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Exeter, Devon, England

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Exeter Cathedral, from W.Exeter Cathedral, Choir, looking E.Exeter Cathedral, W. Doorway & ScreenExeter Cathedral, W. Doorway & ScreenExeter Cathedral, from Bishop's PalaceExeter Cathedral, Pulpit in NaveExeter Cathedral, Choir ScreenExeter Cathedral, Choir, looking W.Exeter Cathedral, Lady ChapelExeter Cathedral -- The West FrontExeter. West frontExeter. Nave, looking eastExeter -- 1587 A.D.Plan, Walled ExeterMap of Exeter CastleA plan of Rougemont CastleTower on the City Wall[Carving of royal coat of arms]Broad GateBroad GateNorth Gate, ExeterNorth GateEast Gate, Exeter, demolished in 1784 A.D.East GateWest GateSouth Gate, ExeterBygone Exeter -- Holy Trinity Church and Southgate, 1800South Gate, ExeterWater Gate, Exeter427 yards -- plan of Exeter Underground PassagesCross Sections of the Exeter Underground PassagesPlans Exeter underground chambers (East Gate)Exeter undergound -- St John's HospitalPlan of Cathedral Precincts circa 1599South Tower of Exeter CathedralFrozen River ExeN.W. View of Exeter CathedralExeter CathedralFifth November, ExeterExeter Cathedral from the Bishop's GardenExeter CathedralExeter CathedralExeter CathedralExeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, no organMural Painting, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral CloseView of the College looking eastSt Mary's Chapel, formerly in the Castle Yard, ExeterChapel and Hospital of St John, ExeterSaint John's Hospital ExeterBygone Exeter -- St Mary Major, 1864St David's Church, ExeterAll Hallows on the WallSt Sidwell's Church, ExeterBygone Exeter -- Dunsford GateBygone Exeter -- Red Cow Turnpike GateBygone Exeter -- Stoke Hill Turnpike GateBygone Exeter -- Mount Radford Turnpike GateBygone Exeter -- Okehampton Turnpike GateBlackboy Turnpike GateSt Peter, ExeterThe Subscription Rooms and New London Inn, ExeterOld Fountain, SouthernhayOld Goldsmith StreetCathedral Close, ExeterPost Office, 1791West View of the Great Conduit at Carfoix, taken down 1770Conduit, South StreetButcher Row, ExeterThe Baths, Southernhay, ExeterAncient Guildhall in Waterbear StreetThe Guildhall, ExeterGuildhall, Fore Street, ExeterAncient House, ExeterCentral SchoolWhite Hart YardFront of the King John Tavern, South Street ExeterOld Bridge, ExeterOld Houses, Exeter, over the LeatOld Exe Bridge, ExeterExe Bridge, ExeterNorthernhay, ExeterThe Barnfield, ExeterExeter, from Clifton HillExeter from Barnfield RoadView of Exeter, from the hill of PennsylvaniaExeter, from Cowick HillThe House of Correction for the County of Devon, ExeterExeter, from Exwick Hill[New London Hotel, Exeter]In the New London HotelBygone HustingsMile End Cottage, AlphingtonExeter misericordExeter misericord -- Stiff LeafExeter misericord -- Masko on the finialsMisericord. Exeter. E. English (in the Library)Misericord. Exeter. E. English. 1220-1230Misericord. Exeter. E. English. 1220-1230Exeter MisericordMisericord. Exeter. E. English. 1220-1230Exeter Misericord -- Man throwing weightMisericord. A Goblin. ExeterExeter Misericord -- Savage ManExeter Misericord -- Knight versus MonkeyMisericord: half woman half bird monster. ExeterMisericord. Exeter. E. English. 1240-1250Exeter Misericord -- Knight versus DragonMisericord. Bird Sirens. Early English. ExeterExeter Misericord -- Female CentaurExeter Misericord -- Swan and Boat (Lohengrin)Misericord: E. English throughout. ExeterExeter Misericord -- Gloved handsMisericord: Decoration -- Exeter CathedralMisericord: Two Fishes. ExeterExeter Misericord -- The ElephantMisericord -- Mermaid and fish -- ExeterExeter Misericord -- AristotleMisericord. Exeter. E. English. 