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Person: PRICE, J.W., F.R.G.S.  (1874-1953)

Slides (arranged in sets) in whose production this person had a role270 slides are known

[J.W. Price Collection: photographs of Afghanistan] (lecture: privately made, at least 196 slides, c.1910)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [1], [Group of military officers parading on horseback]

  photographer: Slide 118, [Important person sitting under canopy surrounded by courtiers]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [3], Inspection -- Jabal-ul-Seraj

  photographer: unnumbered slide [4], Power House -- Jabal-ul-Seraj

  photographer: Slide 128, Inspection, Power House Foundations, Jabal-ul-Seraj

  photographer: Slide 130, River, Jabal-ul-Seraj -- Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [7], [River scene]

  photographer: Slide 141, Istalif, Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 126, Weavers, Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 128, An Afghan Village

  photographer: Slide 127, Jabal-ul-Seraj -- Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [12], [Large gateway in wall or building]

  photographer: Slide 144, [Group of native people on bank of river]

  photographer: Slide 129, River, Jabal-ul-Seraj -- Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [15], Jabal-ul-Seraj -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 146, Typical Afghan Houses

  photographer: Slide ?, Old Shetoul Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 132, On the Shetoul River

  photographer: Slide 156[?], Neelab Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 135, Neelab Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 134, Old Bridge -- Neelab River -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 133, Old Neelab Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 136, Neelab Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [24], Old Shetoul Bridge -- Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [25], Istalif, Kohistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [26], Typical Afghan House -- Kohistan

  photographer: Slide 188[?], Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: unnumbered slide [28], Camel Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: Slide 60[?], Camel Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: unnumbered slide [30], Camel Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: unnumbered slide [31], Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: unnumbered slide [32], Garden, Nimla

  photographer: Slide 182[?], Caravan -- Nimla

  photographer: Slide 26B, Prisoners -- Jallalabad

  photographer: Slide 26, Prisoners going for trial -- Jallalabad

  photographer: Slide 26C, Old English Barracks -- Jellalabad

  photographer: Slide 28, Abdur Rahman Khan's Palace -- Jallalabad

  photographer: Slide 21A, Camp, Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 22, Jellalabad

  photographer: Slide 28A, Hulling Rice -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 22A, City Gate -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 25, Seraj-ul-Imarat -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 25, Seraj-ul-Imarat -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 27, Ziarat (Saint's Grave) -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 28A, Buddist Remains -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 28, Buddist Remains -- Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 29, Diroontah Bridge -- Jallalabad

  photographer: Slide 48[?], Caravanserai at Barikab

  photographer: Slide 40, Halfway Post Office -- Jigdalik to Barikab

  photographer: Slide 41, Halfway Post Office -- Jigdalik to Barikab

  photographer: Slide 42, Caravan Serai -- Barikab

  photographer: Slide 43, Road to Jigdalik -- Barikab

  photographer: Slide 30, Bridge (Jalalabad end) -- Diroontah

  photographer: Slide 31, Bridge (Jalalabad side) -- Diroontah

  photographer: Slide 34-3, Garden -- Nimla

  photographer: Slide 34-2, Garden -- Nimla

  photographer: Slide 34-1, Garden -- Nimla

  photographer: Slide 142, At Laghman

  photographer: Slide 37, New Bridge -- Surk Pul

  photographer: Slide 17, Caravan Serai -- Landi-Kotal

  photographer: Slide 38A, Near Jigdalic

  photographer: Slide 39[?], Where the 1852 Refugees were Massacred, Jigdalik

  photographer: Slide 39A, Camp -- Jigdalik

  photographer: Slide 5[?], Loading Mules -- Peshawar

  photographer: Slide 4, Native City -- Peshawar

  photographer: Slide 7[?], Peshawar, Cantonment

  photographer: Slide 3, Peshawar, Cantonment

  photographer: unnumbered slide [68], [Peshawar, Cantonment]

  photographer: Slide 9, Peshawar, Kyber Pass

  photographer: Slide 15, Kyber -- Lundi Khana

  photographer: Slide 14, Kyber, Kaffir Kote and Bagh Village

  photographer: Slide 13, Kyber, near Lundi-Khana

  photographer: Slide 12, Kyber -- Ali-Musjid

  photographer: Slide 11, Looking South, Ali-Musjid Gorge

  photographer: Slide 10, Kyber -- Looking to Peshawar

  photographer: Slide 21, [Group of native people sitting on ground]

  photographer: Slide 24, [Group of native people]

  photographer: Slide 24, Headman or Governor (a Mulik)

  photographer: Slide 47, [Native people and horses in mountain landscape]

  photographer: Slide 2, [J.R. Halliday sitting on bed with water-pipe]

  photographer: Slide 14, [Camp site next to bridge over river]

  photographer: Slide 39, [J.R. Halliday in Afghan costume]

  photographer: Slide 69, [Elephant by wall of building]

  photographer: Slide 129A, [Courtyard surrounded by bulidings]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [85], [Valley landscape with mountains in background]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [86], [Camp site in broad valley]

