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Slide set: From Baghdad to Palestine (lecture: privately made, 96-109 slides, 1920s)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
[Map of route from Baghdad to Palestine]
Slide 1
The River Tigris at Bagdad showing Maude Bridge
Slide 1a
Slide 1b
Slide 2
The Mail Car leaving G.P.O., Bagdad, en route for Haifa, Palestine
Slide 3
First halt in desert. Ahmed, ex-Shah of Persia and retinue
Slide 4
On the desert trail. Note Armoured Car Escort for ex-Shah
Slide 5
On the desert trail
Slide 6
On the desert trail
Slide 7
On the desert trail
Slide 8
Pioneers of Trans-Desert Route. Jerry, one of the two brothers Nairn (two hands in pockets)
Slide 9
Damascus. French Troops en fete for the Shah
Slide 10
Damascus. Algerian Rifles
Slide 10a
Rutbah Wells Fort and Khan
Slide 10b
Overland Bus
Slide 11
Country between Beyrout and Haifa (quite near Tyre and Sidon)
Slide 12a
Load of Cotton
Slide 12
En route between Beyrout and Haifa. The normal country transport
Slide 13
An Aqueduct near Acre
Slide 15078
Slide 14
Slide 15
Mount Carmel
Slide 16
Sea from Top of Mount Carmel
Slide 17
The Valley of Rephaim, quite near Jerusalem
Slide 18
Looking down to the Pool of Siloam from the 'Dung Gate' of the City of Jerusalem
Slide 19
Lower slopes of Mount Olivet (Gethsemane in centre foreground)
Slide 20
Lower slopes of Mount Olivet
Slide 20a
The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
Slide 21
The City Wall outside 'the Dung Gate'
Slide 22
The Golden Gate from the inside of the Temple Area
Slide 23
Gathering Olives in the Valley of Hinnom
Slide 24
Jerusalem, General View
Slide 24a
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Slide 24b
Hill of Skull
Slide 24c
Garden Tomb
Slide 25
The present day Pool of Siloam. Native women drawing water
Slide 26
Jerusalem from half-way up Mount Olives
Slide 27
Mosque of Omar, on Mount Moriah
Slide 28
Steep ascent to City Walls from the S.E.
Slide 29
Absalom's Pillar in the Valley of the Kidron
Slide 30
St James's Tomb and Zechariah's Tomb in the Valley of the Kidron
Slide 31
The Jews' Wailing Place (Outside the wall of the Temple Area)
Slide 32
Part of Temple Area. Antonia's Palace on right
Slide 33

no image available
Slide 34
St Stephen's Gateway
Slide 35
Slide 36
David's Well at Bethlehem
Slide 37
Slide 38
Traditional site of Habitation of Martha and Mary in Bethany
Slide 39
Lazarus' Tomb
Slide 40
On the road to Jericho looking back to Bethany
Slide 41
The 'Good Samaritan's Inn'. Much battered by gunfire
Slide 42
Behind Good Samaritan's Inn showing intervening country back to Jerusalem
Slide 43
View of modern Jericho in the Plain of Jordan
Slide 44
Hill of Temptation. Greek Monastery in the Hill-side
Slide 45
Excavations on site of Ancient Jericho
Slide 46
Reservoir beside Old (Joshua's) Jericho
Slide 47
Elisha's fountain by Old Jericho
Slide 48
Gorge of the Brook Cherith
Slide 48c
St George's Monastery in the Gorge of the Brook Cherith
Slide 49
Looking towards the Dead Sea from Ancient Jericho
Slide 50
River Jordan (towards source)
Slide 51
River Jordan (towards Dead Sea)
Slide 52
The Dead Sea
Slide 52a
Floating on Dead Sea
Slide 53
Vale of Schechem
Slide 54
Jacob's Well at Sychar
Slide 55
Nazareth from East side
Slide 56
Well at Nazareth
Slide 57
Cattle drinking at well at Nazareth
Slide 58
Cana of Galilee (approaching from Nazareth)
Slide 59
Well at Cana
Slide 60
Tiberias. Sea of Galilee in background
Slide 61
View of Tiberias from Dr Christie's verandah
Slide 62
Sea of Tiberias (or Galilee) from Dr Christie's
Slide 63
Restored ruins of the Synagogue at Capernaum
Slide 64
Bethsaida on the shores of the S. of Galilee
Slide 65
Upper reaches of the Jordan. Passing over into French Mandated territory and the land of the Jebel Druse
Slide 66
Entering Damascus from the South. Valley of River Pharpar
Slide 67
The Pharpar River. Part of
Slide 68
Damascus. Main Square
Slide 69
Damascus. Thoroughfare leading to Mosque Omayad
Slide 70
Damascus. Entrance to Mosque Omayad
Slide 71
Damascus. The street called 'Straight'
Slide 72
Damascus. The house with open gate is known as that of Ananias
Slide 73

