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Slide set: [Rowden Collection: series 'Z'] (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 195 slides, 1924-1941)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Slide Z.45
River Dart, near Buckfast
Slide Z.55
Young Tree-Creeper
Slide Z.59
Young Woodlarks in nest
Slide Z.60
Sunset behind Fir, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.61
Exeter Camera Club group, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.62
Nest of Blackbird
Slide Z.63
Arthur photographing Nest -- Mistle Thrush
Slide Z.64
Arthur climbing tree
Slide Z.65
Prostrate Beech, upper part, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.66
Prostrate Beech, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.68
Site of Wild Bees' Hive
Slide Z.73
Arthur and Magpie Nest
Slide Z.74
Young Tree Creeper
Slide Z.77
Young Lesser Whitethroat
Slide Z.79
Nesting site of Tree-Creeper in brushwood sides of shelter
Slide Z.80
Young Willow Warbler
Slide Z.86
Long-tailed Tit and Nest in furze bush
Slide Z.89
Site of Crow's Nest
Slide Z.117
Rain clouds over Sussex Weald from Ditchling Beacon
Slide Z.118
Stanmer, Sussex
Slide Z.119
Stanmer Church and Pond, Sussex
Slide Z.121
Fungus on birch, Daedalea confragosa
Slide Z.122
Fungus -- Dalainia?
Slide Z.123
Dead Mole
Slide Z.133
Bacteria left by fly after crossing strerile gelatine plate
Slide Z.176
Grey Squirrel
Slide Z.176
Wood Mushroom (Agaricus sylvaticus)
Slide Z.177
Jew's Ear Fungus (Hirneola auricula-judae)
Slide Z.179
Fungus -- Inocybe?
Slide Z.180
Nest of Long-tailed Tit, partially built
Slide Z.181
Hypholoma fasciculare -- Common Toadstool
Slide Z.183
Slide Z.189
Lesser Celandine, Ranunculus Ficaria
Slide Z.190
Nest of Dormouse
Slide Z.191
Dormouse as curled up in nest during hibernation
Slide Z.192
Dormouse uncurling
Slide Z.193
Slide Z.194
Slide Z.195
Cherry blossom
Slide Z.196
Stoke Woods from Pynes
Slide Z.200
Appledore from 'Larina'
Slide Z.202
Lundy, Gannet Rock (high water)
Slide Z.206
Lundy, Rat Island etc.
Slide Z.208
Lundy, West Coast
Slide Z.209
Lundy, St James' Stone, West Coast
Slide Z.210
Lundy, North-West Coast -- Black-backed Gull, Razorbills
Slide Z.213
Lundy, Kittiwakes on cliff
Slide Z.215
Lundy, Kittiwakes
Slide Z.219
Lundy, Kittiwakes
Slide Z.220
Lundy -- Constable Rock
Slide Z.234
Old Man's Cave, Lundy
Slide Z.236
Old Man's Cave or Devil's Kitchen, Lundy
Slide Z.239
Group at Lundy
Slide Z.240
Larva, Garden Tiger
Slide Z.263
Sand Martins' Nests
Slide Z.267
Lydford Waterfall
Slide Z.268
In Lydford Gorge, 1926
Slide Z.278
Tipula, Daddy Longlegs
Slide Z.283
Scolytus destructor borings, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.298
Nest of Meadow Pipit
Slide Z.299
M. pointing to Nest of Meadow Pipit
Slide Z.316
Solomon's Seal
Slide Z.323
Wren's Nest
Slide Z.324
Robin's Nest and Eggs
Slide Z.328
Long-tailed Tit at Nest
Slide Z.329
Long-tailed Tit feeding young in nest
Slide Z.331
Long-tailed Tit
Slide Z.341
Boletus subtomentosus
Slide Z.359
Newt (floating)
Slide Z.360
Newt, female
Slide Z.363
Swans changing guard
Slide Z.364
Female Swan, Cowley
Slide Z.365
Swan's Nest, Cowley
Slide Z.367
Swans and Nest, Cowley
Slide Z.368
Male Swan ruffling
Slide Z.370
Orange-Tip Butterfly
Slide Z.382
Coot's Nest in Reeds, Beesands
Slide Z.385
Linnet's Nest in furze, Beesands
Slide Z.390
Nest of Yellow Hammer
Slide Z.394
Female Swan on Nest, Slapton
Slide Z.395
Swan's Nest, Slapton Ley
Slide Z.396
Swans at Slapton
Slide Z.402
Bramble blossom
Slide Z.407
Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor
Slide Z.411
View from Hemsworthy Gate, Dartmoor
Slide Z.419
Red Sandstone Rock, Ladram Bay, near Sidmouth, Devon
Slide Z.419
Rock at Ladram Bay
Slide Z.434
Weston Mouth Cliff and goat
Slide Z.437
River Lyd, Lower Bridge
Slide Z.438
River Lyd and Widgery's Tor, Dartmoor
Slide Z.441
Grimspound, Main entrance
Slide Z.443
Grimspound from Hamildown Hill
Slide Z.450
Ducks, Oxton Pond
Slide Z.452
Dolmen at Drewsteignton
Slide Z.453
Peat-cutter's cart, Dartmoor
Slide Z.459
Angle Shades Moth, resting position
Slide Z.460
Amanita muscaria -- Fly Agaric
Slide Z.463
Snowdrops in Orchard
Slide Z.465
Slide Z.467
Squirrel's Drey
Slide Z.468
Picking Daffodils at Dunsford
Slide Z.470
Slide Z.471
Wood Ants (Formica rufa)
Slide Z.481
Herring Gulls, St Ives
Slide Z.482
Herring Gulls, St Ives
Slide Z.488
Rocks, Hartland Quay
Slide Z.496
Clitocybe odora
Slide Z.498
Hypholoma fasciculare
Slide Z.499
