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Cairo, Egypt

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Street in CairoLatticed Window of a House in CairoCairo, from the CitadelMosque of Mohammed Ali, CairoAblution Font, in Mosque of Mohammed Ali, CairoCairo, looking towards the CitadelMosque of Tooloon, CairoMosque of Sultan Kalaoon, CairoMosque of El Kaitbey, CairoMosque of Sultan Berkook, CairoTombs of the Memlooks. CairoMosque of Sultan Amer, Old CairoNubian Boy, Old CairoPyramids of GeezehPyramids of GeezehSecond Pyramid of Geezeh and Great SphinxThe Road to the PyramidsCairo -- Road to the CitadelCairo -- Lattice windowsCairo -- Lattice windowsCairo -- View from the CitadelCairo -- View from the CitadelCairo -- Tomb of the MamelooksCairo -- Tomb of the CaliphsCairo -- Mosque of Mohammed AliCairo -- Mosque of Mohammed AliCairo -- Fountain in the MosqueCairo -- HeliopolisCairo -- HeliopolisCairo -- HeliopolisCairo -- Prince of Wales' PalaceCairo -- Prince of Wales' PalaceCairo -- Pyramids, crossing the NileCairo -- View of Pyramids and SphinxCairo -- View of Pyramids and SphinxCairo -- Section of PyramidCairo -- Section of PyramidCairo -- Section of PyramidThe Sphinx, with view of the Pyramids of Chepren and MenkauraDistant view of the great Pyramid of CheopsPlan of the Great PyramidCairo -- General ViewOld CairoPyramidsStanley at Shepherd's Hotel at CairoCairoCairoPyramids, and Great Sphinx, Lower EgyptCairo, Public SchoolCairo, Mahomet Ali StatueCairo, Aloe Plant in Esbiah ParkCairo, the CitadelCairo, street view near CitadelCairo, Gizeh MuseumCairo, Gizeh Museum, model of ancient boatCairo, Gizeh Museum, tablet of inscriptionsCairo, the Nile BridgeCairo, Sphinx and PyramidsCairo, outlook from PyramidDonkeys awaiting tourists, CairoCairo, Mimbar, Kait BeyThe Great PyramidKairo. Panorama.Kairo. Friedhof.Kairo. Arabisches Cafe.Kairo. Hochzeitszug.Kairo. Die Citadelle.Kairo. Amrou Moschee.Kairo. Haschisch CafeKairo. Palasthof Scheik el Sadat's.Kairo. Grab des Vesirs El Achraf.Kairo. Kalifengraber.Nilstaudamm bei Kairo.Kairo. BedouinenWeg zum Pyramiden.Beduinendorf bei den Pyramiden.Pyramiden und Sphinxtempel.Die Sphinx von Gizeh.Die Cheops Pyramide.Die Chephren Pyramide.Gizeh, Side View of Great SphinxSphinx and Great PyramidThe Sphinx -- another viewCairo, Zitadelle und MamelukkengräberCairo. Moschee Mohamed AliWeisser syrischer Esel, CairoGrosse Pyramide und SphinxCairo met moskeeCairo vanaf minaret[Jaap] Houtgast en pyramiden van KephrenPyramiden van Kephren met SfinxGedeelte pyramiden van KhufuElephant at the Zoo, Cairo[Sphinx and pyramids]Sphinx Front FaceSphinx in 1937Sphinx in 1937Great Pyramid CairoCairo Second PyramidThe SphinxPlan of Giza PyramidsPyramids and Sphinx from the air, ?1932Comparative size, Pyramids -- ChurchesPlan of Interior of Great PyramidSecond Pyramid[Pyramids of Gizeh seen from the air][Sphinx and Great Pyramid, Gizeh]The Sphinx[The Sphinx and Pyramid, Gizeh]The Sphinx from South-EastSphinx in 1937Masonry. Step Pyramid, Great Pyramid and Mastaba[Plan of Pyramids of Gizeh]Grinsell, Egyptian Pyramids Fig. 13 -- Giza, Pyramid of MycerinusEdge of Great PyramidNative funeral, CairoH.M. Forces go sight-seeing -- arm in arm, 4 Indian soldiers with South African (helmet) and New Zealander in CairoStreet scene, CairoThe Sphinx[Diagram of Great Pyramid and Third Pyramid][Diagram of Great Pyramid and Third Pyramid][Diagram of Great Pyramid and Third Pyramid][Group of people standing on Egyptian pyramid][Sphinx of Gizeh][People riding camels in front of Egyptian pyramid]Memphis