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Slide set: [Rowden Collection: series 'E'] (miscellaneous: privately made, at least 229 slides, 1911-1941)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
Slide E.10
Viper or Adder
Slide E.11
Slide E.11
Slow-worm (enlarged)
Slide E.17
Nest of Song Thrush
Slide E.21
Grass Snake
Slide E.22
Young Song Thrushes in nest
Slide E.23
Bluebell picking, Stoke Woods -- Courtney Boys
Slide E.24
Linnet on Nest
Slide E.24
Linnet on Nest (enlarged)
Slide E.26
Ramsons -- en masse
Slide E.27
Ramsons -- detail
Slide E.75
Blackbird's Nest and Eggs
Slide E.78
Young Tawny Owls
Slide E.80
Pheasant's Nest and Eggs
Slide E.94
Brown Owl's Eggs in rabbit burrow
Slide E.97
Pond, Stoke Woods
Slide E.98
Tawny Owl in burrow
Slide E.119
Nest of Long-tailed Tit
Slide E.120
Nest of Long-tailed Tit
Slide E.122
Slide E.123
Slide E.124
Courtney, Stoke Woods Keeper
Slide E.126
Whitethroat's Nest
Slide E.191
'Strangulation' of tree by Honeysuckle
Slide E.214
Eggs of Nightjar, in situ
Slide E.215
Eggs and Nest of Nightjar
Slide E.216
Wren's Nest
Slide E.217
Partridge on Nest
Slide E.218
Nest of Partridge, Eggs
Slide E.222
Nightjar sitting
Slide E.222
Nightjar sitting
Slide E.224
Nightjars -- Young moved to right
Slide E.225
Young Nightjars
Slide E.226
Toad on rock
Slide E.234**
British Butterflies and Moths (Colour)
Slide E.235**
Musk Mallow
Slide E.239
Clouds in Exe Valley
Slide E.243
Sallow (Salix Capraea)
Slide E.244
Sallow blossom
Slide E.245
Coltsfoot (Tussilago Farfara)
Slide E.249
Nest of Song Thrush
Slide E.250
Polystictus versicolor
Slide E.256
Viper and its cast skin from which it has just emerged
Slide E.257
Showing Viper's fangs etc.
Slide E.258
Viper under side
Slide E.259
Viper upper side
Slide E.260**
Viper Upper side colour
Slide E.262**
Hedge Sparrow Nest
Slide E.265
Robin's Nest on ground, built in impression of horse hoof
Slide E.266
Song Thrush on Nest
Slide E.267
Song Thrush at Nest
Slide E.269
Nest of Wood Pigeon from below
Slide E.271
Exe Valley from Culm Foot, Stoke Woods
Slide E.274
Chaffinch Nest
Slide E.275
Nest of Chiff-Chaff
Slide E.276
Nest of Chaffinch. Bird sitting
Slide E.277
Mullein Moth on stick
Slide E.287
Willow Warbler Nest
Slide E.291
Willow Warbler approaching Nest
Slide E.292
Willow Warbler at entrance to nest
Slide E.296**
Wood Balm
Slide E.297**
Nest of Willow Warbler
Slide E.298
Tomtit's Nest (exposed)
Slide E.301
View in Stoke Woods
Slide E.302
Nest of Wood Pigeon
Slide E.304
Tomtit's Nesting Site in wall
Slide E.305
Buff-Tip Moth
Slide E.307**
Eggs of Nightjar, near natural size
Slide E.308
Eggs of Moorhen
Slide E.311
Thrushes Anvil
Slide E.314
River at Culm Foot, Stoke Woods
Slide E.315
Tree Pipit's Nest -- Exposed
Slide E.316
Tree Pipit's Nest -- Screened
Slide E.318
Slow-Worm showing fractures
Slide E.320**
Poppies in young corn
Slide E.321**
Slide E.322**
Lepidoptera Eggs on 'Nasturtium'
Slide E.324**
Egg of Linnet
Slide E.332
Pupae of Housefly in manure
Slide E.333**
Caterpillars of Puss Moth on Poplar Leaf -- life size
Slide E.334
House fly emerging from puparium, natural size, showing ptilinum
Slide E.336**
Keeper's Cottage, Stoke Woods
Slide E.337
Aeschna cyanea
Slide E.339**
Poplar Hawk larvae
Slide E.340**
Slide E.340
Slide E.341
Fungus -- Russula emetica
