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Text: Lectures for the magic lantern and pleasant readings for leisure hours (London: Millikin & Lawley, 1872)

Type of text
London, England: Millikin & Lawley, 1872
Main language(s)

Jack and the bean stalk, pp. 1-2

Old mother Hubbard, p. 2

Gulliver's travels to Lilliput, pp. 2-4

The old man and the ass, p. 4

Jack and the bean-stalk, p. 5

Hop-o'-my-Thumb and the seven league boots, p. 5

Cinderella and the glass slipper, pp. 5-6

William Cowper, John Gilpin, pp. 6-7

The death of Cock Robin, pp. 7-8

F.W.N. Bayley, Tale of a tub, p. 8

Puss in boots, pp. 8-9

Clara de Chatelain, Pussy's road to ruin, p. 9

Robinson Crusoe, pp. 9-10

Bluebeard, p. 10

Little Red Riding Hood, pp. 10-11

Jack the giant killer, p. 11

Whittington and his cat, pp. 11-12

Sindbad the sailor, pp. 12-13

Aladdin, or the wonderful lamp, p. 13

Ali Baba and the forty thieves, pp. 13-14

Grimalkin the great: or Harlequin the miller and the cat and the King of Hoky-Poky-Woky-Wum, pp. 14-15

William Shakespeare, The seven ages of man, p. 15

Popular lecture on astronomy, pp. 15-17

Natural phenomena, pp. 17-20

Natural history, pp. 20-23

Massa Tom: or the slave of Kentucky, p. 23

State carriages, pp. 23-24

Fiz!: or something about a bottle of Champagne, p. 24

Exmoor ponies: and wild horses of the prairie, p. 24

The Coup d'√Čtat: a short sketch of the exciting events enacted in Paris during the Revolution of 1851, pp. 24-25

The bottle and The drunkard's children, pp. 25-26

A trip to the east by the overland route, p. 26

A trip to the summit of Mont Blanc, pp. 26-27

Whale fishing and voyaging in the Arctic regions, pp. 27-28

Ireland and its scenery, pp. 28-29

Scotland and its scenery, pp. 29-30

China and the Chinese, pp. 30-32

Charles Dickens, A Christmas carol, pp. 32-33

The life of Our Saviour, pp. 33-35

The chief events mentioned in the Old Testament, pp. 35-36

Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress, pp. 36-37

Second part of The Pilgrim's progress: Christiana and her children, pp. 37-38

Travels in the Holy Land, pp. 38-40

Scenes from the life and journeys of St Paul, pp. 40-41

Missionary scenes in Africa, pp. 41-42

The life of Joseph, p. 42

Life of a missionary, pp. 42-43

The industrious and idle apprentices: from the original engravings of Hogarth, pp. 43-44

The seasons: or holy meditations on Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, p. 44

Christian martyrs, pp. 45-49

Underground life: or, mines and miners, pp. 49-51

A voyage up the Nile: and a visit to the Sphinx, Pyramids, and ancient temples of Egypt and Nubia, pp. 51-52

A visit to the ruins of Baalbec, pp. 52-53

Battle scenes and incidents of the war between France and Prussia, pp. 53-54

The heart and its inmates: or plain truths taught from pictures, pp. 54-55

Charles Mackay, A trip to the Rhine, pp. 55-56

The drunkard's progress, pp. 56-57

The seven ages of drink, p. 57

J.W. Kirton, Buy your own cherries, p. 58

Samuel Rogers, The misletoe bough, p. 58

Mother Tabbyskins, p. 59

The miller and the ass, pp. 59-60

Music's power: or the fiddler and the crocodile, p. 60

The best use of a penny, p. 60

Scripture texts and proverbs for the magic lantern, p. 60

Conjuring tricks for the magic lantern, p. 61

The burning of the 'Birkenhead', p. 61

H.M. turret ship 'Captain', p. 61

Fables for the magic lantern, p. 62

Conundrums for the magic lantern, p. 63

King Theodore and the war in Abyssinia, pp. 64-65

A visit to the public buildings and monuments of London, p. 65

Thomas Campbell, The soldier's dream, p. 65

Thomas Hood, The bridge of sighs, p. 66

Robert Burns, Tam o' Shanter, pp. 66-67

Adventures of Don Quixote, p. 67

A royal thanksgiving, p. 68

Beauty and the beast, Mother Goose, Jack the giant killer, and Tom Thumb, pp. 68-69

Professor Sambo's popular lectures, pp. 70-71

Poetical truths, p. 71


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