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Text: Readings in prose and verse: with supplementary lecture book containing lectures and readings for the magic lantern (London: Theobald & Co., n.d.)

Lantern reading compilation: Readings in prose and verse

Front cover

Type of text
up to 391 pages, paperback
width 5.5 inches (14 cm), height 8.25 inches (21 cm)
London, England: Theobald & Co., unknown
Main language(s)
Retail price at publication

This compilation appeared in numerous editions over a long period, with some reading titles added or removed from time to time and minor variations in the title and cover design. No edition is known with the entire content in one single binding, and there is some duplication of page numbers as titles were added and removed.

There is also evidence that slide dealers retailed editions of this compilation with their own names on the cover (e.g. the Walter Tyler version illustrated here). This is presumed to be a commercial arrangement between the two businesses, though there may be another explanation, including the takeover of Theobald's stock by Tyler after the former business was wound up.


Jack's treasure: the story of a London waif, pp. 2-5

Views of Palestine, pp. 5-6

Poor Tom: or a boy's struggle against temptation, pp. 6-9

Belle Belton and her bicycle adventure, pp. 10-11

Robinson Crusoe: first series, pp. 11-13

The artist and the musician, pp. 12-13

Bicycle experiences of Tony Tompkins, pp. 14-15

Fun's edition of the poets, pp. 14-15

Thomas Ingoldsby, The jackdaw of Rheims, pp. 16-19

Sinbad the sailor, pp. 20-24

Natural history: second series, pp. 25-26

The Pilgrim's progress, pp. 27-30

The Arctic expedition of 1875-6, pp. 31-33

Continental views, pp. 34-35

Gulliver's travels to Liliput, pp. 36-38

The overland route to India, pp. 39-43

The elephant's revenge: or, the new Jumbo in Africa, pp. 44-45

William Cowper, The diverting history of John Gilpin, pp. 46-49

Dick Whittington, pp. 50-51

Bluebeard, pp. 52-54

The tiger and the tub, pp. 55-56

The emigrant's voyage, pp. 57-60

Aladdin: or the wonderful lamp, pp. 61-64

The life of Joseph, pp. 65-67

The life of Christ: first series, pp. 68-69

Jack the giant killer, pp. 68-70

The life of Christ: second series, pp. 71-74

Palestine, pp. 75-78

The heroes of the lifeboat, pp. 79-86

The heroes of the Victoria Cross, pp. 87-90

Old London and our ancestors, pp. 91-94

Robinson Crusoe: second series, pp. 95-99

Mischievous Tommy: or, a boy's troubles, pp. 100-103

Canadian life: past and present, pp. 104-106

Scenes in the Arctic regions, pp. 107-109

Cash Three, pp. 110-113

Rose Hartwick Thorpe, Curfew must not ring tonight, pp. 114-115

Natural phenomena, pp. 116-119

The Swiss family Robinson, pp. 120-121

The dogs and monks of St Bernard, pp. 122-123

Reuben Davidger: or, captured by Malay pirates, pp. 124-126

Bob the fireman: or, life in the red brigade, pp. 126-129

Pompey's joys and sorrows: a comical nigger story, pp. 130-133

Mother Hubbard, p. 133

Don Quixote, pp. 134-135

The Holy Land, pp. 136-137

The stations of the Cross, p. 138

The precocious pigs, pp. 139-141

Life in Africa, pp. 141-143

The phantom ship, pp. 144-145

Puss in boots, pp. 146-147

The story of Little Muck, pp. 148-151

The caliph stork, pp. 152-154

The house that Jack built, pp. 154-155

Jacky Marlingspike, pp. 156-157

Punch and Judy, pp. 158-159

The dwarf Long Nose, pp. 160-162

Jeremi, p. 162

Caroline Norton, Bingen on the Rhine, pp. 163-164

The educated cats, pp. 165-166

Clara de Chatelain, Pussy's road to ruin, pp. 167-168

The pilot's story, pp. 168-170

On the brink: a tale of Monte Carlo, pp. 171-173

Scenes from Pickwick, etc., pp. 174-175

The land of the pigtail, pp. 176-177

Cinderella, pp. 178-180

Santa Claus and his visits on Christmas Eve, pp. 180-182

Ali Baba: or, the forty thieves, pp. 183-186

Red Riding Hood, pp. 187-188

Jerome K. Jerome, Utopia, pp. 189-191

Romeo and Juliet, pp. 192-195