1250-1260Exeter MisericordMisericord. Exeter. E.E. and Italian. 1240-1250Misericord: Decoration from mask. ExeterMisericord: Branch from dragon's mouth. ExeterMisericord: Descent of soul into Hell -- ExeterMisericord: Bird Sirens and Fleur-de-lis (classical). Exeter CathedralMiscericord: Masks and stems Italian -- rest E.E. ExeterExeter MisericordMisericord. Exeter. E.E. and Italian. 1250-1260Misericord: Italian and Early English. ExeterMisericord: 15th Century. ExeterMisericord. Exeter. E.E. and Italian. 1260-1270Exeter MisericordExeter Misericord -- Man playing Pipe and TaborMisericord: Centaur (Male). ExeterMisericord. Exeter. E.E. and Decorated. 1250Misericord. A Lion -- Exeter CathedralMisericord. Exeter. E.E. and Decorated. 1250-1260Misericord: Maple leaves -- ExeterMisericord -- Exeter -- E.E. and DecoratedExeter Misericord -- Cockatrice and AspMisericord -- Two Doves -- Exeter CathedralMisericord. Mermaid Merman and Moon. ExeterExeter MisericordStall shewing Misericord -- ExeterCorbel, Polsloe PrioryCorbel, St Katherine's Priory, ExeterCorbel, St Katherine's Priory, ExeterPolsloe Priory, Exeter -- Back of West RangePolsloe Priory, Exeter -- Entrance ArchPolsloe Priory, Exeter -- Part of 13th C. Oak Screen13th Century Oak Screen -- Polsloe Priory, Exeter13th C. Oak Column with curved cantilevers -- Polsloe PrioryFireplace in Polsloe Priory, ExeterLancet Window in Polsloe Priory, Exeter -- 13th CenturyLancet Window in Polsloe Priory, Exeter -- 13th CenturyFoundations of the 12th C. Church of S. Katherine -- Polsloe Priory, ExeterGlass Bottle Seals from Polsloe PrioryRooks' Nests, NorthernhayRooks' Nests, NorthernhayThe Bishop (opposite the Monk), Lady Chapel, Exeter CathedralBosses over the High Altar, Exeter CathedralLion and Dragon Boss, St John Baptist Chapel, ExeterThe grimacing Monk, Lady Chapel, Exeter CathedralBosses in Chapel of St Paul, Exeter CathedralCrucifixion of St Andrew, Exeter CathedralPhoenix Boss, Exeter CathedralCrucifixion Scene, Nave, ExeterConventional Tudor Rose, ExeterDragon Boss, Cloister, ExeterBull Cow and Calf Boss, Exeter CathedralVicious Circle Boss, Exeter CathedralFour Mask Boss, Lady Chapel, ExeterSt Mark, Lady Chapel, ExeterSt Matthew, Lady Chapel, ExeterChrist in Majesty, Lady Chapel, ExeterRaven and carcase Boss, Exeter Cathedral'Agnus Dei' Boss, Exeter CathedralDragons, Exeter CathedralCombat -- Eagle and Pig Boss, Exeter CathedralChrist in Majesty, Nave Vault, ExeterSt Paul Boss, ExeterMaple Leaf Boss, Exeter CathedralBoss -- St John the Baptist, ExeterGroup of Bosses, Choir, Exeter CathedralRoof in Chapel in the CloseDragon Boss, Exeter CathedralHalf Boss, Exeter CathedralMinstrel and Tumbler Corbel, Nave Vault, ExeterDragon and Vine Boss, Lady Chapel, ExeterMan in Agony Boss, ExeterFox and Maple Leaf, ExeterAngel with Harp Boss, Exeter CathedralFour Mask Boss, Choir Vault, ExeterGroup of Bosses in the Nave -- Christ in Majesty (centre)Mitred Bishop Boss, Exeter CathedralSt Dunstan with Harp Boss, Exeter CathedralGrotesque Boss, Choir Vault, ExeterQueen Boss, Exeter CathedralCrucifixion Boss, Choir, Exeter CathedralSamson Group in the Nave, ExeterSamson Boss in Nave, Exeter CathedralLion Boss, Exeter CathedralVigilant Lion, Exeter CathedralLion Boss, Exeter CathedralLion Boss, Exeter CathedralBishop Bitton, Nave Vault, ExeterSt Matthew Boss, Choir Vault, ExeterEagle of St John Boss, Exeter CathedralOx of St Luke Boss, Exeter CathedralLion of St Mark Boss, Exeter CathedralSow and Farrow Boss, N. Choir Aisle, ExeterTwo pages of the Exeter BookMan putting Weight Boss, Exeter CathedralThe Wrestlers Boss, Exeter CathedralThe Thomas à Becket Boss, Exeter CathedralMediterranean Oak Boss, ExeterCharter in Exeter Cathedral Library, dated 670Charter installing the 1st Bishop of