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Text: Popular lantern readings: volume I (Birmingham: Alfred Pumphrey, 1880s)

Reading compilation: Popular lantern readings vol. 1

Title page

Type of text
294 pages, paperback
width 5.25 inches (13.3 cm), height 8.25 inches (21 cm)
Birmingham, England: Alfred Pumphrey, 1880s
Main language(s)
Retail price at publication
The publisher is not credited, but all the slide sets mentioned are by Pumphrey and they published other similar reading compilations around this period.

Positive electricity, p. 1

Poor Pa's trousers, p. 2

The child martyr, pp. 3-5

Joseph Malins, The factory chimney: or the little badge of blue, pp. 6-7

Fred Weatherly, The maids of Lee, pp. 8-9

Fred Weatherly, The men of Ware, p. 10

The well-read hunter, p. 11

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, The miller's daughter, pp. 12-15

A.L. Westcombe, How geese are plucked: or, a domestic misfortune, pp. 16-17

The conceited pig: an original lantern reading, pp. 18-21

Edward Lear, The owl and the pussy cat, p. 22

The life of Christ: with readings from the gospels, pp. 23-26

Retribution: or, you're littler than I, p. 27

The owl critic: a lesson to fault-finders, pp. 28-30

Hieronymus Pop and the baby: or, a cool remedy, pp. 31-33

Phaeton Junior: or, the gig demolished, pp. 34-38

William Makepeace Thackeray and Charles Dickens, The loving ballad of Lord Bateman, pp. 39-41

Lodgings to let, pp. 42-43

The greatest plague of life: or a lady in search of a good servant, pp. 44-56

Charles Kingsley, Three fishers went sailing, p. 57

The one-legged goose, pp. 58-60

Little black monkey, p. 61

Albert Smith, Jack Holyday: a story for juveniles, pp. 62-71

The inverted world, pp. 72-73

The unlucky present, pp. 73-75

Peter Pindar, The pilgrims and the peas, pp. 75-77

Charles Dickens, Christmas carol, pp. 78-93

Robert Southey, The well of St. Keyne, pp. 94-96

The tiger and tub, pp. 96-99

Mischief and complacency, pp. 99-102

Robert Burns, The cotter's Saturday night, pp. 102-107

Lewis Carroll, You are old, Father William, pp. 108-109

Sir Hotspur Cock, pp. 110-111

Hans Christian Andersen, The ugly duckling, pp. 112-115

Drunk as a brute: a fairy tale of 20 years ago, pp. 116-119

The three rogues of Bagdad, pp. 120-121

James Milne, How Jane Conquest rang the bell, pp. 122-125

William Cowper, The diverting history of John Gilpin, pp. 126-130

Music's power: or the fiddler and the crocodile, p. 131

Cinderella: or, the glass slipper, pp. 132-134

The new Little Red Riding Hood, pp. 135-137

Dick Whittington, pp. 137-139

Jack and the bean-stalk, pp. 139-141

The children in the wood, pp. 141-143

The three bears, pp. 143-144

Aladdin: or, the wonderful lamp, pp. 144-146

What happened to Tommy Wilful in the train, p. 149

Mrs Giles' run with the hounds, pp. 150-154

Thomas Campbell, The soldier's dream, p. 155

Thomas Ingoldsby, The jackdaw of Rheims, pp. 156-160

A tale of a story without an end, pp. 161-166

S.J. Stone, The first problem: the soliloquy of a rationalistic chicken, pp. 167-168

Frank W. Green and Alfred Lee, Mrs Somebody swallowed a fly, p. 169

Readings from Uncle Tom's cabin, pp. 170-192

Tom Hood, A sailor's apology for bow-legs, pp. 193-194

John Tyler Pettee, Prayer and potatoes: a trial of faith, pp. 195-196

Edwin Waugh, The grindlestone, pp. 197-198

Charles Mackay, The dream of the reveller: or, the whiskey demon, pp. 198-201

Thomas Love Peacock, The priest and the mulberry tree, pp. 202-203

T.D. Crewdson, The Gemzé fawn, pp. 204-205

Uncle John, Jack and his 'hard lump', p. 207

The little town of Weinsburgh, pp. 207-208

Robert Southey, Sir Ralph the Rover, pp. 209-210

The miller and the ass, p. 211

Mother Tabbyskins, pp. 212-213

Johnny Sands, p. 214

Robinson Crusoe, pp. 215-218

Henry Clay Work and Henry Clay Work, Come home, father: little Mary's song, pp. 219-220

Samuel Rogers, The misletoe bough, p. 221

The adventures of Baron Munchausen, pp. 222-224

Henry Glassford Bell, Mary, Queen of Scots, pp. 225-230

Robert Browning, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, pp. 231-233

William B. Fowle, Vat you please, pp. 234-237

Aesop's fables, pp. 238-239

Roger Plowman, Roger Plowman's excursion to London, pp. 240-246

Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and the Carpenter, pp. 246-249

Contrasts, for juveniles, pp. 250-256

A railway story: with a moral, p. 257

R.A.E., Scaramouches, pp. 258-266

Careless Maggie, p. 267

Thomas Ingoldsby, Misadventures at Margate: [a.k.a. The vulgar little boy], pp. 268-271

Jack the conqueror, pp. 272-273

Alfred J. Glasspool, Band of Hope address on alcohol, pp. 274-277

Startling drink facts, pp. 278-280

Henry Mackenzie, The bashful man, pp. 281-283

William Shakespeare, The seven ages of man, p. 284

The fairy gift, p. 285

Eva Lovett Carson, The philosopher's escape, p. 286

S.C. Stone, This jungle to let, p. 287

S.C. Stone, The musicians of Bremen, pp. 288-289

The horse and the oysters, p. 289

Bugaboo Bill, the giant, pp. 290-291

'Please to give me a penny', p. 292

The two crossing sweepers, pp. 292-


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