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Slide set: Nipon: Japanese life and scenery (lecture: G.W. Wilson, 70 slides, in/before 1905)

Known references to this set (listed below slide images)
Slide 1
Map of Japan
Slide 2
Mississippi Bay, Yokohama
Slide 3
Colossal Bronze Daibutsu, Kamakura, near Yokohama
Slide 4
Tokio, from Asakusa
Slide 5

no image available
Slide 6
Bronze Gates and Tomb, Shiba Temple
Slide 7
Buddhist Priest and Acolytes
Slide 8
In the Imperial Palace Garden, Tokio
Slide 9
Chrysanthemum Plant in Imperial Palace Garden, Tokio
Slide 10
Iris Garden, Horikiri, Tokio
Slide 11

no image available
Slide 12
In Mito Yashiki, Tokio
Slide 13

no image available
Slide 14
Cherry trees in blossom, Uyeno Park, Tokio
Slide 15
Country visitors to Tokio, in Uyeno Park
Slide 16**
A Jinricksha
Slide 17

no image available
Slide 18
An Archer
Slide 19
Samurai with attendant
Slide 20
An actor (Danjuro)
Slide 21
Burlesque -- 'Coward Man! -- a Ghost'
Slide 22
Wrestling -- Trying for Grips
Slide 23
Wrestling -- A complicated position
Slide 24**
Wrestling -- Going! Going!
Slide 25
Wrestling -- Gone!
Slide 26
A young girl
Slide 27
Ayame-san 'Miss Iris Flower'
Slide 28
A country girl
Slide 29
An aristocratic lady
Slide 30
Lady wearing winter head-dress
Slide 31
Girl at her toilet
Slide 32
Slide 33**
Girl greeting a visitor at the door of a house
Slide 34**
A mother playing with her baby
Slide 35
Taking baby for an airing
Slide 36**
A family at their mid-day meal
Slide 37**
Playing at the game of 'Go'
Slide 38
Painting Kaki-monos
Slide 39
Blind street musician
Slide 40
Girls spinning silk from cocoons
Slide 41
Treating lacquer in the sunshine
Slide 42

no image available
Slide 43
Avenue of Cryptomerias, Nikko
Slide 44
Slide 45
The Red Bridge, Nikko
Slide 46
Nikko Temple
Slide 47
Wooden carving in Nikko Temple
Slide 48
Five-storied Pagoda, Nikko
Slide 49
At Matsushima
Slide 50
Rocks at Matsushima
Slide 51
Ancient cave dwellings
Slide 52
Miogi-san Miyanoshita
Slide 53
Miyanoshita, from Dagoshima
Slide 54
Rock-cut image of Jizo, near Hakone Lake
Slide 55

no image available
Slide 56

no image available
Slide 57
Castle of Nagoya
Slide 58

no image available
Slide 59

no image available
Slide 60

no image available
Slide 61
A Matsuri, or semi-religious festival, Kioto
Slide 62
Tea picking, Uji
Slide 63
Grinding corn
Slide 64
Girls dancing and playing on the Samisen and Koto
Slide 65
Geisha reading newspaper
Slide 66
Mutes returning from a funeral
Slide 67
'Water babies,' Osaka
Slide 68

no image available
Slide 69
Stone portals O'Suwa Temple, Nagasaki
Slide 70

no image available
** there are alternative versions or views of this slide
Catalogue and Price List of Photographic Lantern Slides: [Part 2] (Aberdeen: Wilson Brothers, 1905), 48

“The Land of the Rising Sun, which has been so much to the front of late in connection with the wars it has waged on its neighbours, China and Russia, is, under the present fiercely-burning Renaissance, fast being transformed to a European level, and one by one the many peculiarly fascinating Oriental garbs and graces of its aesthetic people are being swept away before the influx of unpicturesque Western notions. Ere it be too late, the camera has fortunately stepped in and preserved for us at least the outward semblance of the real Japan and its people, and the slides in this set will be found characteristic of the Mikado’s Empire.”

Catalogue of lantern slides for sale or hire (Manchester: Josiah T. Chapman, 1912), 149
Catalogue of lantern slides: part II (London: Newton & Co., 1913), 671
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