Exeter, date 1050Arms of the See of ExeterArms of Bishop Quivil -- Exeter CathedralThe Choir Vault, ExeterCarved Pillar, Exeter CathedralSouth Choir Aisle, Exeter Cathedral (looking West)Choir Stalls, Exeter CathedralThe Processional Cross, Exeter CathedralChapel of St James, ExeterVine Leaf Boss, Exeter CathedralThomas à Becket Boss, ExeterCorbel in Chapel of St James, ExeterBoss in Chapel of St James, ExeterDecorated Piscina, St James Chapel, Exeter CathedralCrucifixion Boss, Choir Vault, ExeterDavid and Goliath Boss, Exeter CathedralFour Dragon Boss, ExeterMonument in St James Chapel, Exeter CathedralNorth Choir Aisle, Exeter CathedralThe Exeter Book (Cathedral Library)Vine Corbel (Choir), Exeter CathedralDragon Boss in the Cloister, ExeterCloister Boss, ExeterSt Peter as Pope Boss, ExeterNave of Exeter Cathedral -- westernmost group of bossesThomas à Becket Boss (centre), ExeterDouble Piscina, St James Chapel, Exeter CathedralThe Samson Boss Group, Exeter CathedralIncoronata and Minstrel Corbel, ExeterCoronation of the Virgin Boss, Exeter CathedralSamson Boss, ExeterAlms Dish -- Exeter CathedralCandlestick -- Exeter Cathedral32 feet, Pedal pipes -- Exeter CathedralBishop Leofric, ExeterThe Tenor Bell 'William', Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral OrganRebus in Oldham Chantry, Exeter CathedralDetail -- St Anne and Virgin Mary, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Astronomical ClockAncient Clock, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, The SediliaExeter Cathedral, End of Choir Screen detailThe Octofoil Pillar, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Carving in St Gabriel's ChapelExeter Cathedral, Arms on Speke ChantryDetail from St George's Chapel, Exeter CathedralRoof of Oldham Chantry, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Reredos in Oldham ChantryExeter Cathedral, Carving on Bishop's ThroneBack of Bishop's Throne, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Choir Screen detailExeter Cathedral, Choir Screen detailDetail, St Saviour's Chapel -- Margaret of Antioch, Exeter CathedralSt Ursula and the Virgins -- detail St Saviour's Chapel, Exeter CathedralSt Paul Panel on Bishop Marshal's Tomb, Exeter CathedralBishop Stafford's Tomb, Exeter CathedralSt Boniface, panel of Nave Pulpit, Exeter CathedralBishop Marshall's Tomb, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral Seal, from an old Deed dated July 3, 1133Ancient Stalls, Exeter Cathedral, removed to St Lawrence ChurchGrotesque, Grandisson Chapel, Exeter CathedralGlorified Christ Corbel (Nave)St Catherine Corbel, Exeter CathedralThe Master Mason's Dog, Lady Chapel, Exeter CathedralThe Master Mason, Lady Chapel, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Incoronata Corbel (Nave)Exeter Cathedral, Moses Corbel (Nave)Incoronata and Minstrel Corbel, Choir Vault, ExeterExeter Cathedral, St George Chapel (Speke Chantry)Bishop Boniface panel, Nave Pulpit, Exeter CathedralThe South Door, Exeter CathedralThe North Door, Exeter CathedralThe Quivil Pillar, Exeter CathedralChapter House Door, ExeterOak Leaf Boss, Exeter CathedralBoss in St Radegund Chapel, ExeterGrotesque, Grandisson Chapel, ExeterBurial of Bishop Pattison, Nave Pulpit, Exeter CathedralNave Pulpit, Exeter CathedralCloister Vault, Exeter CathedralJohn Hooker Statue, ExeterMartyrdom of St Alban, panel of Nave Pulpit, Exeter CathedralSt Gabriel's Chapel, Exeter CathedralDoor with part of interior consecration cross, Exeter CathedralCorbel, Exeter CathedralMermaid Boss, Exeter CathedralCrowned Virgin and Child Corbel, ExeterBishop Bronscombe's Tomb, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Ivy Corbel (Choir)Detail, Speke Chantry, Exeter CathedralRoof of Speke