  photographer: Slide 1, [Man driving large motor car]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [88], [Man driving motor car with two women passengers]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [89], [Pair of decorated elephants walking in parade]

  photographer: Slide 19, Caravan Serai -- Dakka

  photographer: Slide 19A, Camp at Dakka

  photographer: Slide 20, Caravan Serai, Basaul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [93], Map of Kabul

  photographer: Slide 57, View from top of Koti Dilkusha, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 58, Entrance, Arg Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 55, Koti Dilkusha, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [97], Entrance to Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 147, J.R. Halliday Esq., Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [99], Feu-de-Joie (Maneouvres), Kabul

  photographer: Slide 97[?], H.M. Ameer, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 119, Kabul in Winter

  photographer: Slide 118, Kabul in Winter

  photographer: Slide 100, [Group of important people parading on horseback]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [104], Koti Dilkusha, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 83, Musjid-i-Kalah, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [106], Kabul

  photographer: Slide 56, Koti Dilkusha, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 38, Typical Mt. Inft. Escort

  photographer: Slide 63, Musjid-i-Kalan, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [110], Koti Dilkusha (Palace), Kabul

  photographer: Slide 112, Kabul River, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 101, H.M. Ameer (arriving), Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [113], Kabul

  photographer: Slide 92, Flag Ceremony, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 99, Field Artillery, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 75, State Procession to Musjid, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [117], Ameer Abdur Rahman Khan's Tomb, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 93, Flag Presentation, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 93, Saluting Post, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [120], Koti Dilkusha, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 77, State Procession to Musjid, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 25[?], Prisoners, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 148, J.R.H.'s House, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [124], View from Clock Tower, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 146, Deh Afghan-an, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 52, Kabul -- Panorama No. 3

  photographer: Slide 54, Panorama, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 51, Panorama 2, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 50, Panorama 1, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 49B, Bala-Hissar, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 49A, Bala Hissar, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 49, Bala Hissah, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 68[?], Afghan Cart, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [134], An Afghan Cart, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 115, Baber's Tomb, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 83, Musjid-i-Kalan, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 82, Musjid-i-Kalan, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 117, Sword Dance, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 110, River near Baber, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 111, Bridge over River at Kabul

  photographer: Slide 81, State Elephants, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 69, Dried Fish, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 96, Taking the Salute, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 104, Manouvres, Fort Roberts, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 103, Manouvres, Fort Roberts, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 87, State Procession to Musjid, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 78, State Procession, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 62, Indaki Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 61, Entrance to Gardens, Indaki Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 59[?], View of Arg Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 60, Grounds of Arg Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 94, Flag Presentation, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 91, Presentation of Flags, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 84, Wedding Group, 1909, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 67, Typical Coolies, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 64, Afghan Holiday Makers, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [157], Kabul -- Coolies

  photographer: Slide 59[?], Entrance to Palace, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 113, On Kabul River near Kabul

  photographer: Slide 80, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [161], March Past, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [162], March Past, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 98, March Past (Artillery), Kabul

  photographer: Slide 97A, [Troop of mounted soldiers parading]

  photographer: Slide 95, Presentation of Flags, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [166], [Ameer of Afghanistan and officers on horseback]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [167], Procession, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 74, After Ramazan, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [169], The Saluting Base, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [170], Watching Parade, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 96, State Elephants, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 114, Baber Gardens near Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [173], View from Clock Tower, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [174], Arg Palace, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [175], Kabul

  photographer: Slide 102, Kabul

  photographer: unnumbered slide [177], Kabul

  photographer: Slide 42A, Caravan Serai, Barikab

  photographer: unnumbered slide [179], Ameer Abenur Rahman Khan's Tomb, Kabul

  photographer: Slide 66, Water Carriers -- Afghan Water Sellers

  photographer: Slide 149, [J.R. Halliday in Afghan costume]

  photographer: Slide 33, Khalat-ul-Serai, Laghman

  photographer: Slide 145[?], Laghman

  photographer: Slide 45, Thieves Cage, Lutterbund

  photographer: Slide 46, Thieves Cage, Lutterbund

  photographer: unnumbered slide [186], [People walking towards gateway]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [187], Diroontah Bridge, Jallalabad

  photographer: Slide 25, Seraj-ul-Imarat, Jalalabad

  photographer: Slide 34[?], Camp, Surk-Pul

  photographer: Slide 19A, Camp, Dakkai

  photographer: unnumbered slide [191], Loading the Mules, Peshawar

  photographer: unnumbered slide [192], [Palace roof]

  photographer: unnumbered slide [193], Palace Roof

  photographer: Slide 181, On the Shetoul River

  photographer: unnumbered slide [195], Bridge Building in Afghanistan

  photographer: unnumbered slide [196], Caravanserai -- Jigdalik

[J.W. Price Collection: photographs of India] (lecture: privately made, 69 slides, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [1], [Mount Abu temple interior]

