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Slide set: [Astronomy Sonnenborgh - box 11] (lecture: manufacturer unknown, 50 slides, in/after 1900)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Slide 439
Spiraalnevel M 74 Piscium
Slide 440
Orionnevel Centraal gedeelte
Slide 441
Dubbele nevel H II 28/29 Leonis
Slide 442
Krabnevel in Taurus
Slide 443
Leidse Sterrewacht
Slide 444
Komeet Brooks in 5 delen
Slide 445
Sterrenhoop M 5 Librae
Slide 446
Sterrenhoop M 11, sterke vergroting
Slide 447
Nevels bij de pool van de Melkweg
Slide 448
Slide 449
Portret van Hoek
Slide 450
Portret van Kaiser
Slide 451
Portret van Oudemans
Slide 452
Portret van Hennert
Slide 453
Portret van Zacharias Jansen
Slide 454
Portret van Lipperhey
Slide 455
Maan, foto Ritchey
Slide 456
Maan, Omgeving van 'Tycho'
Slide 457
Maan, Kraters Clavius, Longomontanus, Tycho
Slide 458
Maan, Mare Nubium
Slide 459
Maan, Krater Theophilus
Slide 460
Maan, Krater Copernicus
Slide 461
Maan, Mare Stern. Mare Tranquillitatis
Slide 462
De pleiaden, foto Ritchey
Slide 463
Spiraalnevel Hv l Ceti
Slide 464
Spiraalnevel M 88 Comae
Slide 465
Spiraalnevel M 101 Ursae
Slide 466
Dubbele nevel H II 751/52 Boötis
Slide 467
Nevel H I 197/98 Canum
Slide 468
Driesprongnevel M 20 Sagittari
Slide 469
Model Mt. Wilson 100'' [inch] reflector
Slide 470
Portret W. Struve
Slide 471
Portret O. Struve
Slide 472
Portret Schiaparelli
Slide 473
Baan van Sirius
Slide 474
Baan van 61 Cygni
Slide 475
Baan van 70 Ophiuchi
Slide 476
Apioid van Poincaré
Slide 477
Slide 478
Dierenriem op armband
Slide 479
Het stelsel ε [Epsilon] Lyrae
Slide 480
12 Dubbelsterren
Slide 481
τ [Tau] Ophiuchi
Slide 482
42 Comae Berenices
Slide 483
ξ [Ksi or Xi] Ursae Majoris
Slide 484
γ [Gamma] Virginis
Slide 485
Alpha Centauri
Slide 486
κ [Kappa] Pegasi
Slide 487
δ [Delta] Equulei
Slide 488
γ [Gamma] Andromedae

continued from [Astronomy Sonnenborgh - Box 10] (lecture: manufacturer unknown, 50 slides, in/after 1911)

continued by [Astronomy Sonnenborgh - Box 12] (lecture: manufacturer unknown, 51 slides, 1910-1930)


Slides from the collection of Utrecht University Museum / Museum Sonnenburg. These slides were used in teaching astrophysics at Utrecht University. This box contains, among others, portraits of astronomers, different parts of the moon and starclouds located in other solar systems.

Slide numbering:  Same slidenumbers 439-469 in Sonnenborgh box 09 and box 11


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