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Slide set: Christie's old organ: home, sweet home (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 47-60 slides, 1892)

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Slide 1**
Slide 2
Old Treffy loved his barrel-organ; it was the one comfort of his life
Slide 3***
A little crowd of children gathered round him, but they did not seem to care for 'Home, Sweet Home'
Slide 3a*

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Slide 4***
A kind-hearted farmer's wife took pity on the trembling old man and gave him a penny
Slide 5
But there was one who was listening to the old organ of whom Old Treffy knew nothing
Slide 5a*

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Slide 6**
Christie went down stairs and lay down on his hard bench again
Slide 6a*

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Slide 6b*

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Slide 7
Christie crept to his side and took hold of his hand
Slide 8**
He helped him into his little bed, 'Are you better, Master Treffy?' he asked
Slide 9**
Old Treffy gave him a seat near his tiny fire whilst he played the dear old organ
Slide 10
He was almost fainting when he reached the attic, and Christie was ready to receive him
Slide 11**
Next day he was too weak and feeble to go out, and Christie got him all he wanted
Slide 12***
Stooping by the pump, Christie splashed the water upon his face and neck
Slide 13**
'Give us a tune, Christie; play away, Christie,' they all cried
Slide 14**
And Christie began to play 'Home, Sweet Home'
Slide 15***
Old Treffy examined the organ most carefully and tenderly
Slide 16**
Christie began to play, and two merry little faces appeared at a window at the top of the house
Slide 17**
And the snowdrops were given to Christie
Slide 18
He heard their voices calling after him, 'Come again another day, Christie, come again soon, Christie'
Slide 19**
Christie began to be afraid Old Treffy was getting worse and worse
Slide 20**
'Well, my boy, what do you want?' said the doctor
Slide 20a*

no image available
Slide 21**
'Oh,' said the doctor, 'you may keep your money, boy, I won't take your last penny'
Slide 21a*

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Slide 22**
'He said you had only another month, Master Treffy,' sobbed Christie
Slide 22a*

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Slide 23**
Mabel and Charlie ran into the garden and stood before him as he played
Slide 24**
Little Mabel took hold of the handle of the organ, and very slowly and carefully she turned it
Slide 25**
'Don't you love Jesus, Christie?' said Mabel, with a grave sorrowful face
Slide 26**
As he was sitting there, two women met each other just in front of him
Slide 27**
'Master Treffy,' said Christie, 'if you don't love Jesus you can't go to Heaven'
Slide 28***
'The thunder seems like God's voice, and I am afraid of Him,' said Treffy
Slide 28a*
Christie rose early. He could see that Treffy had not forgotten his dream
Slide 29
The Mission-room was only just open when Christie arrived
Slide 30**
Christie never took his eyes off him during the whole service
Slide 30a*

no image available
Slide 31
Christie sat down, very sad and sorrowful, 'There's no sin allowed inside the gates,' he said
Slide 32**
The Mission-room was very still when the minister gave out his text
Slide 33**
The Clergyman asked Christie several questions about the sermon
Slide 34**
'Oh, Master Treffy!' said Christie, I've had such a time, and the Clergyman is coming to see you
Slide 34a*

no image available
Slide 35**
Little Mabel and her mother were coming down the steps when Christie arrived
Slide 36**
When Christie entered the attic, the clergyman was sitting beside Old Treffy
Slide 36a*

no image available
Slide 37***
'Please, sir,' said Christie, 'would you like a few of them?'
Slide 38***
The lady sat down beside Treffy, and they talked together of Jesus
Slide 39**
'Christie, boy,' said Treffy, 'You wouldn't keep me outside the gate, would you?'
Slide 40**
'Play again, Christie, boy,' said the old man, and Christie played 'Home, sweet Home'
Slide 40a*
(Effect) Vision of gates of heaven
Slide 41***
Christie turned the handle of the organ, hoping that someone would look out and speak to him
Slide 41a*

no image available
Slide 42**
Christie lay quite still under the wall with the organ beside him
Slide 43**
Christie crawled to a bench in the far corner of the room and fell asleep
Slide 44**
At length the clergyman came to see him, 'Oh, I am so glad to see you,' said Christie
Slide 45***
Christie thought of Old Treffy, as he entered the court as a Scripture Reader many years after
Slide 46*
She had not met Christie in that attic since the days when they were both children
Slide 47***
'At last I have a 'Home, sweet Home' of my own, we are so happy together'
** there are alternative versions or views of this slide
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Catalogue of lanterns, slides and accessories (London: J.W. Butcher, c.1913), 231-232
Lantern slide catalogue (London: Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, c.1926), 47-49
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11 May 1892
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