Lycoperdon gemmatum -- Puff-Ball
Slide Z.500
View from Stoke Woods, River in flood
Slide Z.501
Starlings Roost -- Birds perched
Slide Z.502
Starlings Roost -- Early arrivals
Slide Z.503
Starlings Roost -- Bare Trees
Slide Z.504
Starlings Roost 'Fan' Manoevre
Slide Z.505
Starlings Roost -- 'Like foliage'
Slide Z.506
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Flocks arriving
Slide Z.507
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Flocks coming in
Slide Z.508
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Flocks arriving
Slide Z.509
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Pitching into roost
Slide Z.510
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Pitching into roost
Slide Z.511
Starlings Roost, Gittisham -- Big flock
Slide Z.512
Starling Roost, Gittisham
Slide Z.513
Starling Roost, Gittisham
Slide Z.514
Starling Roost, Gittisham
Slide Z.517
Slide Z.518
Swans, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.519
Swannery, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.520
Swan, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.521
Swans, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.523
Swans, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.524
Swans, Nest building, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.525
Swan and Eggs, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.526
Swannery, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.527
Swans, Abbotsbury
Slide Z.531
Slide Z.532
Nightingale Nest and Eggs
Slide Z.534
Site of Nightingale N.
Slide Z.535
Whitethroat Nest
Slide Z.537
Wood warbler, Nest and eggs, Ashclyst
Slide Z.541
Blackcap's Nest, Woodbury Common
Slide Z.542
Blue Tit at Nest, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.543
Blue Tit's Nest, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.545
Nightingale Nest and Young
Slide Z.546
Dunnock's Nest and Eggs, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.548
Wood Warbler's Nest, Ashclyst
Slide Z.549
Wood Warbler, Nest and Young, Ashclyst
Slide Z.552
Dunnock's Nest with Young, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.559
In Stoke Woods
Slide Z.561
Wood Warbler at Nest, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.562
Wood Warbler at Nest, Stoke Woods
Slide Z.563
Dagger Moth (Acronycta psi)
Slide Z.566
Slide Z.567
Nest of Vespa Norvegica
Slide Z.571
[Polish rus]
Slide Z.573
Curlew Nest and Eggs
Slide Z.580
Mulberry and caterpillars
Slide Z.585
Slide Z.569
House Martin's Nest
Slide Z.588
Meadow Pipits Nest under hay
Slide Z.593
Verbascum blattaria
Slide Z.596
Ragwort, Senecio jacobeae
Slide Z.599
Long-tailed Tit's Nest
Slide Z.601
Red-backed Shrike Nest
Slide Z.608
Swallow's Nest, Hoopern Farm
Slide Z.612
Swallow's Nest and Eggs, Hoopern Farm
Slide Z.614
Drinker Moth, Odonestis potatoria
Slide Z.615
Swallow's Nest and young, Hoopern Farm
Slide Z.619
Wasp Nest on Wellingtonia
Slide Z.620
Nest of Vespa vulgaris on Wellingtonia
Slide Z.622
Privet Hawk Moth, larva
Slide Z.624
Arum maculatum
Slide Z.625
Arum maculatum
Slide Z.628
Water Garden, Rydon Crest
Slide Z.631
Hornet at entrance to nest
Slide Z.633
Hornet in flight to nest
Slide Z.634
Privet Hawk Moth on Privet
Slide Z.636
Spider web and Mist drops
Slide Z.637
Spotted Flycatcher Nest
Slide Z.641
Arum maculatum, fruit
Slide Z.642
Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus)
Slide Z.643
Otidea aurantia
Slide Z.644
Bat, Great or Noctule
Slide Z.644
Slide Z.645
Noctule Bat
Slide Z.646
Tremella foliacea
Slide Z.647
Borings of Goat Moth larvae in Elm
Slide Z.651
Selborne from Hanger
Slide Z.652
Path through Hanger, Selborne
Slide Z.658
Cirl Bunting Nest in Lonicera nitida
Slide Z.661
A.O.R. and Robin
Slide Z.662
A.O.R. and Robin
Slide Z.723
Aeschna cyanea female in shade
Slide Z.724
Aeschna cyanea female in sun
Slide Z.739
Young Greenshank 'freezing'
Slide Z.743
Red Grouse Nest and Eggs, Grimspound, Dartmoor

Nest-hunting with a camera (lantern lecture, Exeter, Devon, England, 2 January 1926)

A week on Lundy Island (lantern lecture, Exeter, Devon, England, 26 February 1927)

People involved in slide production

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – photographer, all 195 slides

People appearing in slides

ROUSHAM, A.H.  (1864-1938) – slide Z.239

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – slides Z.239, Z.661-Z.662

ROWLEY, F.R.  (1868-1939) – slides Z.239, Z.268

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