab laid hold of her fingerThe cheerfu’ supper done, wi’ serious face, / They, round the ingle, form a circle wide[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]'Please give me a penny, Sir''Please give me a penny, Sir''We were not always begging''Please give me a penny, Sir'Poking his own FireShe has taken her darling son to the Court PhotographerNorman is making his best society bowHe appears to be intently listening to the instructionsMr Oxalate places the juvenile rogue upon a chairEverything seems going along smoothlyNorman holds up his finger in a warning mannerNorman throws up both hands and bursts into a fit of laughterThe artful little rogue creeps down behind the chairThe mischievous lad was covering the lens with his capNorman seemed to fancy the position, and success seemed assuredNorman disappeared through the screen at the backNorman is handed back to his mamma[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Sir Roger de Coverley going to ChurchOne day, Harry Wilful, just let out of school, / Went stoning the frogs in the village-green pool,Waddle laid him down flat -- legs, body and head, / And prodded and punched him, as bakers do breadHead downwards he next went, held up by the heel; / And 'ere long he knew what a poor frog could feelLo! now, for a change, just his ardour to cool, / King Frog duck'd him well in the thick slimy pool!Then with a croak, and a quirk, and a gutteral 'there'! / Waddle swung him a hundred yards thro' the blue air,Oh horror! a cord with a stone at one end / Was passed round his body with twist and with bend;Splash! splash! stone and boy; then a heart-rending cry; / All was left was a pair of young legs, shank and thigh,His thoughts were disturbed by a tramp and shout. / Running down towards the pool came more boys in a rout,The Adoration of the Wise Men (Edelfeld)Gave them each a slice of breadPull up, or I'll stop youDon't play tricks on a --Dog-fancierNever be LateExeter Cathedral West FrontArab boy on donkey[Black child holding cocoa pods]The Political DogToilers by the SeaQafl - Jabal ShammarGarah - Tent of Jafad Bey [...]Tower near Mohammed GulSkull Shrine, KerewaAymara Indian children 30[Child playing a trick on a man][Two girls and boy holding bicycles]The Gambler's homeThe Gambler's homeJohn Egerton, Lord Brackley, afterwards 2nd Earl of Bridgwater[Group of people with camel and donkey, Pyramids of Giza in background]Canterbury, Locomotive of 1830Tommy Tit was a clever boyAnd on the bough young Tommy gotAnd snap it did, and both came tumbling downAll over head and hands and coatAunt Matilda Tabitha shall feed youDolly's Washing DayRing-a-Ring-o'-Roses[Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown][Slide title unknown]Childhood's joysChildhood's Free PlaygroundA Tug-of-WarVerse 1: Fight the good fight / With all thy mightA Punch and Judy showOf such is the Kingdom of Heaven (Twidle)Massacre of InnocentsShadow of the CrossHoly family at Nazareth
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