Slide E.347
Nest of Carder Bee
Slide E.349
Nest of Carder Bee (comb exposed)
Slide E.352
Larch Grove, Stoke Woods
Slide E.354
Nest of Vespa vulgaris -- exposed
Slide E.356
Nest of Common Wasp (V. vulgaris). Covering removed to show Combs
Slide E.358**
Wasp Comb
Slide E.362
Embryo Nest of Wasp
Slide E.366**
Larvae of Pieris brassicae
Slide E.370
Mouth of Grass Snake
Slide E.371
Mouth of Viper showing fangs
Slide E.372
Hornet's Nest in situ
Slide E.373
Eggs of Grass Snake
Slide E.374**
'Paper' from Hornet Nest
Slide E.378
Nightjars (Museum specimen)
Slide E.381**
Sunrise over Maynard School
Slide E.382
Pupae, Pieris brassicae
Slide E.383
Embryo Nest of Common Wasp, covering partially removed to show interior
Slide E.384
Westlakes Cottage where Hornets built
Slide E.385**
The Adder Bank, Stoke Woods
Slide E.386**
Slide E.389
Rooks' Nests, Northernhay
Slide E.390
Rooks' Nests, Northernhay
Slide E.391
View from Prospect Gate
Slide E.392
Nest of Moorhen
Slide E.395
Site of Mistle Thrush Nest
Slide E.397
Poplar Hawk Moth x .75
Slide E.405
Larvae of Vanessa Io (Peacock Butterfly) on nettle
Slide E.407
Night in Stoke Woods
Slide E.408
Game Keeper's 'Larder'
Slide E.409
Nest of Wood Ant -- detail
Slide E.410
Spider's Snare on furze
Slide E.411
Marbled White Butterflies on Thistles
Slide E.413
Nest of Wood Ant, Formica rufa
Slide E.414
In Stoke Woods
Slide E.420
Peacock Butterfly x1
Slide E.426
Peacock Butterfly hibernating
Slide E.429
Nest of Vespa norvegica in gooseberry bush
Slide E.430
Nest of Vespa norvegica in gooseberry bush
Slide E.432
Nest of Tree Wasp
Slide E.434
Vespa norvegica from Gooseberry Bush
Slide E.435
Wasp Paper Specimens
Slide E.436
Portion of Comb of Common Wasp (Vespa vulgaris) x 5
Slide E.437
Eggs of Vapourer Moth x5
Slide E.438
Buff Tip Moth. Larva x1
Slide E.440
Vapourer Moth -- larva
Slide E.441**
Flowers and Insects
Slide E.446
Larvae of Dagger Moth (A. Psi)
Slide E.447
Stoke Woods -- Sun setting
Slide E.448
House-fly killed by fungus. Natural size.
Slide E.449
Housefly killed by fungus x5
Slide E.451
Female Vapourer Moth laying eggs (Natural size)
Slide E.452
Larva of Housefly x5
Slide E.455
Hornet Nest suspended from roof of Keepers Watching cabin
Slide E.456
Keeper's Cabin, where Hornets built
Slide E.458
Stoke Woods -- Haunt of Marbled White B'fly
Slide E.459
Stoke Woods, Haunt of Marbled Whites
Slide E.463
Marbled White Butterflies x .25
Slide E.464**
Peacock Butterfly (Vanessa Io)
Slide E.465**
Brimstone butterflies
Slide E.467
House-fly killed by fungus. Natural size
Slide E.468
House fly killed by fungus
Slide E.469**
Stoke Woods -- Autumn
Slide E.470
House-fly Puparium x5
Slide E.490
Wood Anemones (Anemone Nemorosa)
Slide E.491
Hedge Sparrow Nest
Slide E.492
Willow Warbler's Nest, screened
Slide E.493
Willow Warbler's Nest, exposed
Slide E.494
Larvae of Lackey Moth (B. neustria)
Slide E.495
Young Brown Owl Roosting by day
Slide E.496
Young Brown Owl
Slide E.497
Young Brown Owls
Slide E.511
Nest and Eggs, Song Thrush
Slide E.512
Stoke Woods -- View opened up after felling of Larch Grove
Slide E.513
Nest of Magpie
Slide E.520
Nest of Blackcap
Slide E.525
Young Turtle Doves in nest
Slide E.528**
Slide E.540
Woodlark's Nest
Slide E.541
Nest of Wild Duck (Mallard), screened
Slide E.542