Natural history, pp. 196-198

Pilgrim's progress, pp. 199-201

Aladdin: new series, pp. 202-204

Nellie's prayer, pp. 205-206

Sinbad the sailor, pp. 207-210

Modern London views, pp. 211-212

The charge of the Light Brigade, and life with the colours, pp. 213-214

The overland route to India: new series, pp. 215-216

Life on board an ocean palace, pp. 217-218

Adventures with wild beasts, pp. 219-220

Scenes from the New Testament, pp. 221-222

The village blacksmith, pp. 223-224

How Cissie saved her father, pp. 225-228

Celebrated places of the world, pp. 229-230

Rain while you wait, pp. 231-232

The history of a chicken, pp. 231-232

Settlers life among the Indians: a series of pictures depicting episodes in the lives of the early settlers in America, pp. 233-235

Pictures from the Old Testament, pp. 236-237

The Arctic Circle, pp. 238-239

Reynard the fox: first series, pp. 240-241

Discovery of America by Columbus, pp. 242-243

Western pioneers and Indian warfare, pp. 244-246

The calculating cobbler, pp. 247-248

The prodigal son, pp. 249-250

Comic characters, p. 251

Jack and the bean stalk, pp. 252-253

Life in the Soudan, pp. 254-255

Beauty and the beast, pp. 256-257

Paul and Virginia, pp. 258-259

Reynard the fox: second series, pp. 260-261

The children in the wood, pp. 262-264

How Jane Conquest rang the bell, pp. 265-266

The slaves of drink, pp. 267-269

Dickens' Christmas carol, pp. 270-272

The wicked parents, p. 274

The snow white princess, p. 275

The hare and the hedgehog, p. 276

Mrs Wolf and seven little goats, p. 277

Jack the giant killer, pp. 278-279

St George and the dragon, pp. 280-281

The miracles of Christ, pp. 282-284

The valorous little tailor, pp. 285-286

Little Red Cap, pp. 286-287

Brother and sister and the fairy gazelle, pp. 288-289

Little Tom Thumb, p. 289

On the banks of the Nile, pp. 290-291

Incidents in the life of David, pp. 292-293

Jessie's dream: or the relief of Lucknow, pp. 294-295

Handy Andy, pp. 296-297

Celebrated castles, palaces, etc., pp. 299-300

The fine art gallery, pp. 301-303

The three bears, pp. 304-305

Tom Thumb and his six brothers, pp. 306-308

The life of Luther, pp. 309-311

Views in Switzerland, pp. 312-313

Naughty Norman: or the boy who would not be photographed, pp. 314-315

Robinson Crusoe: third series, pp. 316-318

The two drunkards, pp. 319-321

Views of modern London: second series, pp. 322-323

Views of the Bavarian king's castles: and other celebrated scenes, pp. 324-325

The Old Testament: series no. 3, pp. 326-327

Old Testament: series no. 4, pp. 328-329

The life of Moses, pp. 330-331

Old Testament: series no. 6, pp. 332-333

New Testament: series no. 2, pp. 334-335

New Testament: series no. 3, pp. 336-337

New Testament: series no. 4, pp. 338-339

Natural history -- reptiles: series no. 1, pp. 340-341

Natural history -- reptiles: series no. 2, pp. 342-343

Natural history -- birds: series no. 1, pp. 344-345

Natural history -- birds: series no. 2, p. 346

Effects slides: series no. 1, p. 347

Effects slides: series no. 2, pp. 348-349

Effects slides: series no. 3, pp. 350-351

Celebrated castles, palaces, etc.: series no. 2, pp. 352-353

Celebrated castles, palaces, etc.: series no. 3, pp. 354-355

The crocodile, the elephant, and the monkeys, p. 356

The sailor and the donkey, p. 357

The baker and the tarred fence, pp. 358-359

Loved unto death: first series, pp. 360-362

Loved unto death: second series, pp. 363-364

Peter the fisherman: first series, pp. 365-366

Peter the fisherman: second series, pp. 367-368

Picturesque Ireland, pp. 369-370

The rival bill posters, p. 371

A lively snowball, pp. 373-374

The doctor's boy and the whitewashers, pp. 375-376

Bonnie Scotland, pp. 377-379

American views: series 5, pp. 380-381

American views: series 5a, pp. 382-383

American views: series 5b, pp. 384-385

American views: series 5c, pp. 386-387

Airships and aeroplanes, pp. 388-391


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