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Slide set: [Crabtree Collection: photographs of biological subjects] (lecture: privately made, at least 119 slides, in/before 1924)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Slide 1
Coal Bank Wood
Slide 2
Guelder Rose
Slide 3
Slide 4
Slide 5
Slide 6
Coltsfoot -- flower
Slide 7
Coltsfoot -- seeds
Slide 8
Slide 9
Read Old Bridge
Slide 10
Webbing of Ermine Moth
Slide 11
Cocoons of Ermine Moth
Slide 12
Ermine Moths
Slide 13
Ghost Moth
Slide 14
Eggs of Cabbage Moth
Slide 15
Cabbage Moth's Eggs on Elder
Slide 16
Eggs of Cabbage Butterfly
Slide 17
Eggs of Moth on Grass stalk
Slide 18
Eggs of Moth on Grass blade
Slide 19
Red Underwing Moth
Slide 20
Moth's Wing scales
Slide 21
Froghopper -- Cuckoo Spit
Slide 22
Slide 23
Slide 24
Family of Aphides
Slide 25
Male Aphides (late brood)
Slide 26
Aphides in water
Slide 27
Larvae of May-fly
Slide 28
Larva of May-fly
Slide 29
Slide 30
May-fly's Wing
Slide 31
Water beetle swimming
Slide 32
Water Beetle 'breathing'
Slide 33
Eye of Water Beetle
Slide 34
Amoeba and diatoms
Slide 35
Slide 36
Slide 37
Hydra with bud
Slide 38

no image available
Slide 39
Early Frog Spawn
Slide 40
Frog Spawn
Slide 41
Frog: External Gills
Slide 42
Slide 43
Young Frogs
Slide 44
Frog in Grass
Slide 45
Toad on toadstool
Slide 46
Male Newt (early)
Slide 47
Male Newt (late)
Slide 48
Slide 49
Earthworm -- Larder
Slide 50
Earthworm Burrow
Slide 51
Earthworm -- hooks
Slide 52
Earthworm -- Breathing holes
Slide 53
Slide 54
Mole's foot
Slide 55
Fortress of the Mole
Slide 56
Slide 57
Field Vole
Slide 58
Shrew Mouse
Slide 59
Devils Bridge, Bettws-y-Coed
Slide 60
Slide 61
Thrush on nest
Slide 62
Slide 63
Mound of Wood Ant
Slide 64
Wood Ants nest
Slide 65
Larvae of Wood Ants
Slide 66
Wood Ant
Slide 67
Wolf Spider
Slide 68
Wolf Spider with Egg bag
Slide 69
Ground Spiders Eggs
Slide 70
Ground Wasp's Nest
Slide 71
Wasp's head
Slide 72
Wasp and caterpillar
Slide 73
Wasp's Sting
Slide 74
Wasp's wings locked
Slide 75
Crane Fly
Slide 76
Crane Fly's eggs
Slide 77
Flies on Grass-stalks
Slide 78
Waterloo Bridge -- Bettws
Slide 79
Male Fern
Slide 80
Fronds unrolling
Slide 81
Sori of Male Fern
Slide 82
Sporangia and spores
Slide 83
Spores of Male Fern
Slide 84
Lane -- Ringley
Slide 85
Bole of Lime Tree
Slide 86
Bole -- showing annular rings
Slide 87
Ivy on Sycamore
Slide 88
Tunnels of Scolytus
Slide 89
Scolytus tunnels
Slide 90
Inscription on Sycamore
Slide 91
Stock Ghyll Force, Ambleside
Slide 92
Lady Fern
Slide 93
Sori of Lady Fern
Slide 94
Hard Fern
Slide 95
Sori of Spleenwort
Slide 96
Sori on Prickly toothed fern
Slide 97
Sori of mountain buckler fern
Slide 98
Swallow Falls -- Bettws
Slide 99
[Galls on oak leaves]
Slide 100
Larva in Oak-leaf Gall
Slide 101
Artichoke Galls
Slide 102
Oak spangle galls
Slide 103
Rose Bedeguars
Slide 104
Rose Bedeguar (Section)
Slide 105
Puff Ball Fungi
Slide 106
Puff Ball Fungus
Slide 107
Isaria Farinosa
Slide 108
Cordiceps militaris
Slide 109
Cordiceps militaris
Frog in grass
Barred Straw Moth
Eyes of Water Beetle
Wing of Lacewing Fly
Mottled Umber Moth
Sori of Male Fern
Apides (nest and eggs)
Lacewing Fly
Wing of Dragon Fly
Antenna of Gnat

CRABTREE, John H.  (1863-1924) – photographer, all 119 slides


The set appears to have been assembled from at least two earlier groups of slides, with green and beige binding strips, and then numbered in the sequence shown, with a further group of slides left unnumbered. This might suggest the assembly of a lecture from a larger stock of slides.

Crabtree is identified as the photographer on the basis of the physical similarities between these slides and others in the RAMM Collection, particularly the handwriting on the slide bindings.

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