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Slide set: The dying Saviour and the gipsy girl (service of song: Bamforth & Co., 29-34 slides, 1894)

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Slide 1
An artist was standing before an easel in a quaint old studio
Slide 2
'What does that picture mean, Seignor?' asked the gipsy girl
Slide 3 *
'I am anxious to catch the sunlight on those raven tresses,' he continued
Slide 4
The girl's face grew darker, and she answered 'I never pray to anyone'
Slide 5
'You are a very good sitter, but do you always look so melancholy?'
Slide 6 *
He shall never have it -- NEVER I hate him. I loathe him
Slide 7
She often sat in the tent, brooding over her wrongs
Slide 8
'Yes, to be sure' replied the artist, looking up in surprise
Slide 9 *
'Heaven is where God dwells, and the angels, up there'
Slide 8 (rpt)
'We are all sinners, and have done wicked things, everybody has'
Slide 10
Gitana stood thoughtfully watching his movements
Slide 11
'Now, Seignor, tell me who this Man is, and why He is dying a cruel death'
Slide 12
If He was so good to the people, how came He to die, and be nailed to that wood?
Slide 13
He said that whosoever only believed in Jesus should not perish
Slide 12 (rpt)
How could He like to be nailed there with those sharp prickles round his forehead?
Slide 14 *
He was despised and rejected
Slide 15
How can you help loving Him, if you know that He died for you?
Slide 16
'Can you look at that picture and see the patient dying Man as He hangs there?
Slide 17
She clasped her hands above her head, exclaiming, 'Oh my sins, who will save me?'
Slide 18 *
She crouched down, and hid her tears with the gay silken scarf
Slide 19
'Don't weep, Gitana, I will ask the student if there is not room in heaven for you'
Slide 20
The student took much interest in Sternberg's account of the gipsy
Slide 21
He now had found Jesus, and believed in Him to the saving of his soul
Slide 22
As he kneels before the picture he often stops to wipe away his tears
Slide 23
They passed their jokes on most of the paintings
Slide 24
The painter's eye observed him keenly; his ear caught a sigh
Slide 25
As he drew near, he saw that she was weeping
Slide 26
Gitana lifted her head hastily, and tried to speak
Slide 27
'Oh, Seignor, I saw that dying face again, and He seemed to speak to me'
Slide 28
During his reading, she smiled at the assurance of pardon
Slide 29
'Farewell, farewell, Gitana, for the last time until we meet in heaven'
Slide 30
The gipsy king is seated by Gitana's bed of dried leaves
Slide 31
'Why are you so glad to die, Gitana, the flower of our tribe?'
Slide 32
'My Saviour loves me better than even you do, and I shall be with Him for ever'
Slide 33**
(Effect) 'He is here now, I feel His presence'
Slide 34

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** there are alternative versions or views of this slide
Catalogue of optical lantern slides (Bradford: Riley Brothers, 1905), 149
Descriptive catalogue of lantern slides: available for hire or purchase (London: Walter Tyler, 1909), 452

“A Service of Song, by Henry Jackson. From Mrs Hall's beautiful story bearing the above title, by kind permission of the publishers, Messrs Hodder & Stoughton, 27, Paternoster Square.”

Lantern slide catalogue (Glasgow: J. Lizars, 1909), 74
Catalogue of lanterns, slides and accessories (London: J.W. Butcher, c.1913), 236-237
Lantern and slide catalogue 1913-14 (London: Church Army, 1913), 158

“How an artist, M. Sternberg, and a beautiful gipsy girl both found the peace they had sought for in vain before -- led by a picture of Christ. M. Sternberg afterwards painted the celebrated picture of our Lord which changed Zinzindorf from a gay young officer to a great religious leader.”

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23 August 1894
1 September 1894
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