Nest of Wild Duck (Mallard), exposed
Slide E.543
Nest of Long tailed Tit
Slide E.546
Young Woodlarks in nest
Slide E.547
Nest and Eggs of Mistle Thrush
Slide E.549
Nest of Carrion Crow
Slide E.550
Nest of Carrion Crow
Slide E.551
Young Mistle Thrushes in nest
Slide E.556
Tree Creeper on trunk of tree
Slide E.560
Hawthorn blossom
Slide E.561
Nest of Wood Pigeon
Slide E.562
Swan's Nest, one egg
Slide E.564
Honey Bee cells in comb x4
Slide E.565
Honey Bee Comb, showing eggs at base of cells
Slide E.567
[Map of Baghdad]
Slide E.568
Writing a page in the Book of Knowledge
Slide E.569
Type of records found in ruins of Babylon
Slide E.570
[Map of excavations in Babylonia and Assyria]
Slide E.571
Map of Babylon and Borsippa ('Tower of Babel')
Slide E.572
Arabia, etc. -- Sea journey to Mespot
Slide E.573
Route to Mespot. through Europe
Slide E.574
[Portrait of woman wearing veil]
Slide E.575
Ctesiphon, near Baghdad
Slide E.576
Larva of Goat Moth, upper side x1
Slide E.577
Larva of Goat Moth, under side
Slide E.578
Eggs of Vapourer Moth on Sallow leaf
Slide E.579
Goat Moth larva curled up in winter cell
Slide E.580
Fungus, Geophysis coccinea on elder
Slide E.582
Grass Snake
Slide E.583
Grass Snake (under side)
Slide E.586
Five-spot Burnet Moth and cocoons
Slide E.587
Pupa of Goat Moth
Slide E.588
Cocoon and pupa of Common Tiger Moth (A. caja)
Slide E.589
Garden Tiger Moth, A. caja
Slide E.591
Goat Moth female, resting position
Slide E.592
Cinnabar Moth larvae
Slide E.593
Common Lizard
Slide E.594
Common Lizard (under side)
Slide E.595
Pupae of House-flies from manure heap
Slide E.596
Pupae of House flies (Musca domestica) x4
Slide E.600
Mucor mucedo Fungus x1
Slide E.601
Khadimain from air
Slide E.602
Type of desert Arab, Baghdad
Slide E.603
Babylon (Kasr Mound) Near Ishtar Gate
Slide E.605
'Express' Map -- Distribution of Nightingale
Slide E.606
Nightingale Records -- 5 mile radius of Exeter (Rousham)
Slide E.607
Nightingale migration (Rousham)
Slide E.608
Nightingale Distribution 1929
Slide E.612
Mullein Moth Larvae x1
Slide E.613
Moth's Wings -- Victims of bat?
Slide E.619
Grass Snake, Cast skin
Slide E.623
Nest of Yellowhammer composed of Knot-grass
Slide E.624
Jersey Tiger Moth (Callimorpha quadripunctaria)
Slide E.625
Face of Wasp x4, Vespa Vulgaris
Slide E.626
Larva of Eyed Hawk Moth, infested by Braconids
Slide E.627
Convolvulus Hawk Moth (Merse convolvuli) and Tobacco Plant
Slide E.629
Long-eared Bat
Slide E.630
Long-eared Bat (Plecotis auritus)
Slide E.633
Goat Moth
Slide E.636
Naiad (empty) of Aeschna
Slide E.637
Cockchafer (upper and under sides) with living larva
Slide E.647
Cinnabar Moth x1
Slide E.648
Crane- fly, Tipula, half size
Slide E.655
Death's Head Hawk Moth x1 (Maduca atropos)
** there are alternative versions or views of this slide

Nightingales: Devonshire records (lantern lecture, Exeter, Devon, England, 30 November 1929)

People involved in slide production

ROUSHAM, A.H.  (1864-1938) – artist, slides E.606-E.608

ROWDEN, A.O.  (1877-1960) – photographer, all 229 slides

People appearing in slides

COURTNEY, Elias  (1869-1941) – slides E.124, E.336


229 slides known to exist in private collection

229 slides in Royal Albert Memorial Museum Collection

Lucerna ID  3008336

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