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Data sources for Lucerna

The content of the Lucerna database is drawn from too many sources to list individually, but some of the major ones are:

A few of the most useful reference books and other texts
Catalogue of lanterns, slides and accessories (London: J.W. Butcher, c.1913)
Catalogue of optical lantern slides (Bradford: Riley Brothers, 1905)
David Robinson, Stephen Herbert and Richard Crangle (editors), Encyclopaedia of the magic lantern (London: Magic Lantern Society, 2001)
Lijst van lantaarnplaatjes (Nijmegen and Amsterdam: Ivens & Co., c.1913)
Tony Dugdale, David Henry, David Robinson and Richard Crangle (editors), The new magic lantern journal (Magic Lantern Society, n.d.)
J. Hay Taylor and Alfred H. Saunders (editors), The optical magic lantern journal and photographic enlarger (n.d.)
1903-4 price list: photographic apparatus and materials (London: George Houghton & Son, 1903)
Catalogue of lantern slides: part I (London: Newton & Co., 1912)
Catalogue of lantern slides: part II (London: Newton & Co., 1913)
Gloria Clifton, Directory of British scientific instrument makers 1550-1851 (London: Zwemmer, 1995)
Lantern slide catalogue (Glasgow: J. Lizars, 1912)
Dennis Crompton, David Henry and Stephen Herbert (editors), Magic images: the art of hand-painted and photographic lantern slides (London: Magic Lantern Society, 1990)
The Magic Lantern (London: Magic Lantern Society, n.d.)
Magic Lantern Gazette (Magic Lantern Society of the US and Canada, 1989)
Place's biunial lantern

Place's biunial lantern

Slide showing imaginary airship

Slide showing imaginary airship