Chantry, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Roof of Oldham ChantryTimbrel and Cymbals, Exeter CathedralCittern and Shawm, Exeter CathedralTrumpet and Organ, Minstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralHarp and Jew's Harp, Exeter CathedralWhistle Flute and Viola, Minstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralCitole and Bag Pipes, Exeter CathedralSouth Nave Aisle, Exeter CathedralMinstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralThe Minstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralBishop Stapledon's Tomb, Exeter CathedralSir Richard de Stapledon's Tomb, Exeter CathedralCrusader Sir H. de Bohun's tomb, Exeter CathedralThe Nave in sunlight, Exeter CathedralNave in sunlight, Exeter CathedralThe Nave in sunlight, Exeter CathedralExeter CathedralThe Ambulatory -- Exeter CathedralConsecration Cross, Exeter CathedralReredos, Exeter CathedralPiscina in St Andrew's Chapel, Exeter CathedralMinstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralMinstrel Gallery, Exeter CathedralChapel of St Paul and Silke Chantry, Exeter CathedralIn the Retrochoir, Exeter CathedralSt Saviour's Chapel, Exeter CathedralNorth Choir Aisle, Exeter Cathedral (looking East)North Choir Aisle, Exeter Cathedral (looking West)The Lady Chapel, Exeter CathedralThe Crossing, Exeter CathedralChoir and Bishop's Throne, Exeter CathedralVaulting of Roof, Exeter CathedralGilbert Scott's Reredos, Exeter Cathedral -- removed in 1839 to Heavitree ChurchChoir Screen, Exeter CathedralTomb of Lady Doddridge, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral -- Detail on Tomb of Lady DoddridgeThe Screen of the Lady Chapel -- Exeter CathedralGrandisson Chapel, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, Door of St Radegund ChapelWindow in Grandisson Chapel, Exeter CathedralSt John Baptist Chapel, Exeter CathedralBishop Valentine Carey, 1621-1626 -- Cenotaph in North Choir Aisle, Exeter CathedralTomb of Bishop Oldham, Exeter CathedralThe Lady Chapel (westward), Exeter CathedralThe Choir (east), Exeter CathedralThe Choir -- looking west, Exeter CathedralThe Choir (East), Exeter CathedralChoir Screen, Exeter CathedralThe Font, Exeter CathedralSt Saviour's Chapel, Exeter CathedralThe Clerestory, Exeter CathedralSt Bartholomew, West Front, Exeter CathedralWest Front, Exeter CathedralWest Front, Figure Sculpture, Exeter CathedralNave Pillars, Exeter CathedralThe Nave, Exeter CathedralNorth Porch, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral from the closeThe North Tower, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral from the CanalThe Nave, Exeter Cathedral, prior to 1872An old passage -- Exeter CathedralFlying Buttresses, Exeter CathedralThe Cloisters, Exeter CathedralConsecration Crosses, Exeter CathedralThe Nave (Westwards), Exeter CathedralThe Nave -- Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral -- From the Palace gardenKing David -- Exeter Cathedral West Front lower TierKings of Judah, Exeter Cathedral West Front (lower)St John holding a Chalice, West Front of Exeter CathedralJewish Prophet, Exeter Cathedral West Front, Upper TierJewish Prophets or Law Givers, Exeter Cathedral West Front, Upper Tier -- side divisionChrist in Majesty, Exeter Cathedral West Front (upper tier)Exeter CathedralExeter CathedralDetail of West Door, Exeter CathedralExeter Cathedral, West DoorFigure of St Peter in the top niche of the West Front of Exeter CathedralSt Peter, West Gable, Exeter CathedralMarine and Freshwater Fishes of Devonshire displaySexual differences -- museum displayShells of the Common Periwinkle -- museum displayShells -- museum displayAnimal groups -- museum displaySimilar parts in different animals -- museum displayCollection of stone implements from North