no image available
Slide 74
Baalbek. Looking up Temple from hexagonal Court
Slide 75
Baalbek. Right hand corner of propylea adjoining entrance to hexagonal court
Slide 76
Baalbek. Northern wall of Great Court
Slide 77
Baalbek. Great Altar of Sacrifice
Slide 78
Baalbek. Six pillars of the Temple of Jupiter
Slide 79
Baalbek. Near view of the sculpture crowning the pillars of Jupiter's Temple
Slide 80
Baalbek. The Great Stone hewn in Baalbec quarries ready for inclusion in the Temple buildings
Slide 81
Baalbek. Byzantine sculpture on Bath in West Court of the Great Altar of Sacrifice
Slide 82
Baalbek. View interior of Temple of Bacchus
Slide 83
Baalbek. Corner of Temple of Bacchus
Slide 84
Baalbek. Corner of Bacchus' Temple from above showing roof of terrace
Slide 85
Smyrna. Day breaking over burnt out warehouse
Slide 86
Smyrna. Quayside ruins
Slide 87
Smyrna. Loading cotton on ship
Slide 88
Smyrna. The Turkish Navy in 1924
Slide 89
Athens. The Acropolis. The Parthenon
Slide 90
Athens. Entrance to propylea of the Acropolis
Slide 91
Athens. View of City from Acropolis showing hill of Penticlon
Slide 92
Athens. Hill of the Areopagus (left foreground)
Slide 93
Athens. Near view of the hill of the Areopagus (Mars hill)
Slide 94
Athens. Temple of Jupiter in the City
Slide 95
Athens. Theatre of Dionysus
Slide 96
Athens. Propylea to Acropolis from Temple of Minaur

From Baghdad to Palestine (lantern lecture, Northiam, Sussex (East), England, 2 March 1934)

People involved in slide production

PARKER, Major G.H., F.R.G.S., M.C.  (1883- after 1957) – photographer, slides [0], 1, 1a, 1b, 2-10, 10a, 10b, 11-12, 12a-20, 20a, 21-24, 24a, 24b, 24c, 25-48, 48c, 49-52, 52a, 53-96


The slide titles and order are taken from Parker's handwritten lecture notes, also in the collection of the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon. Eleven of the slides (numbers 74-84 as listed here) are also used in Parker's lecture set [Petra, Palmyra and Baalbek] (Lucerna ID 3009460).

The rear view of Slide 10a shows that the image is photographed from an article 'Pioneers of the Syrian desert: the Damascus-Baghdad mail celebrates its tenth anniversary' by Dorothy Mackay -- the bus service (according to Parker's lecture notes) was inaugurated in October 1923. This suggests that the additional slides with suffix letters were added to the set in about 1933.

Slide 13a is a commercially-produced slide, presumably added to illustrate an important location in Parker's lecture narrative for which he did not have a photograph of his own.

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