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Person: PALMER, Mervyn, F.R.G.S.  (1882-1954)

Slides (arranged in sets) in whose production this person had a role

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: family and holiday photographs by the Palmer family] (miscellaneous: manufacturer unknown, 37 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [11], 'Knightwood Oak', New Forest

  photographer: unnumbered slide [15], A Hampshire Fire-place

  photographer: unnumbered slide [16], Where we lived in Brockenhurst, 1902

  photographer: unnumbered slide [22], N.N.S.S. ramble at Swanscombe

  photographer: unnumbered slide [24], A Cat

  photographer: unnumbered slide [26], 'Dollie', Mr Eden-Brown's dog

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: Field Club rambles] (lecture: privately made, 34 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [8], Field Club Ramble -- Spreacombe

  photographer: unnumbered slide [13], Field Club Ramble, Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [18], At Croyde Hoe (Baggy Farm), Field Club Ramble

  photographer: unnumbered slide [19], Ilfracombe Field Club Ramble to Spreacombe

  photographer: unnumbered slide [22], Field Club at Spreacombe

  photographer: unnumbered slide [25], S.W.N.U. Conference Ramble to Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [26], 'Tired Out'. S.W.N.U. Conference Excursion to Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [31], South-Western Naturalists' Union Conference -- Tea at Chambercombe

  photographer: unnumbered slide [32], Blatchford ('Aqua Clara'), Field Club Ramble

  photographer: unnumbered slide [33], Field Club at Fullabrook Mine

  photographer: unnumbered slide [34], Adder [female] -- Pudnor Wood, Field Club Ramble

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: Ilfracombe Harbour] (miscellaneous: privately assembled, at least 47 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [23], Harbour, 1934

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: Lundy Island] (lecture: privately made, 46 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: Slide 2, [Lundy. Air View from [...]]

  photographer: Slide 6, Lundy. The Beach Road

  slide maker: Slide 13 / 17, Benson's Cave

  slide maker: Slide 14, Burial Ground and Stone of Tigernus

  slide maker: Slide 15, Stone of Tigernus

  photographer: unnumbered slide [21], Barrow on Lundy

  photographer: Slide 22, Lunch on Lundy

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: miscellaneous and unidentified slides] (miscellaneous: manufacturer unknown, at least 46 slides, n.d.)

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [11], Copy of King and Queen

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [12], Professor Charles Darwin

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [14], [Marquess of Hartington]

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [15], Herbert Spencer

  photographer: unnumbered slide [34], Rhinoceros

  photographer: unnumbered slide [36], Bat -- Expanded

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: North Devon villages and towns] (lecture: privately made, at least 186 slides, c.1938)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [47], Barrow near Narracott

  photographer: unnumbered slide [53], Westcott Barton

  photographer: unnumbered slide [56], Quartz Road, Inner Narracott (made from a menhir)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [59], Beer Charter Barton

  photographer: unnumbered slide [61], Whiddon, near Milltown, North Devon

  photographer: unnumbered slide [62], 'Longstone', Pilton

  photographer: unnumbered slide [69], Camp, Burridge, near Roborough

  photographer: unnumbered slide [70], James Row's Chapel -- Middle Marwood

  photographer: unnumbered slide [72], 'Forget-me-not Brook' near Middle Marwood

  photographer: unnumbered slide [87], Darracott

  photographer: unnumbered slide [97], Magpie and Rabbits at Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [98], Spreacombe 'Castle' (Hill-Fort) -- Found 10 April 1938 by Field Club

  photographer: unnumbered slide [186], At East Stowford Barton

  photographer: unnumbered slide [187], At Braunton Burrows

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: photographs of birds] (lecture: manufacturer unknown, at least 178 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [50], Guillemots and Razorbills at Lundy

  photographer: unnumbered slide [62], Swan Nest on Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [76], Nest and Eggs of Moorhen at Braunton Burrows

  photographer: unnumbered slide [80], Pond with Moorhen at Kingsheanton

[Ilfracombe Museum Collection: primitive man and miscellaneous] (lecture: manufacturer unknown, 45 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [42], Table of Geological Eras

  photographer: unnumbered slide [43], Table of Terms and Stages: Palaeolithic Age

Inca-Land (lecture: privately made, 50 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: Slide 1, View of Cuzco, Peru

  photographer: Slide 2, Loreto street, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 3, Doorway with Snakes, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 4, Stone wall, crude, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 5, Superimposition on polygonal

  photographer: Slide 6, Polygonal wall, Jatun Rumiyoc street, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 7, Jatun Rumiyocc St., Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 8, Twelve-angled stone, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 9, Temple of the Sun, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 10, Base of Temple of the Sun, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 11, Niches in Temple of the Sun, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 12, Interior of Temple of Sun, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 13, Exterior wall of Temple of the Sun, inside Sto. Domingo Church

  photographer: Slide 14, Grooves in stone, Temple of Sun

  photographer: Slide 15, Exterior wall, Temple of the Sun

  photographer: Slide 16, Three Drain holes, Temple of Sun

  photographer: Slide 17, Only two-storied Inca House

  photographer: Slide 18, Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 19, Sacsayhuaman, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 20, Tiupungu, Entrance to Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 21, Angles in wall, Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 22, Walls of Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 23, Walls of Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 24, Salient Point, Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 25, Giant Corner-stone, Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 26, Aqueduct, Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 27, Carved 'seats', Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 28, 'Inca's Throne', Sacsayhuaman

  photographer: Slide 29, Ccollccampata, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 30, Ccollccampata, detail niche

  photographer: Slide 31, Ccollccampata, detail wall

  photographer: Slide 32, Stones at Ccollccampata

  photographer: Slide 33, 'Torture' stone, Ccollccampata

  photographer: Slide 34, Manco Ccapacc's Palace, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 35, Rear of Manco Ccapacc's Palace, Cuzco

  photographer: Slide 36, Midway up Intihuatana Hill

  photographer: Slide 37, Terraces, Intihuatana Hill

  photographer: Slide 38, Vilcanota River from Intihuatana Hill

  photographer: Slide 39, Intihuatana, Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 40, Patched Rock, Intihuatana

  photographer: Slide 41, Keyed stone, Intihuatana

  photographer: Slide 42, Ancient building, Intihuatana

  photographer: Slide 43, Old Sun-dial, Intihuatana

  photographer: Slide 44, Exterior, Intihuatana Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 45, Dwelling, Intihuatana Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 46, Interior of Dwelling, Intihuatana Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 47, Niche, Intihuatana Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 48, Entrance, Intihuatana Pisacc

  photographer: Slide 49, Inside entrance, Intihuatana

  photographer: Slide 50, Sundial, Intihuatana Pisacc

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