Devon[Gallery with display of large mammals][Entrance hall and main staircase][Ethnographic gallery][Ethnographic gallery][Ethnographic gallery][Wildlife display: lions attacking zebra]Green-veined meadow orchidPollination of flowers[Pitcher plant][Display showing family of foxes][Display showing family of deer][Display showing pair of tigers attacking another animal][Wildlife display: family of wild red deer of Exmoor][Display showing orangutan][Display showing pair of antelopes][Display showing leopard attacking antelope][Display of antelope heads on main staircase][Display showing pair of leopards in tree][Display showing pair of deer fighting][Display showing pair of antelopes][Display showing group of Arctic animals][Display showing Australian birds and mammals][Display showing tiger in undergrowth][Display on evolution of horse etc.]African Honey Guide, female[Wildlife display: polar bears and other Arctic wildlife]Caribou, Peel Collection[Display unit showing Honiton lace][Display of Honiton lace][Display of paintings in gallery][Gallery with paintings and display cases for small art objects][Gallery with paintings and display cases for small art objects][Gallery with display of lantern slides][Apostle spoon]Exeter Cathedral West FrontGargoyles, Exeter CathedralBishop Hooker's Monument, ExeterExeter Cathedral, Nave looking E.Guildhall, ExeterMol's Coffee House, ExeterOld Doorway, Cathedral Close ExeterSir S. Northcote, ExeterExeter Cathedral, Bishop's Palace and TowerGolden Wedding Buffet 1947Exeter. Interior, Choir and ReredosBarrel on an Arch of St Sidwells ChurchSaint Sidwell, ExeterSaint Sidwell, Exeter, 1933Exeter CathedralGuild Hall, ExeterExeter -- Old Mol's Coffee HouseExeter -- Cathedral GreenExeter -- Exe BridgeExeter CathedralOld Exeter -- West StreetMol's Coffee House, ExeterSt Sidwell's Wesleyan ChurchSt Sidwell's Church, Exeter (1933)Whipton Coronation Procession 1937Whipton, Coronation Day 1937Whipton, Coronation Day 1937Whipton, Coronation Day 1937[Band of Hope group outside Exeter Cathedral]Marble Tablet in St Petrock's Church, ExeterOld Arches, Pring's Brewery, Exe Bridge, ExeterThe Fireplace and Panelling at 171 Fore Street, ExeterA Panel of the Fireplace at 171 Fore Street, ExeterHall of the Vicars Choral, ExeterRoman Well, Fore Street, ExeterDoor in Cathedral Close, ExeterIn the Cathedral Close, ExeterIn The Cathedral Close, ExeterOld Arches, near Exe Bridge, ExeterTudor House, ExeterExeter Cathedral, Electric Floodlighting 1933Exeter Cathedral, Gas Floodlighting 1933Exeter Cathedral, Electric Floodlighting 1933Exeter Cathedral, Gas Floodlighting 1933Princess Henrietta by Lely, in Exeter GuildhallJohn Hoker, Chamberlain of Exeter 1601John Hoker, died 1601, aet 76Exeter Guildhall looking SouthExeter Guildhall looking NorthThe Guildhall, ExeterThe Guildhall, ExeterPanelling in Exeter GuildhallThe Guildhall Door, ExeterExeter Guildhall, Roof BossExeter Guildhall PorticoExeter Guildhall, Tudor PanellingExeter Guildhall, Roof detailExeter Guildhall, Roof CorbelExeter Guildhall, The Mayoral ChairExeter Constables' Truncheons and Mayors' HammersExeter Regalia and Civic PlateExeter City Regalia[Photograph of parlour of Weaver Baker's house]Map -- Part of City of ExeterPlan of the City of ExcesterProspect of Exeter 19 Aug. 1723 -- Isca DumnoniorumSt Mary Steps, Exeter[Nave of Exeter Cathedral]Exeter Cathedral[Exeter Cathedral, West Front]Pulpit, ExeterExeterMisericord, Exeter CathedralMiserere, Exeter CathedralExeter, Street of St Mary StepsExeter Cathedral, Exterior, South SideExeter Cathedral from South EastExeter Cathedral, West FrontExeter Cathedral, Nave Looking EastExeter Cathedral, Choir EastExeter Cathedral, The Choir Screen
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