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Text: The optical magic lantern journal: volume 8 number 101 (October 1897)

Type of text
periodical issue
52 pages
London, England: Magic Lantern Journal Co. Ltd, October 1897

editor: TAYLOR, J. Hay  (c.1858-1936)

Main language(s)
Retail price at publication

Notes, pp. 157-159

Colonial lanternists, p. 159

Prominent men in the lantern world: no. XII -- Mr John Anderton, pp. 160-161

George Kilburn, How to make a dark-room lamp, p. 161

W.H. Mathieson, The magic lantern in New Zealand, pp. 162-163

St Vincent Beechey, The Beechey trinoptric lantern, pp. 163-164

A.R. Schutz, Lecture on astronomy, pp. 164-166

S.D. Bairstow, Faces on the wall-paper, p. 167

Cecil Hepworth, The electric light in the optical lantern: no. VIII, pp. 168-169

Edmund A. Robins, Enlarging on bromide paper, etc., pp. 169-170

Edward Dunmore, The invention and development of the optical lantern: chapter XVIII, pp. 170-171

Charles E. Rendle, The lanternist's practical cyclopaedia: no. XII [Gas bottle - Hydrochloric acid gas], pp. 172-173

New apparatus, pp. 173-174

Patent intelligence, pp. 174-175

D.A. Doudney, George Newnes Ltd and C.W. Locke, Correspondence, pp. 175-176

Notes and queries, p. 176


Fuerst Brothers, p.i (margins)  –  Lumiere plates and papers, Hauff's developers

W.B. Whittingham & Co., p.i (margins)  –  clearance sale of photographic stock

Perken, Son & Rayment, p.i  –  smallest camera on earth

Mawson & Swan, p.i  –  'Castle' and 'Lantern' dry plates

W. Butcher & Sons, pp.ii-iii  –  new 'Primus' lecture lanterns

Various small advertisers, p.iv  –  general advertisements

James Christie, p.iv  –  screen stands, screens and lantern accessories

Thorn & Hoddle, p.iv  –  'Incanto' acetylene gas generator

Archer & Sons, p.v  –  'Ideal' and 'Photinus' lanterns

Thornton Pickard Manufacturing Co., p.v  –  cameras and shutters

W.P. Thompson & Co., p.v  –  patents and trademarks

J. Barnard & Son, p.v  –  slide painting colours

Watson & Sons,  –  'Motorgraph' cinematograph and camera

Theobald & Co.,  –  optical lanterns, slides, cinematograph films etc.

E.S. Bruce,  –  'The Aerial Graphoscope'

Noakes & Norman, p.vii  –  'Invicta' cinematograph, animated photography and projection

Brin's Oxygen Company, p.vii  –  Brin's oxygen

J.H. Steward, p.viii  –  optical lanterns, Davenport-Steward universal arc lamp

Eastman Photographic Materials Co. Ltd, p.ix  –  Eastman's bromide photographic papers

Sandell Works Co. Ltd, p.x  –  Sandell lantern plates, exhibition at Bond Street gallery

James Bamforth, p.xi  –  new list of optical lantern slides

Archibald Rider, p.xi  –  J.H. Smith's Swiss roll film for cinematographs etc.

W.R. Hill and Son, p.xi  –  optical scenic artists, new effect slides, change of address

C.W. Locke, p.xii  –  maker of lanterns, slides and accessories

Manchester Oxygen Company, p.xii  –  'Injector' mixed gas jet

Wood Bros., p.xii  –  Wormald's slide masks and binders

Chatham Pexton, p.xiii  –  new slide sets, apparatus etc.

Magic Lantern Journal Co. Ltd, p.xiv  –  OMLJ almanac and annual 1897-8

Philipp Wolff, pp.xv-xviii  –  list of cinematograph films in stock

Wrench & Son, p.xix  –  new high power ejector jet, optical lanterns and apparatus

A. Clarkson & Co., p.xx  –  Duplex regulator

F. Harvard, p.xx  –  Harvard's improved 'Cinematoscope'

Scotch & Irish Oxygen Co., p.xx  –  metallic bellows regulator

Parkinson's Condensed Gas Co., p.xxi  –  oxygen, cylinders and accessories

Lund, Humphries & Co. Ltd, p.xxi  –  'Practical photographer' magazine, bound volume

Charles E. Talbot, p.xxi  –  'Perfect' patent acetylene gas burner

F. Brown, p.xxi  –  Stedman-Brown automatic oxygen generator

Graystone Bird, p.xxii  –  artistic and beautiful lantern slides

Morley & Cooper, p.xxii  –  lanterns, slides and accessories

J.C. Stevens, p.xxii  –  auctions of lanterns, slides, photographic and scientific equipment

Scotch & Irish Oxygen Co., p.xxii  –  metallic bellows regulator

Frederick J. Stedman, p.xxii  –  lantern slide maker

Simpson Brothers, p.xxii  –  Simpson arc lamp for cinematographs, lanterns etc.

Dalton Manufacturing Co., p.xxii  –  Dalton cold lacquers

Sands, Hunter & Co., p.xxii  –  photographic apparatus and lanterns

E.G. Wood, p.xxiii  –  Wood's 'Special' jet

R.R. Beard, p.xxiii  –  Beard's regulators, pressure gauge, Gwyer's jets

Magic Lantern Journal Co. Ltd, p.xxiii  –  bound volumes of OMLJ for 1896

European Blair Camera Co., p.xxiii  –  'Hawkmoth' cameras, films for cinematograph pictures, 'Premier' dry plates

F.W. Hudlass, p.xxiii  –  pneumatic lantern slide carrier

Baxter & Wray, p.xxiv  –  'Perfection' cinematograph, 'B. & W.' cinematograph camera

Benetfink and Co. [2], p.xxv  –  magic lanterns and slides

J.S. Willway & Sons, p.xxv  –  'Pendant' saturator, Gwyer's patent gas jet

Riley Brothers, p.xxvi  –  largest lantern outfitters in the world

Magic Lantern Journal Co. Ltd, p.xxvii  –  OMLJ almanac and annual 1897-8, contents list

John Watson, p.xxviii  –  magic lanterns and lantern slides

Reynolds & Branson, p.xxviii  –  'Phoenix' focus-keeping arc lamp

Scotch & Irish Oxygen Co., p.xxviii  –  folding cylinder stand etc.

Riley Brothers, p.xxix  –  Riley's 'Kineoptoscope' cinematograph, films etc.

Robert H. Clark,  –  'Silver star' russian iron lantern, slides and accessories

W.C. Hughes, p.xxxi  –  'Pamphengos' lantern, 'Moto Photoscope' cinematograph, 'Moto Bijou' camera

F. Harvard, p.xxxii  –  films, cinematographs and accessories

Frederick J. Borland, p.xxxii  –  patent scissors arc lamps

Newton & Co., p.xxxii  –  'Demonstrator's' lantern, new lantern slide sets

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