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This search is for general types of slide, based mainly on their physical construction. Its main aim is to help an understanding of the types of slide that were made, their mechanisms and the purposes they were used for.

To find and identify specific slides, rather than these general types, it will be better to search for individual slides or search for sets of slides.

Hints for successful searching

  • Only one search criterion is available to find slide types – a sequence of characters forming any part of the slide type name. If your search returns no results, check your search criterion – you may have mis-typed something.
  • You can also browse the list of all the slide types and sub-types and click the one you want to find.
  • It will help if you have some idea of the different slide designs and uses. The best starting point for this is still John Barnes’ 1990 article on slide classification. Where relevant, extracts from this and other reference sources are linked from the individual slide type records.
  • For information about how to use the criteria click the adjacent  Example of button offering online help  button.
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