and the SphynxNear View of PyramidPyramids of Geezeh, from the DesertKing's Chamber, Pyramid of KheopsGranite Casting-stones of 3rd Pyramid of GeezehPalm Grove, Cairo[Chamber and Passage System of Great Pyramid][Panoramic view of Cairo][Great Sphynx and Pyramids of Giza][Vertical Section (Looking West) of King's Chamber][Group of people and boats on banks of Nile near Pyramids of Giza][Vertical Section (From South to North looking West) of the Great Pyramid of Jeezeh][Maps showing location of Great Pyramid of Giza][Six British Army officers riding camels by Sphinx and Pyramids of Gizeh][Group of people standing on Egyptian pyramid][Group of people with camel and donkey, Pyramids of Giza in background]Cairo from the Citadel -- Mosque of Sultan HassanCairo from the Citadel -- Mosque of Sultan HassanFountain, CairoFountain, CairoCairo, [...] PalaceCairo, [...] Palace[Aerial view of Great Pyramid][Aerial view of Great Pyramid]Egypt, General View of PyramidsEgypt, Corner of PyramidEgypt, The Sphinx as usually coveredEgypt, The Sphinx, uncovered in 1883Egypt, General View, Citadel and MosqueRue De La Mosque Toulon, CairoFountain in Mosque Hassan, CairoCairo, Khedive's PalaceEgypt, Cairo, Court of Mosque El-AzharEgypt, Cairo, Interior of Coptic ChurchEgypt, Cairo, Street Corner and Arabian HouseTombs of The Caliphs, CairoEgypt, Cairo, Tombs of The CaliphsMosque, CairoHeliopolis, Modern Suburb, CairoThe Pyramids at Sunset, CairoEgypt -- the Great PyramidCorner of Great PyramidPyramid of Cheops, Ghizeh, CairoEgypt -- Flying over the PyramidsPyramids from Arab Village, CairoGeneral View of Pyramids, CairoEgypt -- Pyramids of Kephren and Mycerinus from Pyramid of Cheops[Group of people standing on Sphinx of Giza][Imaginary drawing of Sphinx and Pyramids]Second Pyramid from the Libyan DesertEntrance passage to King Shafre's TombAlee Doble cogitating in King Shafre's TombWell Chamber of King Shafre's Granite Tomb at 4 minutes to 12Well Chamber of King Shafre's Granite Tomb at 12Well Chamber of King Shafre's Granite Tomb at 12.4The Western Aisle of King Shafre's Granite TombCoffer in Kings Chamber of Great PyramidCoffer in Kings Chamber of Great Pyramid and Ghosts of ArabsThe broken S.E. Corner of Coffer in Kings ChamberBase of Niche in the Queen's Chamber, Great PyramidMouth of Entrance Passage leading into Great PyramidThe Third and Fifth Pyramids of JeezehNorth Front of Great PyramidMouth of the Entrance Passage, Side ViewThe Angle Stones over the Mouth of the Entrance PassageSand Slope leading to West Entrance into King Shafra's Granite TombSide View of beginning of Slope Entrance PassageDistant View of the Great Pyramid and Second PyramidA Portion of the Granite Casing in situ of the Third PyramidA Burial Cave in the East Side of the Great Pyramid HillVertical Section Looking West of the Great PyramidNorth East Corner of the Great PyramidEastern and Northern Faces of the Great PyramidGreat Pyramid and the Second Pyramid from the NorthThe Second Pyramid from King Shafre's Granite TombThe Corner-Stone Socket, North East CornerSouth East Socket (Corner) Hole of Great PyramidS.W. Socket-Hole of Great PyramidNorth West Socket Hole of the Great PyramidNorth East SocketPart of western excavated enclosure of the Second Pyramid[Vertical section diagrams of King's Chamber, Great Pyramid][Cross section diagrams of Great Pyramid]Section and Plan to illustrate a Lecture on the Subject of the Inspired Revelations in the Great PyramidNorthern or Entrance Face of the Great Pyramid
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