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Slide set: [Manchester Museum Collection: mythical beasts] (lecture: privately made, 59 slides, n.d.)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
A Jenny Haniver dragon
The Brahminy kite, Haliastur indus
Chinese dragon. From the Imperial flag of the Manchus
[Heron standing on tree branch]
Aepyornis maximus, the giant extinct bird that probably inspired the legend of the rukh
De Montfort's 'poulpe colossal'
[Phoenix rising from flames]
[Unidentified mythical beast holding snakes]
A two-legged winged dragon
The kraken, as seen by the eye of imagination
Hydrarchos sillimani, as exhibited in 1845 by Dr Albert Koch
Monodon monoceros, skull and tusk
[Unicorn standing in enclosure]
Licorne de Mer / Narwal
[Men in whaling boats hunting sea creature with single horn]
A dugong suckling its young
Lee's Japanese mermaid
Group of five unicorns
The Amboina mermaid
[Three views of unicorns]
Indian Rhinoceros No. 3
[Image of coin showing mermaid and merman]
The animal seen from the yacht Valhalla, December 7th 1905
Oudemans' composite sea serpent
The sea serpent, on the plesiosaur hypothesis favoured by Philip Gosse
[Group of dolphins swimming in sea]
Tasmanian Wolf No. 2
[Engraving of unidentified animal]
Sea monk and sea bishop
The Gryphon
Alleged fight between a sea serpent and a sperm whale. seen from the barque Pauline, July 8th 1875
The animal of Stronsa
The sea serpent seen by Hans Egede, July 6th 1734
Monodon monoceros, Narwhal
[Skull of unidentified ape-like animal]
[Sketch of unidentified ape-like animal]
[Image of coin showing mermaid]
[Snowy mountain landscape with upright humanoid figure]
[Mermaid holding two fish]
The Rukh, from a Persian drawing
[Hercules fighting the Hydra]
Slide 6831
Arabian Oryx (Beatrix), Oryx leucoryx
[Statuette of unidentified animal with single horn]
[Merman blowing into sea shell horn]
[Wild cat]
[Pair of antelopes in savannah landscape]
The common seal, Phoca vitulina, in a mermaid-like pose
[Cartoon of men on beach pointing at sea monster]
The Loch Ness monster, as reported by Mr and Mrs Spicer
[Diagrams of footprints of large animal]
[Hand holding cap, ice axe next to footprint in snow]
[Giant squid and hull of boat]
[Miss M. Courtenay-Latimer and sketch and images of coelocanth]
Flying lizard
The sea serpent when first seen from H.M.S. Daedalus, August 6th 1848
[Body and skeleton of unidentified fish]
A typical sixteenth century sea serpent
[Eel among rocks on sea bed]

see also [Manchester Museum Collection: Loch Ness Monster] (lecture: privately made, 56 slides, in/after 1961)

People involved in slide production

M√úTZEL, Gustav  (1839-1893) – creator of source image(s), slide [27]

TENNIEL, Sir John  (1820-1914) – creator of source image(s), slide [30]


The mounting and binding style of most of these slides is similar to that in the Loch Ness Monster set (Lucerna 3010578), and this set may have formed a companion lecture to that one. Several slides from that set were found in the same box with these, which could indicate that this lecture included items from the Loch Ness lecture.

This set includes a number of slides from other parts of the Manchester Museum collection, which are probably included to illustrate real animals on which some of the myths are possibly based. The slides are shown here in the order in which they were found in the Manchester Museum collection, which may or may not correspond to the order of the original lecture.


59 slides in Manchester Museum Collection

3 slides in Marshall Collection

1 slide in Owens College Collection

59 slides known to exist in private collection

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