  photographer: Slide 37[??], Bombay

  photographer: unnumbered slide [3], Bombay

  photographer: Slide 22, The Memorial Well at Cawnpore

  photographer: unnumbered slide [5], Map of Ahmedabad, India

  photographer: Slide 58[?], Ahmedabad

  photographer: Slide 59, In the Market Place, Ahmedabad, India

  photographer: Slide 54, Ahmedabad -- Mosque -- Dhai Harirs

  photographer: Slide 57, Ahmedabad, Wall

  photographer: Slide 53, Ahmedabad, Window -- Sidi Syeds Mosque

  photographer: Slide 51, Ahmedabad -- Tomb of Gujurat King

  photographer: Slide 79, Ahmedabad, Sarkage -- Mahomed Begra Tomb, Phonograph in Temple

  photographer: unnumbered slide [13], Ahmedabad

  photographer: unnumbered slide [14], Sarkage, Ahmedabad -- Ruins of Water Tunnels at the 'Tank'

  photographer: Slide 60[?], Ahmedabad

  photographer: Slide 76, Ahmedabad, Sarkage -- Mahomed Begra Tomb and Lake

  photographer: Slide 72, Ahmedabad, Sarkage -- Mahomed Begra Tank, Temple at Gate of Tank

  photographer: Slide 74, Ahmedabad, Sarkage -- Ganje Ahmeds Tomb

  photographer: unnumbered slide [19], Ahmedabad, The Queens Mosque

  photographer: Slide 70, Ahmedabad -- Tomb at Sarkage

  photographer: Slide 66, Ahmedabad

  photographer: Slide 67, Ahmedabad, India -- Washing Clothes in the River

  photographer: unnumbered slide [23], Agra -- Itma Dowlas Tomb

  photographer: unnumbered slide [24], Agra -- Taj Mahal

  photographer: Slide 44, Agra -- Sixty Four Pillars of Fatihpur Sikri

  photographer: unnumbered slide [26], Agra -- Taj Mahal

  photographer: unnumbered slide [27], Agra

  photographer: unnumbered slide [28], Benares

  photographer: Slide 6, Benares -- Burning Ghats

  photographer: Slide 2, Benares -- On the Ganges

  photographer: Slide 1, Benares

  photographer: Slide 5, Benares -- On the Ganges

  photographer: Slide 4, Benares -- Burning Ghats

  photographer: Slide 17, Calcutta -- The Bikanhir Camel Corps, Native Procession in Maidan

  photographer: Slide 15, King's Visit to Calcutta -- Native Pageant

  photographer: Slide 13, Calcutta

  photographer: Slide 4, King's Visit to Calcutta -- Entrance to 'The Red Road'

  photographer: Slide 46[?], Delhi -- Tomb of Altamsh -- 1235AD

  photographer: Slide 46A, Delhi -- Tomb of Altamsh -- Kutab Minar

  photographer: Slide 47, Rangoon -- Elephants

  photographer: Slide 46, Rangoon -- Elephants

  photographer: unnumbered slide [42], Rangoon

  photographer: Slide 11[?], Rangoon

  photographer: unnumbered slide [44], Nagpur

  photographer: Slide 98, Nagpur

  photographer: Slide 96, Nagpur, Central India -- 'A Rest by the Wayside'

  photographer: Slide 92, Nagpur (Tank), Central India

  photographer: Slide 88, Nagpur. A Native Shop

  photographer: Slide 8?, Nagpur

  photographer: Slide 87, Nagpur

  photographer: unnumbered slide [51], India -- Fakir

  photographer: unnumbered slide [52], India -- Fakir

  photographer: unnumbered slide [53], Deccan Mendicants

  photographer: unnumbered slide [54], India -- Native Band

  photographer: unnumbered slide [55], India -- A Dhobie or Washing Boy

  photographer: Slide 52[?], Ahmedabad, India -- Starving Cattle on the way to the River

  photographer: unnumbered slide [57], India -- Deccan Brahmin

  photographer: Slide 45, Agra -- Interior of Mosque at Fatipur Sikri

  photographer: unnumbered slide [59], Agra -- Wall of Taj

  photographer: Slide 80, Taj from top of Entrance Gate

  photographer: Slide 42, Agra -- Fatipur Sikri

  photographer: Slide 31, Taj Mahal, Agra

  photographer: Slide 40, Gate of Victory -- Fatipur Sikri

  photographer: Slide 41, Victory Gate -- Fatipur Sikri

  photographer: unnumbered slide [65], Kashmir Shepherd

  photographer: unnumbered slide [66], Kashmir Girl

  photographer: unnumbered slide [67], Kashmiri

  photographer: Slide 7, Benares

  photographer: unnumbered slide [69], Boy Charming Snake

[J.W. Price Collection: photographs of Siam] (lecture: privately made, at least 1 slide, n.d.)

  photographer: unnumbered slide [1], [Boat on river with temple spires in background]

[Manchester Geographical Society Collection: maps -- India, Afghanistan etc.] (lecture: privately made, at least 36 slides, n.d.)

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [11], Map of Afghanistan

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [12], Map of Persia and Afghanistan

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [13], Map -- Peshawar -- Kabul

  slide maker: unnumbered slide [34], Map of India

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