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Slide set: Kumatology (lecture: Newton & Co., 95 slides, 1902)

Descriptive data for this set (listed below slide images)
A -- Drift Sand
Slide 1
Symmetrical Ripple-Mark
Slide 2
Slide 3
Unsymmetrical Ripple-Mark
Slide 4
Intersecting Ripple-Mark
Slide 5
Triple-crested Ripple-Mark
Slide 6
Current Mark
Slide 7
Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 8
Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 9
Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 10
Meanders of Low Tide Channels
Slide 11
Worm Casts and Ripple-Mark
Slide 12
Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 13
Intersecting Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 14
Irregular Tidal Sand Waves
Slide 15
Pools left on obliteration of tidal sand wave
Slide 16
Aeolian Sand Ripples
Slide 17
Aeolian Sand Ripples
Slide 18
Aeolian Sand Waves
Slide 19
Aeolian Sand Waves
Slide 20
Sand drift
Slide 21
Sand Drift
Slide 22
Pyramidal Sand Dune
Slide 23
Encroaching Sand
Slide 24
Encroaching Sand
Slide 25
Planting the Desert
Slide 26
Wind-formed rock-table
Slide 27
Wind-eroded cliff and talus
Slide 28
Water-erosion in the desert
B -- Drift Snow
Slide 29
Moving Snow Waves
Slide 30
Ripples in Granular Snow
Slide 31
Snow Ripples and Snow Drift
Slide 32
Ripples in Gravel-like Snow
Slide 33
Ledges on lee side of Snow drift
Slide 34
Undulating erosion surface of Snow
Slide 35
Stratification of snow revealed by action of wind
Slide 36
Commencement of a Snow Drift
Slide 37
Double Snow Drift
Slide 38
Incomplete Snow Drift
Slide 39
Snow Drift
Slide 40
Snow Drift, looking upward
Slide 41
Drift against a house on lee side
Slide 42
Horse-shoe Drift round house
Slide 43
Drift on lee side of house
Slide 44
Wind hollow round tree
Slide 45
'Eolites' in Snow
Slide 46
Drift Snow on smooth ice
Slide 47
Drift snow among Ice Hummocks
C -- Snow Mushrooms
Slide 48
The Selkirks B.C. from Glacier House
Slide 49
Mount Cheops
Slide 50
Mount Cougar
Slide 51

no image available
Slide 52
Building with a 'thatch' of snow 5ft thick
Slide 53
Snow Bosses
Slide 54
Three Snow Mushrooms
Slide 55
A 'Button Mushroom'
Slide 56
The 'Prize Mushroom'
Slide 57
Nine-foot Mushroom
Slide 58
Snow Cap on Telegraph Pole
Slide 59
Twelve-foot Snow Mushroom
Slide 60
The 'Twelve-footer' from below
Slide 61
Snow cap eroded by wind
D -- 'Cahots,' the Undulations produced by Sledges
Slide 62
'Cahots' in Montreal
Slide 63
Toboggan Waves
Slide 64
'Cahots' at Coniston
Slide 65
The Slate Sledge
Slide 66

no image available
Slide 67
The Bogey or 'Paddock'
Slide 68
'Forced' Cahots
Slide 69
'Free' Cahots
E -- Water Waves
Slide 70
Storm in the Atlantic
Slide 71
Storm in Mediterranean
Slide 72
Storm at Eastbourne
Slide 73
Bursting Wave
Slide 74
Waves at low tide
Slide 75
Crossing Waves
Slide 76
Rippled Foam
Slide 77
Wave track of a Ship
Slide 78
Wave track of a Steamer in Suez Canal
Slide 79
Wave track of a model Battleship
F -- Wave Clouds
Slide 80
Rippled Clouds
Slide 81

no image available
E -- Water Waves: Additional Slides
Slide 82

no image available
Slide 83

no image available
Slide 84

no image available
Slide 85

no image available
Slide 86

no image available
Slide 87

no image available
[Slides added in about 1912]
Slide 88

no image available
Slide 89

no image available
Slide 90

no image available
Slide 91

no image available
Slide 92

no image available
Slide 93

no image available
Slide 94

no image available
Slide 95

no image available
Number of slides

Newton & Co., England

Other related organisation

in stock of Newton & Co., 1902-1913 (item ref. UW)

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Date of first manufacture
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The 1902 Newton catalogue supplement lists slides 1-81, under the title Kumatology; the 1909 Newton catalogue adds slides 83-87 (omitting 82) and uses the title Waves of Water, Sand, and Snow. The final section of 8 'additional slides' dated December 1911 was probably added in 1912.

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